Royal Decree
Principalities shall henceforth be referred to as Princedoms. 
The Kingdom of Lithuania comprises the Grand Princedoms of Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine.
The Empire of Europa comprises the Kingdom of Lithuania, and the Grand Princedoms of Latvia and Moldova.

His Imperial Majesty King Roman 1 

Emperor of Europa King of Lithuania 
for 16 years - from 2004

His Royal Highness, Grand Duke of Lithuania
for 53 years - since 1967

is a political system based upon the undivided sovereignty or rule of a single person. 
(where) supreme authority is vested in the monarch, 
an individual ruler who functions as the head of state and who achieves his or her position through heredity 
Encyclopedia Britannica

Royal Succession 
has often and long been determined by expediency rather than by right 
- take  English monarchy* (see below) as an example! 
In similar fashion, in modern times, the rights of an exiled monarch
 to Diplomatic Recognition and Sovereign Entitlements
as well as to United Nations non-member status and permissions, 
are ignored by United Nations member states 
as a matter of political policy and practice, 
despite this being a blatant violation of International Law 
that the United Nations itself created! 
This is an intolerable situation, and one that is unlawfully perpetrated
 and perpetuated by the United Nations General Assembly! 
It goes against the eminent principles of Fairness, Justice and Humanity 
upon which International Law is supposedly predicated.
*Amongst many anomalies, William 1 and Elizabeth 1 were both illegitimate, a term which may no longer be politically correct but legitimacy was a supposed requirement for succession to the throne in these earlier times.

De jure Recognition relates to a process contemplated by law. 
De facto is not a process of law but based on factual situation. 
De Jure is permanent recognition and cannot be withdrawn. 
De facto is not permanent it is temporary, provisional recognition, which can be withdrawn.     
De jure standards refer to standards that are established by law, 
while de facto standards are standards that are based on facts but not formally recognized     
De jure, or legal, sovereignty concerns the expressed and institutionally recognised right to exercise control over a territory. 
De facto, or actual, sovereignty is concerned with whether control in fact exists.     
In 1990-91, Lithuania usurped/ stole and split the Grand Duchy of Lithuania inherited by King Roman in 1967, thereby denying King Roman due recognition 
from the United Nations General Assembly, European Union, and Sovereigns of the World, 
contrary to Fairness, Justice, and International Law.
King Roman's Movie & TV Recommendations
official secrets poster
     This is the previously unknown  and shocking true story of government translator Katherine Gunn, who discovered a conspiracy in early 2003 between then US President George W Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Katherine leaked the document to a reporter to prevent the invasion of Iraq. But when The Observer revealed the document, it published English wording obtained from Spellcheck, instead of American wording, and so the document was denounced as a fake, and Katherine was prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act. 

     King Roman's comment: US war on Iraq was based on lies. There were no WMD. The perpetrators of the 2003 US War on Iraq produced untold death, destruction, misery, and destabilization of the Arab Middle East, which are still ongoing in 2020 today 16 years later, and yet Bush and Blair still escape prosecution for War Crimes by the International Criminal CourtUnder the circumstances Arab antagonism to US is no wonder, but their hate is not from Allah or God. 
   * King Roman is connected with the Gunn Clan through his supposed father Charles Avery Mann (no known photos exist): he has been bound by the Official Secrets Act since Royal Air Force service at Steamer Point Aden.
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The Queen 2007 * Michael Clayton 2008 * Frost/ Nixon 2009 
The Hurt Locker 2010 * The Social Network 2011  
Midnight in Paris 2012 * Bridge of Spies 2016 *  Vice 2019
No Way Out * Blame it on Rio * Curse of the Jade Scorpion * Calamity Jane * Foul Play  
The Net * Rambo: First Blood 2 * Casino Royale 1967 * The 39 Steps * King Solomon's Mines
NCIS * JAG * Perry Mason * Yes Minister
King Roman (formerly Ron Mann) is lawful Sovereign of the 
Kingdom of Lithuania & the Empire of Europa since 2004 and of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania since 1967, 
and he is a citizen of the UK from 1942, the EU from 1973, and Australia from 1976.
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Brief Apologia
The Basic Rule of Succession is in reality Expedience!
                       Expedience is illustrated, for example, by many ambiguities and anomalies in Royal British and Lithuanian lineages. A few of these anomalies are shown below:
     1. 1066 
- William (illegitimate) Duke of Normandy invades England, kills King Malcolm 2, and takes the English throne by force - for 300 years the official language of England was French!

     2. 1253 
- Inquisition Prince, Pope Innocent 4, sends a crown to Grand Duke Mindaugas of Lithuania on condition that he and the Kingdom of Lithuania become Roman Catholic. Later, Kings Gediminas and Vytautas are spared this indignity and imposition by papal princes because they die before the crowns reach them, and Lithuania reverts to a Grand Duchy.

     3. 1386 
- Grand Duke Jogaila of Lithuania marries Queen Jadwiga (12) of Poland and becomes King of Poland.

     4. 1534 
- King Henry 8 of England takes over the Roman Catholic Church in England, makes himself head of the Church in England, and sacks monasteries and convents to fill his 
   royal coffers with their treasures.

     5. 1558 
- Elizabeth 1 (illegitimate) becomes Queen of England.
See Section on International Law for more.

