Emperor King Roman

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Would you like to buy Your Own Moon Empire?

What would you give to have your own Space Empire with Mining and Mineral Rights? And to become Emperor or Empress of a huge Lunar/ or Jupiterian Space Empire vastly bigger than any Empire the Earth has ever seen, a Super Empire!

This is possible because of a Declaration of Ownership to the United Nations General Assembly dated 1st July 2014, and the Proclamations below, following the legal precedent set in 1980 by US entrepreneur Dennis Hope (deceased) which took advantage of an oversight in the Outer Space Treaty (1967).

Make your offer to King Roman now, because there are only FOUR Moon Empires available, and with SPACE technology progressing by leaps and bounds there is no better real ownership offer in Space property.

Our Moon has a diameter of 3,476 km. It is little known that there are dust storms at the periphery where the hot Nearside meets the cold Farside, and that there are caves on the Moon (something that was not known until 2010, from Japanese photos).

There is also water ice on the Dark Side of the Moon, and there may be water and algae in the Moon caves, which may make them viable for colonising the Moon, for growing food, and for protection from meteorites.

Incidentally, while the Moon goes around the Earth approximately every 28 days, the Earth is hurtling around the Sun at 30 km/second taking the Moon with it.

Another anomaly on the Moon is that, although it has no plate tectonics as there are on Earth, the Moon has experienced quakes or tremors up to 5.5!

Moon Empire Luna comprises our Moon Far Side (above) and has water ice in the South Aitken Basin and potential for mineral strikes - 15 Billion Euro (ono).

Space Empire Europa (see below) nearest in orbit to Jupiter, is a little smaller than our Moon and has a smooth ice surface with an ocean beneath, like a giant Antarctica covering the whole moon. There may well be a plethora of new species beneath the ice, just as under Antarctica. Europa is 3,140 km diameter, smallest of the three Space Empires, a Super Empire in its own right with the likelihood of unknown species beneath the ice cover - 15 Billion Euro (ono).

Space Empire Ganymede (see below) is next in orbit to Jupiter, is the biggest moon in our Solar System, and has a rocky surface. With a diameter of 5,260 km, it is bigger than the planet Mercury. It is a potentially giant source for minerals, mining, and exploration - 15 Billion Euro (ono).

Space Empire Callisto (see below) orbits Jupiter and is a little smaller than Ganymede and has an ice and rock surface, and it is the outer of these three moons, 4,800 km in diameter and covered with impact craters. Again a potentially great source for minerals, mining, and exploration - 15 Billion Euro (ono).

Buy all four Super Empires together for 50 Billion while available - a saving of 10 Billion!

Or buy the three Jupiterial Super Space Empires for 40 Billion while available - a saving of 5 Billion!

You may also invest in R&D for King Roman's versatile

Moonship Phoenix

Flying saucer/ Moon base/ Moon shuttle.

Proclamation of Lunar Ownership

Be it known to All and Singular that, on 1st July 2014, by a Declaration of Ownership sent to the United Nations General Assembly by H. M. King Roman, and notified to the United States of America, Commonwealth of Independent States, China, European Union, Japan, and Brazil, King Roman 1 proclaimed sovereignty over the Dark Side of the Lunar Surface, over the Solar System Jupiterian moons Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto, plus dwarf planet Ceres and all minor planets in the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter, and over any/all moons which may be discovered in our Solar System from the above date. And that these claims are made without prejudice, and are made possible by technical discrepancies in the sweeping Declaration of Ownership sent to the United Nations in 1980 by Dennis M. Hope, in which he cleverly took advantage of a loophole in International Law regarding ownership/sovereignty over Space properties/estates throughout the Solar System. And that, for the purposes of funding charity to help the poor, and projects for the benefit of humankind, King Roman will consider offers of substantial donations for each of these Properties/Estates, in whole or in part.

Proclaimed this 1st day of July 2014 by King Roman.

Proclamation of Space Empires

Be it known to All and Singular that, from this day henceforth, the Dark Side of Earth's Moon shall be known as the Empire of Luna.

And that the Solar System moons till now called, in ascending order of mass, Europa, Callisto, and the biggest moon in the Solar System, Ganymede, shall from this day henceforth be known as the Space Empires of Europa, Callisto, and Ganymede.

Proclaimed this 1st day of July 2014 by King Roman

Space Empire Ganymede
Space Empire Callisto
Space Empire Europa

Declaration of Ownership 1 July 2014

(note that the PO Box is no longer used by King Roman)