Emperor King Roman

Do you live in a capital city and would you like to be an Imperial Ambassador in the Imperial Diplomatic Corps?

King Roman is the ONLY true Emperor and the PRIME Fount of Honour on Earth. You are Invited to represent the Emperor in your country of residence/ citizenship.

The United Nations Organ illegally prevents a de jure Sovereign from having passports accepted or having a voice in the General Assembly. 

Imperial Decree

21 July 2021

Whereas His Imperial Majesty King Roman 1, Emperor of Europa, holds the highest rank and authority on Earth since 25 MAY 2004 and he is the prime Lawgiver and the highest Fount of Honour on Earth:

Let it be known to all and singular that he defines his Imperial Realm to comprise the old and new Kingdoms of Lithuania, Lithua, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova, and he asserts that he is the rightful owner of these territories, and he further asserts his right to deal with any of these Kingdoms, in whole or in part, in accord with centuries long recognized precedent.

That for the moment he permits vicarious rule of these territories through their temporarily-elected de facto civil sovereigns.

That, believing territorial rules regarding a displaced lawful Monarch are unjust and no less than political theft, his Imperial Cyber Force will seek to enforce and exact right recognition, restitution, restoration and reparations for his prime imperial status and imperial Realm.

That he confirms his personal ownership since 2014, including mineral rights, of two Moon Kingdoms, Alba on Copernicus and Kath on Manilius; also the Moon Empire of Luna (the Far Side); also the Space Empires of Ganymede, Callisto and Europa, three of the Jupiterian moons discovered by Galileo, plus mineral rights; also the million plus minor planets of the Asteroid Belt including the dwarf planet Ceres, and their mineral rights.

King Roman further asserts his prime authority to allocate personal names to the currently mythically-named stars in Space; that the Sun is now the Imperial Europa Star, and Proxima Centauri is now the Royal Lithuania Star.

All Imperial Ambassadors of the Imperial Diplomatic Service are entitled to carry the unique EMPIRE OF EUROPA DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT and to use the Imperial Arms above, Star Symbol, and Flag below, on house, car, cards, etc.

You are Invited to represent the Emperor in your country of residence/ citizenship.

Imperial Diplomatic Corps of the Empire of Europa, East Europe

As from 1st January 2021 Imperial Ambassadors have the remit/ ambit of Ambassador-at-Large

Imperial Global Embassy Darwin Australia

UK & The Hague

UAE & The Gulf Cooperation Council & The Pan African Council

The Kingdom of Netherlands & Bosnia and Herzegovina

Uzbekistan & The CIS


New Delhi India


Wellington NZ

South Africa

Selangor Malaysia



Odenton MD

Decatur GA



Death Valley CA



Tamil Nadu



Empire Europa

King Roman has initiated diplomatic relations with many nations including North Korea which like the Empire of Europa is still an exile at war - NK since 1953 and EE since 2000. You are Invited to represent the Emperorin your country of residence/ citizenship

The Empire of Europa is the Star Empire

The unique EMPIRE OF EUROPA DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT entitles the bearer to the remit of Ambassador-at-Large and bears the title AMBASSADOR inside.

Applicants for Imperial Ambassador should be of good repute and preferably live in a National Capital Preference may be given to persons with experience in Diplomacy APPLY ABOVE TO BECOME AN Imperial Ambassador with the IMPERIAL DIPLOMATIC SERVICE.

As an Imperial Ambassador of the Imperial Diplomatic Service you will have Prestige & Immunity & Opportunity.

Because the Empire of Europa (and Kingdom and Grand Duchy of Lithuania) is NOT a member state of the United Nations, it has been unable to acquire ease of recognition of diplomatic passports This situation is contrary to the intent of International Law and requires to be changed. As an independent Empire, Europa has NO obligation to follow any requirements or procedures or laws of the United Nations.

Imperial Ambassadors may own or carry a small handgun for protection as able, which may not be flaunted, and/ or they may have one or more armed bodyguards. DIPLOMATIC BAG ONLY TO BE OPENED BY AUTHORISED PERSONS must be clearly marked, and sealed or locked.

The Diplomats Handbook may be used as a GUIDE only . It is not binding upon the independent Empire of Europa or its Imperial Ambassadors.

Imperial Diplomatic Corps of the Empire of Europa

Imperial Global Embassy of the Empire of Europa Darwin Australia

As from 1st January 2021 Imperial Ambassadors have the remit/ ambit of Ambassador-at-Large It is interesting to browse the lengthy


(Curiously, The Holy See has a different passport to that of Vatican City)


Imperial laws

The Sovereign has rights and entitlements specified by the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia in International Law and the United Nations Charter 1945, including the Imperial/ Royal Prerogative, Sovereign Equality, Precedence, Privilege, and Immunity.

Anyone who acts under Imperial Orders/Instruction shares this immunity.

Anyone or any nation that interferes in any way with any person who is acting under Imperial Orders/ Instruction is in breach of Diplomatic and Sovereign Protocol/ Conventions and is liable to penalty as determined by the Emperor.

Any person or nation that fails to respond to an Imperial Judgment/ Missive automatically implies agreement under the principle that "Silence signifies consent"

The United Nations Organization

! A Parasite and a Tyrant !

Since formation of 51 United Nations Organization members in 1945, membership of the UN has been a pre-requisite in order to enjoy global acknowledgment and acceptance of passports.

The UN became a Monopoly, to the exclusion of anyone it does not want as a member or who is not a De Facto entity. It now has around 193 members.

Anyone who joins the UN is subordinated and emasculated. Membership dues range from 10s of 1000s to 100s of millions. Lithuania paid over 2.2 million USD in dues this year and Ukraine more than 2.6 million. Japan paid 230 million, Germany 175 million, and France 124 million. Around 78 members including the US and Russia had not paid by the due date.

One of the latter (US) illegally invaded Iraq in 2003, and the other (Russia) is currently invading Ukraine. Both of them ought to have been expelled under the UN Charter, but have not been.

And yet the UN accepts no responsibility when it fails to do its duty to restrain its rogue members or to protect members invaded by other members, as it is legally required to do under its Charter.

With good reason, eight times elected US Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas called the whole UN "incompetent, hopeless, dishonest and inherently corrupt".

The stain of hypocrisy, illegality and complicity taints all members of the UN General Assembly and Security Council.

It should be clear that the UN is more about maintaining its own power than about providing justice and humanity.

In particular, there is its failure to acknowledge the presence of the Grand Duke and Grand Duchy of Lithuania, which it allowed to be usurped from its rightful (de jure) inheritor/ heir in 1991. It stole the GD component territories - Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine.

Despite various communications with the UN and member states, they have all defaulted on Imperial Judgment debts, ignored and disrespected the Emperor, and failed to uphold Justice.

"At present the UN is a toothless body at the mercy of the superpowers and just remains a passive spectator to all the happenings in the world. The saddest part is that it has to act to the dictates and whims and fancies of these superpowers" - His Excellency Sir Mohanan, Imperial Ambassador.