Princely Gedroyc of Lithuania Letters Patent were lost in transfer from St Petersburg to Moscow.

     1927 - King Roman's bio-father Lt. Roman Emil Count Dambski of Lubraniec marries Princess Paulina Irma Gedroyc who takes his name as Paulina Dambska. Princess Paulina is  firstborn (1905) and heiress of Prince  Wladislaw Ignacy Marek Gedroyc and Rene Margueritte Marquise de Pourbaix.

     1967 - 22 November - Prince Ronald Victor Charles (Mann), just arrived in Melbourne, succeeds Prince Roman 1 as His Royal Highness Prince Roman 2, Grand Duke of Lithuania.
                                             On his visit to Poland in 1992, King Roman sees the Royal Tomb at Brama 4 Warsaw headed with titles Count of Lubraniec and Grand Duke of Lithuania.
                                             Herbarz Polski shows Konstant Gedroyc as Grand Duke of Lithuania.

     2004 - Grand Duke Roman 2 (de facto Sovereign of Lithuania since 22 November 1967, de jure Sovereign from 1991) restores the Grand Duchy of Lithuania as a Kingdom and crowns himself  in Darwin NT Australia as King of Lithuania as well as Imperial King/ Emperor of Europa.
King Roman (formerly Ron Mann) is lawful Sovereign of Kingdom of Lithuania & Empire of Europa, and citizen of the UK from 1942, EU from 1973, Australia from 1976.
Lt Ronald and Fele Dover 1975
45 years together (2020)
King Roman & Lady Fele at Sea
VIP Roman at Sea
Imperial Sovereign of the Empire of Europa, and of the Imperial Order of Europa

Royal Sovereign of the Kingdom of Lithuania, and of the Royal Lithuanian Order, and of the Order of the Amethyst
Lady Fele & King Roman at Sea
Captain Roman

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King Roman (formerly Ron Mann) is lawful Sovereign of Kingdom of Lithuania & Empire of Europa, and citizen of the UK from 1942, EU from 1973, Australia from 1976.
Trakai Castle in Vilnius is an enduring symbol of the Grand Duchy/Grand Principality and Kingdom of Lithuania - uncrowned King Vytautas the Great died there in 1430 CE


King Roman requires a:     (a)   Consulting Hacker; and     (b)   Consulting Lawyer
 Please fill Application if you would like to help and want a real challenge - the recompense is good too.


Trakai Castle, Vilnius
King Roman can give you REAL Royal (and Noble) titles with SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY plus! 


His Imperial Majesty King Roman the First

Emperor of the Empire of Europa - King of the Kingdom of Lithuania, 

By International Law De Jure (Lawful/ Permanent) & De Facto (In Fact) Sovereign of Lithuania  from 1967, De Jure (Lawful) Sovereign from 1991
    * Current leaders of Lithuania/Belarus/Ukraine republics are DE FACTO SOVEREIGNS - SOVEREIGN IN FACT, TEMPORARY, USURPERS.  

                         KING ROMAN IS DE JURE SOVEREIGN - SOVEREIGN IN LAW, LAWFUL, RIGHTFUL, CONTINUING, ROYAL RULER SINCE 1967                         Successor of Grand Prince Roman 1 of Lithuania, Count of Lubraniec Dambski (Boryslaw 1 July 1901 - 22 November 1967 Gliwice, 1998 procession to Warsaw) 
- see Royal Tomb below

With Sovereign Rights & Entitlements under International Law, like diplomatic recognition and sovereign immunity, His Imperial Majesty King Roman has the authority to make YOU a King or Queen, Grand Duke or Grand Duchess, or Prince or Princess, with similar Sovereign Entitlements under International Law, namely Sovereign Equality (with other Royal Sovereigns), Sovereign Precedence (to be correctly addressed and placed as His/ Her Majesty), Sovereign Privileges (as other Royal Sovereigns receive), Sovereign Immunity (from invasion and prosecution), AND Diplomatic Recognition.

                                 His Imperial Majesty King Roman 1 of Europa and Lithuania is an Absolute Monarch who follows the Universal Declaration of Human Rights                                                                                                   
The Royal/ Imperial Prerogative are Sovereign entitlements including immunity, plus powers that include appointment and dismissal of Ministers, law-making by proclamation, establishing Royal/ Imperial courts without judges, raising taxation, exercising supreme command of Royal/ Imperial armed forces and Cyber defence, awarding honours and distinctions, presiding over the meetings of a Council of Ministers, conferring civil and military appointments, granting pardons, exercising high patronage of royal academies.

If you have any questions, please send them to
If you have wealth to spare and high goals, King Roman can give you real Royal and Noble titles with Sovereign Immunity plus
Imperial Business Card
King Roman is De Jure Royal Sovereign since 1967 by International Law and claims acknowledgement of his Sovereign Entitlements by International Law namely                                                                            
Precedence (whereby he is addressed as His Imperial Majesty and accorded appropriate  dignity)                                                                                                                                                           
Equality (with other Royal Sovereigns)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Privileges (to be treated like other Royal Sovereigns)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
                                       Immunity (from invasion or prosecution)
                                         PLUS THE RIGHT TO                                                                                                                
                                       Diplomatic Recognition

"The absent sovereign remains the de jure government of the country"  (Oppenheimer, "Governments and Authorities in Exile," American Journal of International Law, p. 571)  (Hersch Lauterpacht, C. J. Greenwood, International Law Reports, p. 559). 

