Emperor King Roman

Imperial Cyber Force



Emperor King Roman's priority GOAL is to shut down the Kremlin and empty the CBR, in order 1.  to stop the War,  2. provide Reparations to the Kingdom of Ukraine, and 3. deter other aggressors, like China is about to become having noted Biden's failure to stand up to Russia.

Would you like to help the Emperor in his quest for Justice?

Since 20 November 1967, King Roman has been the lawful Sovereign of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (+Belarus+Ukraine) with the right under International Law to act as if the Grand Duchy continues to exist and with Sovereign Entitlements under International Law.   Despite these legal rights and entitlements, the United Nations Organization continues to illegally stand in his way. It improperly ignores him and does not acknowledge these rights and entitlements, thereby preventing him having a voice in the international community or his own viable passports.   
Since 24 February 2022 when Russia invaded his Kingdom of Ukraine, King Roman has twice urged Pres. Biden of the USA to drone Putin and to use I.T. to shut down the Kremlin, Russia's seat of government. Like the UNO, Biden has ignored him and his many attempts to acquire I.T. professionals to shut down Russia's destructive and murderous war against Ukraine, for encouragement of which the US and the UN share responsibility.
Hacking provides the best means to peacefully stop War.   Anyone who is competent in computer Science and I.T., professional or geek, may apply to join the Imperial Cyber Force of the Empire of Europa to fight against the forces of evil on he side of His Imperial Majesty King Roman.
You will undergo a powerful test of your I.T. competence, for the successful outcome in which you will be awarded an officer Rank of Imperial Commander and granted the title of Imperial Count.   
Success in further imperial missions will grant you higher ranks and titles and will make you a multi-millionaire! To be admitted to the Imperial Cyber  Force, you must first complete the Contact Application plus photo.   
Then you must successfully shut down the Kremlin until Russia withdraws its forces from the Imperial Kingdom of Ukraine.
                                                                            Applications are invited NOW!

Successful IT applicants will be highly paid.
Make your life count for something vital. Leave a legacy of Peace for your children. Stop War/s!

King Roman is inspired by the failure of the UN Security Council to prevent the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 or to prevent the Russian annexation of Crimea and invasion of Ukraine in FEB 2022.


On 22 November 1967 King Roman inherited the Sovereign Grand Duchy of Lithuania (including UKRAINE)

In 1991 his territories were stolen. He wrote to the United Nations to get justice but, contrary to International Protocol, they ignored him. ICOPS/ Imperial OPS/ Cyber Force is the only way His Imperial Majesty King Roman can restore his East European territories to their proper status. The UN is only concerned with the rights of its own, paying, member de facto states.

In 2014, Putin illegally annexed Crimea (part of UKRAINE), and in February 2022 he illegally invaded UKRAINE. Appropriate action was not taken by the US or the UN. There are so far many million Ukrainian refugees without homes to go back to, many thousands of Ukrainians dead, and much of Ukraine is reduced to rubble and uninhabitable. Russia has been recognized as head of the Security Council, even although an arrest warrant has been issued for his capture by the International Criminal Court.

Putin has multiple times threatened a nuclear response if his demands are not met. Russia should have been removed from the UN and Security Council and Putin should have been killed by a US Reaper drone attack at the start, as the Emperor has twice urged US President Biden to do!

Therefore, Emperor King Roman needs IT experts with hacking skills to carry out cyber attacks on the Kremlin government (and possibly on military installations), and remove Russian war funds by emptying the CBR, which funds will supply reparations for the Kingdom of Ukraine instead of the illegal Russian war.  

Whether you work for the Emperor in the Imperial Cyber Force, or as a private contractor for His Imperial Majesty King Roman, you are protected by Immunity.

                                                                              Work from home for outstanding pay.

Justice delayed is Justice denied

William Gladstone (1809-1898) - famous British statesman and PM

Imperial Law

The Sovereign has rights and entitlements specified by the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia in International Law and the United Nations Charter 1945, including the Imperial/ Royal Prerogative, Sovereign Equality, Precedence, Privilege, and Immunity.