International Law recognizes and acknowledges the inherent and continuing legal rights of a Monarch/ Monarchy in Exile, like Lithuania and Europa. However, "There seems to be a strong bias against the monarch in exile, not in the law, but in how it is applied or administered. Thus he is ignored, brushed off  and hindered from making any progress in re-obtaining his former rule" ( - at paragraph 6). 

"If a person is a Sovereign, even without recognition from the country to which he is heir, he is entitled to recognition and to Sovereign Privileges and Sovereign Immunity" (Professor Stephen B Kerr, The Entitlement to Rule). 

"Sovereignty depends not upon external factors, but upon the person in whom such status resides. Such entitlement is independent of diplomatic lists, and exists of itself in the person of the Sovereign" (Kerr). 

"All sovereigns are equal ... in rank. Sovereign equality under the law was a part of the Treaty of Westphalia (1648) and is enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations (1945) as a law" (Kerr). 

"The deposed monarch is entitled to full recognition by other sovereigns, and all nations and all people, adhering to the moral and ethical principles implicit in International Law" ("King and Constitution in International Law," The Augustan, vol. 18, no. 4, 1977, p. 126). 

Gedroyc Arms
Above:   Gedroyc Arms 13th century
         The princely Dynasty of Gedroyc (arms Rose over Hippocentaur) originated in the 13th century, and according to one historian married into the family of King Mindaugas, Lithuania's first ( some incorrectly say only ) king (1252-63). It is likely that the Aleksander Gedroyc princely line continued from 1569 as Grand Duke (or Grand Prince) of Lithuania, and it was, amongst others, patented in 1811 at Vilnius and St Petersburg, and in 1873 at St Petersburg, during the Russian hegemony.
              Prince Wladislaw Ignacy Marek Gedroyc (Grand Duke) and Margueritte Renee, Marquise de Pourbaix, married civilly at Lwow in 1904. His Majesty King Roman's stepmother Princess Paulina was born to them in 1905, and civilly married his father Count Roman Emil Dambski of Lubraniec (arms Triple-branched Tree, from 1094) in 1927. Paulina was officially declared missing from 1940-1947, during which wartime period Prince Roman 1 sired His Royal Highness Prince Ronald (now His Imperial Majesty KING ROMAN) in 1942, and in 1945 Ronald's sister Princess Christine (widow, now retired in Torquay England from Bath), both to Lady Katherine Mann of Edinburgh (+ 2011 Torquay). 

           His Majesty KING ROMAN has resided in Darwin since 31 October 1975, after the city was devastated by Cyclone Tracy on Christmas Day 1974. In 1967 His Imperial Majesty King Roman inherited the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (encompassing Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine) from his Polish father, properly Grand Prince Roman 1. Since then, further titles were found to accrue, so that now King Roman has many titles and the continuing authority to grant real titles from his Fons honorum (Fount of honour). His Letters Patent 1993 as His Royal Highness Prince Roman II, The Grand Duke of Lithuania, were prepared by Alan Earl of Dalvey from Tasmania in 1993. 

King Roman is in urgent need of financial support, just as so many monarchs have through history, for recognition, restoration and restitution. 
King Roman would like help to produce two films:
(a)     a sci-fi adventure based on his novelette Moon Shock - King Roman joined the Planetary Society  in July 2019;
(b)    a film about his patrolling days as a kiap in Papua New Guinea 1970-1973 - working title Our Man in Moresby - for which he was belatedly awarded the Police Overseas                   Service Medal (T.P.N.G.) in 2018 - 49 other kiaps received the award in 2013 after a long campaign for recognition by the Australian Government.

      King Roman is also a Royal Air Force Veteran of the Arab Insurgency in Aden during 1962-1964. 
Have a talk with King Roman about your needs and desires and maybe something special can be negotiated for you. 

BKingB Roman can give you real Royal titles with Sovereign Immunityh plus
Artist impression of Moonship Phoenix
An artist's impression of what King Roman's Super Space Saucer Moonship Phoenix would look like

Australia's first and only Space launch site is located near Darwin in the Northern Territory where King Roman resides.
King Roman invented a new type of spacecraft Moonship Phoenix, a flying saucer with special capabilities, which requires further research and development. 
King Roman owns land on the Moon on which he created nascent micronations The Kingdom of Alba on Copernicus Crater and The Kingdom of Kath on Manilius Crater 
- see here

Easy mountain trail in PNG
Above: one example of an easier trail through the Papua New Guinea jungle, others had to be negotiated through razor sharp long grass with machetes or clinging to cliff sides!

The Kiap, an adulterated form of the German kapi(tan) from earlier German occupation, had to walk through snake and mosquito infested jungle, hack a way through overhead razor sharp grasses, wade through leech and crocodile ridden swamps and rivers, and manoeuvre around steep cliff faces. His trek from one remote village to another might take many hours or days. When he got there he never knew what to expect, there could be an arrow, spear, axe, to permanently end his patrol. When he reached a village, he might face the initial culture shock of naked women and bare-breasted girls in short grass skirts. They would cook wild boar and fish under the earth, and bring food to the kiap hut. This was raised on stilts. Under mandate from the UN, the hut would initially fly the Australian flag or, at self government in 1973, two flags, the PNG flag flying below it. 

Dining with Captain on Voyager of the Seas

His Imperial Majesty KING ROMAN Official Website
 Imperial Majesty King Roman   Stephen King Roman    roman emperors gods   roman catholic church     
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At independence from Russia in 1991, The Lithuanian Realm (including Belarus and Ukraine) was usurped from King Roman who was the proper heir of His Royal Highness Prince Roman 1, and now His Imperial Majesty King Roman the First of the Empire of Europa and the Kingdom of Lithuania. 

By International Law dating from the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia, His Imperial Majesty King Roman is a De Jure Sovereign, entitled to lawful entitlements of Sovereign Equality, Precedence, Privileges, and Immunity. 

The European Union and the United Nations  were and continue to be complicit, having been duly notified a number of times.
       Current Monarchs also unlawfully ignore International Law with impunity in regard to a De Jure Monarch's Sovereign Entitlements.

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including Baronet, Baron, Viscount, Count, Marquis, Duke, Prince, Grand Duke, King, and female equivalents. Please enquire if a desired title is not listed.

Dambski Arms
Above:   Count Dambski of Lubraniec Arms - from Wladislaw King of Poland c. 1093

Greetings from Darwin Australia, interim capital of the Imperial Kingdom/ Empire of Europawhich includes the since 2004 Kingdom of Lithuania (Lithuania + Belarus + Ukraine). 

His Imperial Majesty KING ROMAN initially inherited Sovereignty as Grand Duke 22 November 1967. 

Monarchy engenders national pride * stability * continuity - and no elections to be hacked 

King Roman's Amazing Adventures Trilogy
King Roman's Royal Encyclopedia
If you would like to say hello to King Roman or ask a question, you can email him anytime at

King Roman's Moonship Phoenix is circular/flying saucer. In part, tt uses helium to provide assisting buoyancy; and copper cones, alone or in tandem, which gently accumulate fuel-less thrust in Space (These need to be checked for ideal size, shape and thickness, also for reverse thrust and manoeuvrability.). This is based on the Shawyer EmDrive first run in 1998, tests by the world's most advanced propulsion engineers, including from NASA, end up producing measurable thrust which, in the frictionless environment of space, accumulates (possibly owing to interaction with hydrogen or dark energy?). The thrust is produced by a copper cone open one end closed the other. Investigations of this phenomenon are currently being pursued at Penn State University. When research is enabled, other safe technologies may be used for gentle lifting of Moonship Phoenix into Space. 

King Roman (then Ron Mann) also wants to produce a film of his life patrolling in Papua New Guinea in the early 1970s. Would you like to invest to be a Producer, with film credits and a percentage of profits? The working title is Our Man in Moresby.

                        The same offer applies for Moon Shock, a fantasy, fiction, fact movie. Moon Shock is part of King Roman's trilogy of novelettes and short stories called                                  The Amazing Adventures of Professor Hudson.

* His Imperial Majesty, Dr Sir King Roman, SIOE, SRLO, POSM (TPNG), DD,  ND,  founded and supported the charity Filipino Club Darwin for 23 years (1990-2013), and ministered to a number of Secular Franciscan congregations in England and Australia for 20 years - the Secular Franciscan Order was approved, during the papal inquisitions, by Pope Nicholas 4 
in the 1289 papal bull Supra Montem - On the Rule of the Third Order of St Francis. 
King Roman left the Roman Catholic Church and the Secular Franciscan Order in 1986 following discovery of the 200 years of horror Crusades and 700 years of terror Inquisitions sponsored by a total of 100 popes including two saints. King Mindaugas of Lithuania crown was given by inquisition pope Innocent 4 
on condition of submission of the Lithuanian Realm to the Roman Catholic Church.I
erial Majesty King Roman   Stephen King Roman    roman emperors gods   roman catholic church     
Certificate of Appreciation of FCD
Philippines flag
Certificate of Recognition of RAF Service Aden
RAF Steamer Point badge
  Filipino Club  Darwin Inc. was founded 1990 by King Roman to help the poor (see certificate above) and held beauty pageants during annual successful and government-praised Gala Nights, the last one being the 23rd, in 2013, He was first president for a year, followed by Fele Mann (with his support)

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Basic Lineage

       In 1992, one year after the Baltic states finally became independent of the Soviet Union, His Imperial Majesty KING ROMAN (then still Prince Ronald), visited his stepmother Princess Paulina Dambska in Bielsko-Biala in southeast Poland, and was taken to his biological father's tomb (see photo below) near marker 299B at Brama 4 Warsaw. Both Princess Paulina and Prince Roman 1 had sought to promote the royal family legacy. The role then fell, by request from Paulina, to Prince Ronald/Roman 2.

       The princely Dynasty of Gedroyc (arms Rose over Hippocentaur) originated in the 13th century and, according to one historian, married into the family of King Mindaugas, Lithuania's first king. The Gedroyc princely line continued from around 1569 as Grand Duke (properly Grand Prince) of Lithuania, and was, amongst others, patented in 1811 at Vilnius and St Petersburg, and in 1873 at St Petersburg, during the Russian hegemony. 