Anyone who acts under Imperial Orders/ Instruction shares this immunity.

Anyone, or any nation, that interferes in any way with any person who is acting under Imperial Orders/ Instruction is in breach of Diplomatic and Sovereign Protocol/ Conventions and is liable to penalty as determined by the Emperor.

Any person or nation that fails to respond to an Imperial Judgment/ Missive automatically implies agreement under the principle that "Silence signifies consent".

King Roman is an Absolute Sovereign who recognizes the Declaration of Human Rights. His Imperial Majesty King Roman's Prerogative includes all Executive, Legislative, & Judicial powers.

Under International Law since the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648, an exiled or De Jure Sovereign has the same entitlements as any de facto sovereign who is permanently/ temporarily in power. A sovereign in power momentarily is a de facto civil sovereign. The De Jure Sovereign is the lawful sovereign.

United Nations members and their politics stand in the way of provision of fairness and justice to the exiled and lawful Monarch because it is politically expedient for them to do so.

His Imperial Majesty King Roman is able to make Imperial judgments over which no national and international courts/ authorities have any right or sway.

His recourse, having been illegally deprived of his peoples and taxes, territories and properties, is to have an Imperial Cyber Force of experts to undertake vital cyber missions.

Such is the type of action already being dubiously undertaken by UN actors like US, China and Russia, and it may be used by all nations if there is a World War 3.

Intending Applicants for Imperial Cyber Force positions should understand these things and be ready and willing to commit to His Imperial Majesty.

A few Examples of Breaches of International Law where Judgment by the Imperial Court/ Emperor has gone unsatisfied as at May 2023 
  • Russia illegally invaded the Kingdom of Ukraine in February 2022 and MUST be stopped in order to prevent WW3!

  • US, UK, as well as Australia, and Poland participated in the illegal shock and awe invasion of Iraq in 2003 which murdered 100,000+ Iraqi men, women and children and destroyed infrastructure and many irreplaceable ancient Persian artifacts - 20 years ago.

  • The Commonwealth of Australia participated in the armed midnight invasion of, and theft from, the residence of the Grand Duke of Lithuania during his absence overseas on a charitable mission before 1 am on 26 May 2000 - 23 years ago.

  • The Republic of Lithuania stole the Grand Duchy of Lithuania lands and peoples and recognition from the Grand Duke of Lithuania in 1991- 32 years ago.

  • The United Nations has, contrary to its own professed International Law, failed to acknowledge the Grand Duke and Grand Duchy (now King and Kingdom) of Lithuania for 54 years.


Besides the maxim Silence Signifies Assent, another generally acknowledged legal principle is that Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse!

In addition to judgment default damages, there are substantial punitive damages also to be recovered amounting now to MULTI-BILLIONS!

King Roman served in the Royal Air Force as SAC in a Top Secret capacity at Joint HQ Middle East Command, RAF Steamer Point, Aden, South Yemen, and is a veteran of the 1960s Aden Insurgency in South Yemen, was HM Customs & Excise Executive Officer (Lieutenant) at Dover Freight Lane England, as well as Royal Navy Reserve Medic, and Department of District Administration PNG Patrol Officer (Kiap) before and through self-government.

In 2018 he was the last of 50 surviving Kiaps to be awarded Australia's Police Overseas Service Medal (TPNG).

He was OIC Law Department Admin Rabaul 1972 - 1973

Debt Recovery Section OIC Department of Law Darwin 1978 - 1986

He inherited the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 1967 and various other royal territories and titles that were accrued to the Grand Duchy, and he has been rightful Sovereign for more than 50 years,

King Roman established the Empire of Europa in 2004, renamed the Grand Duchy, as culturally appropriate, the Kingdom of Lithuania, and was crowned in 2005 in Darwin.

His Sovereign Entitlements were ignored since 1967 by the United Nations and its members, contrary to International Law, Justice, Protocol, Ethics and Morality.