       His Royal Highness Prince Wladislaw Ignacy Marek Gedroyc (Grand Duke) and Margueritte Renee, Marquise de Pourbaix, married civilly at Lwow in 1904. His Majesty KING ROMAN's stepmother Princess Paulina was born to them in 1905, and civilly married his father Count Roman Emil Dambski of Lubraniec (arms Triple-branched Tree, from 1094) in 1927.

        Paulina was officially declared missing from 1940-1947, during which period Prince Roman 1 sired His Royal Highness Prince Ronald (now His Imperial Majesty KING ROMAN) in 1942, and in 1945 Ronald's sister Princess Christine (widow, now retired in Torquay England from Bath), both by Lady Katherine.

        His Majesty KING ROMAN has resided in Darwin since 31 October 1975, after the city was devastated by Cyclone Tracy on Christmas Day 1974. There his Letters Patent 1993 show him as His Royal Highness, The Grand Duke of Lithuania, and were prepared by Alan Earl of Dalvey from Tasmania.

        In 1994 at Vilnius, the newly founded Royal Society of Lithuanian Nobility (LBKS), 400 strong, elected Prince Roman a founding senator and voted for restoration of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. However, the wishes of the original LBKS were subsequently ignored by the already established usurper Republic from 1991, and the newly elected LBKS of 1996 (with 200 members) continued the charade. 

         His Majesty KING ROMAN is a citizen of the United Kingdom and the European Union by birth, and a citizen of Australia since 1976. Whatever Brexit brings, His Majesty KING ROMAN also remains Sovereign Monarch of the Empire of Europa and the Kingdom of Lithuania, with high entitlements & rights under International Law.                                

emerald crown
ruby crown

King Roman's Bio Brief

     His Imperial Majesty KING ROMAN was born (HRH Prince) Ronald Victor Charles Mann-Dambski during World War 2 in Edinburgh Scotland * graduated from Trinity Academy Edinburgh in Science (Chemistry/Physics) and Maths, and Languages English/French/German, plus Latin) in 1960 * joined the Royal Air Force in 1961 * was posted (SAC, "Top Secret") to Joint HQ, Steamer Point, Aden, in 1962 shortly before the Arab Insurgency began that same year.

     Prince Roman 2 emigrated to Melbourne in 1967 * sacrificed a recording career to serve as a patrol officer/kiap (captain) in Papua New Guinea in 1970 (for which he was awarded the Police Overseas Service Medal (TPNG) in 2018) from the Australian Government - Patrol Officer Port Moresby * and then HM Customs & Excise (Executive Officer/Lieutenant) * and a Royal Navy Reserve (medic) in England. 

     Prince Roman returned to Australia in 1975 * became an Australian citizen in 1976 - and served in the Department of Law (Section OIC) Darwin * resigned in 1986 to minister to poor and homeless * for which purpose he founded two charities including the popular Filipino Club Darwin (endured 23 years) with an annual beauty pageant. He also took contestants to Melbourne to appear on Young Talent Time and met Dannii Minogue.

     Prince Roman was a Secular Franciscan Order minister for 20 years * a Reconciliation bishop for 10 * and a Universal Family Ministry archbishop for 10, before resiling from religions for reasons of personal belief and observation.                  

     He is a Doctor of Philosophy * Theology * and Naturopathy, and has completed over 50 university MOOC courses including Legal Studies, Computer Networking, Forensics, Digital Forensics, International Law, EU law, English Common Law, American Constitution, Astronomy, Moons, Oceans, and was a Charles Darwin University  certificated Coxswain (captain/ skipper).

     At age 77 (March 2019) he is retired, and enjoys annual sea cruises, and TV Series like NCIS, Hawaii Five-0, Madam Secretary, Big Bang Theory.

Royal Lineage

Princely Line of Aleksander Gedroyc

  Gedroyc  h. Poraj   Gedroyc Letters Patent Poland 1569, Vilnius 1811, St Petersburg 1811 & 1873. Princely title also received Russian confirmation in 1865, 1866, 1875, 1876, 1878 and 1880.  

"2l) Władysław Ignacy Marek (Horodnica 25 Apr/8 May 1862 - Żubracze 7 Apr 1943); used form of name Gedroyć; owner of Miękisz Nowy, Mosty Małe, Kulików and Żubracze);                                                                                                                  m. Horodec 4 Jun 1904 Margueritte Renée de Pourbaix (Fourmie, Belgium 23 Jun 1880 - Białograd 5 Jan 1953)                                             

1m) Paulina Irma (Mosty Małe 30 Mar 1905 - Warsaw 4 Feb 1993); m. Lwów 1927 Roman Emil Dąmbski (Borysław 2 Jul 1901 - Gliwice 22 Nov 1967)"  

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  real royal and noble titles, real royal titles, real noble titles, real titles of royalty and nobility, duke prince king queen, emperor empress sovereign
Titles held by His Imperial Majesty King Roman
His Imperial Majesty King Roman the First, Emperor of Europa, His Majesty King Roman of Lithuania 
His Royal Highness Grand Prince of Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Novgorod, Vladimir, Ukraine, Novgorod, Vladimir, Moldova, ;
His Royal Highness Prince/Duke of Aukstota, Bryansk, Chernigov, Chernobyl, Courland, Galicz, Gedroyc, Grodno, Kosovo, Krvac, Livonia, Lvov, Minsk, Novaharodak, Ossetia, Oswiecim, Palanga, Perjaslavl, Pinsk, Polotsk, Pskov, Ratno, Riazan, Rostov, Samogitia, Santok, Smolensk, Starodub, Trakai, Turau, Tver, Vilnius, and Vitebsk;  Sovereign Prince of Vilnius, Riga, Minsk, Kiev, Chisinau; King Elector; Prince ElectorCount of Lubraniec Dambski; Sovereign of the Imperial Order of Europa, Royal Lithuanian Order, and the Order of the Amethyst;  De Jure Sovereign by International Law since 1991; De Facto Sovereign since 1967 by Right.                                           
real royal and noble titles, real royal titles, real noble titles, real titles of royalty and nobility, duke prince king queen, emperor empress sovereign
Be it Known to All and Singular

Under International Law, His Imperial Majesty King Roman the First of Europa and Lithuania is:   
a) ranked the Equal of Any Sovereign, British and otherwise;    
b) entitled to the Protections of Sovereign Immunity;     
c) entitled to All Privileges of a Sovereign, including Precedence.

King Roman visited stepmother Princess Paulina in Poland and the Royal Tomb of HRH Prince Roman 1, Grand Duke of Lithuania, Count of Lubraniec Dambski, at Brama 4 in Warsaw Poland, in 1992

Royal Tomb of HRH Prince Roman 1
King Roman's Letters Patent 1993

                                                                   Letters Patent 1993 Darwin, prepared by Alan Earl of Dalvey                                                              

Vytis Arms of Kingdom and Grand Duchy of Lithuania
Vytis of Lithuania
In 1991, The Lithuanian Realm was usurped & the Sovereign Equality, Rights, Privileges & Immunity of heir Prince Roman, now His Imperial Majesty King Roman, ignored. This was contrary to International Law, & the United Nations was complicit, In order to achieve justice & recognition, King Roman needs a wealthy bnefactor, who will be richly rewarded.
Photo composite by King Roman of Road into Lubraniec Town with Dambski Coat of Arms suspended
Road to Lubraniec Town

Most of King Roman's Writings

Roads to Rome - Ron Mann 1963                                                   Horse Riding and Care - Ron Mann 1963 (lost)
Snorkelling - Ron Mann 1963 (lost)                                               A Little Calendar of Franciscan Third Order Saints (Imprimatur from Bishop John O'Loughlin) - Ron Mann SFO
The Catholic Millenium (Carlton) - Ron Mann SFO                                        Motu and Pidgin Made Easy - Ron Mann SFO 1974
Easiest Ever Music and Guitar Playing - Ron Mann SFO                               Glamour Model the Easy Way - Ron Mann SFO 1985
Understanding Sex and Love - Ron Mann SFO 1985                                       SINGER the Easy Way - Rose Mallory 1985
Anatomy of a Count's Son - Bishop Ron Mann 1990                                       Chess Magic - Ron Mann 1996
TOP UFO SECRET - Dr Prince Roman 1996                                                     Universal Family - Dr Prince Roman 1996
Blinding Truth !!! - Dr Prince Roman 1996                                                        ROMAN: A Prince out of Water - Prince Roman 1996
Darwin Letters - Count Roman Dambski 1996                                                  Control Your Own Shares -Count Roman Dambski 1996
Money Mates Manual - Dr Prince Roman 1997                                                 SECRET ! UNIVERSE - Dr Prince Roman 1997
Our Illusive Universe - Bishop Prince Roman 1997                                          Match Maker - Dr Prince Roman 1998
Universal Family MINISTERS GUIDE - Dr Prince Roman 1998                   Grand Prince - Dr Prince Roman 2000
KING ROMAN - 2006                                                                                              King Roman of Lithuania's Little Fact Book - 2007
The Jesus Codex - King Roman 2007                                                                   Royal Lithuania - King Roman of Lithuania 2008
Darwin Conspiracy: Midnight Vendetta - King Roman of Lithuania 2008            Pot-Pourri - King Roman of Lithuania 2008
My God.....My Universe - King Roman of Lithuania 2008                                         WONDERFUL ! - King Roman of Lithuania 2008
Sir Sherlock Holmes - Don Brown 2009                                                                         The Last Symbol - Don Brown 2009
Moon Shock - Dr King Roman 2009                                                                                King Roman of Lithuania's Reader's and Debater's Encyclopedia
The Amazing Adventures of Professor John Hudson - Dr King Roman 2010 (trilogy including The Last Symbol, Moon Shock, and Sir Sherlock Holmes)

Most University MOOC Courses studied by King Roman

The EU and Human Rights - Leuven U                                                        Security & Safety Challenges in a Globalized World - Leuven U                                                                      Investigating and Prosecuting International Crimes - Leiden U                    Terrorism & Counter-Terrorism - Leiden U
On Being A Scientist - Leiden U                                                                    Miracles of Human Language: An Introduction to Linguistics -Leiden U                                               
Be Persuasive: Write a Convincing Position Paper or Policy Advice - Leiden U                     International Law in Action: the Arbitration of International Disputes - Leiden U                  International Law in Action: A Guide to the International Courts and Tribunals in The Hague - Leiden U                                  Oceans - Southampton U                                                  Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds: Maritime Archaeology - Southampton U                                                                           Moons - Open U                                                                Introduction to Cyber Security - Open U                                                                                  Global Diplomacy - London U                                                                                                English Common Law - London U                                                                                           Wonders of Ancient Egypt - Penn U                                                                                      Introduction to Key Constitutional Concepts - Penn U                                                             An Introduction to American Law - Penn U                                                                          Introduction to Cybercrime - New York State U;                                                                       International Cyber Conflicts - New York State U;                                                                Emergence of the Modern Middle East - Tel Aviv U;                                                                The History of Modern Israel - Tel Aviv U                                                                              International Law - Louvain Uni;                                                                      Forensic Science & Criminal Justice - Leicester U;                                                                                      Antiquities Trafficking & Art Crime - Glasgow U;                                             Reading Archaeology - Yale U                                                                                                                    Global Studies: Cultures and Organizations in International Relations - Grenoble Ecole de Management                 Introduction to Forensic Science - Nanyang Technological U          Forensic Facial Reconstruction - University of Sheffield;                                                                                             Genealogy: Researching Your Family Tree - Strathclyde U;            Whole Genome Sequencing - DHS Health Education England                       Introduction to International Criminal Law - Case Western Reserve U;                                                        Cybersecurity Fundamentals - Rochester Institute of Technology                   The Data Explosion and its Impact on Fraud Detection - American U                                                          World of Spies: Keeping Secrets - Purdue U                                                    Paradoxes of War - Princeton U                                                                                                                  Introduction to Programming with MATLAB - Vanderbilt University                  The Evolving Universe - California Institute of Technology (Caltech)                                                          
Spanish across the Americas - Cordoba National U                                                                                      Introduction to Linux - Linux Foundation                                                        Introduction to Quantum Computing/Understanding Quantum Computers - Keio U   
Maritime Law: An Introduction to Shipping Contracts - Law Society of Scotland/Addleshaw Goddard                                                                  
International Affairs: Global Governance - Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies Geneva                                  
From State Control to Remote Control - Bath U                                                                    Astronomy: Exploring Time and Space/State of the Art - Arizona State U                            Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life -Edinburgh U                                       An Introduction to Screenwriting - East Anglia U                    
Homeland Security and Cybersecurity - Colorado U                                                             Genomics for Law - Illinois U
       Also, among others -                                                                                                                                                                                   
Short Course in Forensic Sciences -                            Digital Forensics for Attorneys -                                 And from Alison, among others -                      
Diploma in Legal Studies                                                                                                       Diploma in Psychology                                                                                                            Introduction to Spanish                                                                                                          Basic German Language Skills                                                                                                Introduction to Computer Networking - Microsoft Virtual Academy                                       Tourism Industry - Sectors and Career Development                                                            Introduction to Travel Patterns and Destinations                                                                    IT Management: Software and Databases

Cruises participated in by King Roman

1973 SS Australis Mar-April   Melbourne Southampton
2008  Pacific Sun  24 Feb-5 Mar Noumea Isle of Pines Suva Savusavu Port Vila           2009  Renovated Pacific Sun  24 Jan-31 Jan Brisbane return Whitsundays 
2010  Costa Allegra 20 Feb-7 Mar                                                                                              Costa Romantica
2011  Diamond Princess Nov 27-16 Dec  Singapore Koh Samui Laem Chabang Phu My Benoa Darwin P Douglas Airlie Beach Syd
2012  Voyager of the Seas 7-11 Jun Sin Klang Phuket Sin                                              2013  Sun Princess Apr 1-13 Syd Dwn Bali Sing
Diamond Princess 14 Nov-3 Dec Sin Laem Phu my Bali Dwn P Douglas Syd 19d
2014 Sea Princess 22 Jan-2 Feb Bne Vila P Denarau Suva Noumea Bne                     Rhapsody of the Seas 28 Mar-8 Apr Syd Bne Airlie Willis Cairns x2 Newcastle Syd
  Voyager of the Seas 17 Apr-3 May Sin return                                                        MS Oosterdam 5-19 Dec
2015  Sapphire Princess 13-23 Jan Sin Jakarta Bali Komodo Lombok Singapore          Carnival Spirit 18 Feb-2Mar Syd Noumea Mystery Denarau Suva Pines Syd
Rhapsody of the Seas  -3 May Syd Airlie Cairns Dwn Komodo Bali Singapore     Dawn Princess May 25-Jun 6 Sin Phuket Langkawi Penang Klang Lombok Fremantle
Noorland Dec 5-17 Syd Lifou Eosa Lautoka Dravuni Noumea Sydney 
2016  Costa Victoria 23 Jan-1 Feb Sin Brunei Kota Kinabalu Puerta Prince Boracay Manila HK          Voyager of the Seas 16-30 Apr Syd Bris Dar KL Sing    
2017  Pacific Eden, Singapore - Cairns, 10 - 24 Aug                                                                              Legend of the Seas 8-20 Feb Bne-Bne
          Legend of the Seas 20 Feb-27 Bne Cairns Darwin Singapore                                                     Pacific Eden 10 Aug - 24 Aug   Sing - Cairns
2018  Pacific Dawn 5 May 2018 7 nts Brisbane return South Pacific                                                     Pacific Jewel  30 sep-5 oct Great Barrier Reef, Bne return
2019  Pacific  Dawn 30 ju l- 5 aug  Bne-Darwin                                                                Sun Princess 27 Nov - 23 Dec Fremantle return, Asian ports including Singapore

Thoughts from King Roman

In terms of fulfilling campaign promises, and in as timely fashion as able and ever under siege from enemies, Donald Trump may well prove to be the best US President ever!

If Einstein's conservation of energy equation (E= mc2) is correct, how can there have been a Big Bang? and how did the Nobel Committee manage to award Penzias and Wilson?

     In early March 2003, Kathryn Gunn, a translator for GCHQ, leaked a secret NSA document that revealed a US-UK conspiracy to falsely contrive war with Iraq. 
She failed to avert the war, and was prosecuted for espionage under the OFFICIAL SECRETS Act. 
     After causing her various stresses over the period of a year, the case was withdrawn in order to prevent the truth coming out. Bush and Blair ought to have been prosecuted for war crimes, but they have avoided penalty so far.
     Kathryn was unable to reveal content of the actual NSA document to her lawyers because of the Act.
     And because The Observer staffer used Spellcheck, the document was translated with English rather than American spelling and was falsely denounced in the press as a fake. 
A recent film, starring Keira Knightley and called Official Secrets, tells the story.
(a)      King Roman is connected with the Scottish Gunn Clan through his supposed father Charles Avery Mann (+ 1991 Edinburgh) (the Bible similarly says that Joseph was the                 supposed father of Jesus).
(b)      Through his Royal Air Force service in Aden during the Arab Insurgency King Roman is also bound by the Official Secrets Act.

  Photo Miscellany
Senior Man at RAF Bridgnorth England 1961
Senior Man RAF Bridgnorth England
Executive Officer HM Customs & Excise Dover 1974
Fav photo Dover 1975 HM Customs & Excise
Mum and her mum, Christine and Prince Ronald
Lady Katherine with her mother Henrietta Sambler above her, and with golden collie Peter, Prince Ronald and Princess Christine
Bio-father Prince Roman 1
Grand Prince Roman 1 of Lithuania
War and Peace medals of Prince Roman 1
Letter from Augustus 3 to Kazimierz Dambski of Lubraniec
King Augustus 3 of Poland letter to Kazimierz Dambski of Lubraniec 1843
Flag of the Kingdom of Lithuania
kingdom of lithuania flag
King Roman's Amazing Adventures
King Roman RAF memories of Steamer Pt Aden 1962 - 1964
Aden Insurgency book
Joint HQ Steamer Point
Aden Veterans Association badge
Excerpted Portrait of King Charles 1 by Sir Anthony van Dyck from a triptych. Charles was executed by the treasonous Oliver Cromwell's Rump Parliament
King Charles 1 of England
Visited Trakai Castle Vilnius in 1994
With government officials near Trakai Castle Vilnius
Attending Nobility Convention Vilnius 23.4.94
LBKS senate election Vilnius 1994
Elected Founding Senator of LBKS Vilnius 1994
LBKS Senate Vilnius 23 April 1994
Captain / Coxswain Roman
Captain Roman
1st and last pages of LP Vilnius 1811
1st page of 1811 Gedroyc letters Vilnius patent
Last (11th) page of 1811 Vilnius Gedroyc patent
Roman with stepmother Princess Paulina in Bielsko-Biala Poland by invitation 1992
With Princess Paulina Dambska
chess board
In his book Chess Metaphors, Diego Rasskin-Gutman points out that a player looking eight moves ahead is already presented with as many possible games as there are stars in the galaxy! (Is this true?)
King Roman also wants to make a movie of patrolling days in Papua New Guinea
Some PNG landscape
PNG huts
King Roman's 1st cruise was 5 weeks Melbourne-Southampton on SS Australis (Chandris Line) in 1973
SS Australis
Self Portrait of Sir Anthony van Dyck, leading pupil of Rubens, maternal ancestor of King Roman, court portrait painter to James 1 and Charles 1
Self Portrait of Sir Anthony van Dyck
Document from King Augustus 3 of Poland confirming Count title to Kazimierz Dambski of Lubraniec
Document from Augustus 3
EROS Steamer Point 1962

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© King Roman and Real Royal and Noble Titles
Lived in 3rd floor flat 22 Trinity Crescent until 1961
Trinity Crescent Edinburgh 0-19 years
Mum Katherine and Sister Christine moved to 67 Great Pulteney St Bath 1961
Residence 67 Great Pulteney St Bath England 20-33
Received Police Overseas Service Medal (TPNG) 2018
King Roman's Police Overseas Service Medal (TPNG)
Box containing King Roman's Medal
Arms of Royal Lithuanian Order
Arms of Order of the Amethyst
Marquis Who's Who Biographee KING ROMAN
King Roman wants to R&D his 
Moonship Phoenix of which this is a simile
Moonship Phoenix illustration
King Roman wants to make a movie about of his novelette Moon Shock
Dr King Roman's Moon Shock
King Roman's Royal Enclopedia
Portrait of King Augustus 3 (Krakow Museum, Poland), author of sealed document (opposite) confirming the Count of Lubraniec title belonging to ancestor Kazimierz Dambski of Lubraniec.
King Augustus 23 of Poland
Friends from Steamer Point Aden
Chigwell 1989, King Roman's Aden friends Lav D'Souza and Tony Fonseca centre back