First there are the Popes who are so unlike Jesus, living simply but in the midst of luxury, and who represent a Church which for most of its life has espoused corruption,
violence and terror in order to grow and prosper.
  (Some information contained is out of date now owing to deaths and inflation)

   Our dutiful and longest reigning Monarch, Head of the Church of England, could not be more unlike Jesus in lifestyle

'You are Peter and on this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it' (Matthew 16:18)?

To Everyone, from King Roman: Why I left the Catholic Church in 1986

          Walter O'Brien, who as a young boy hacked into NASA to get a picture for his wall, had an IQ of 197, one of the highest Intelligence Quotients ever actually recorded, and alluded to in the clever TV series Scorpion. By comparison, the 20th century scientific genius Albert Einstein rated just 160, 37 points below O'Brien. My own IQ is genius level, although I don't feel like one at 78 years of age, and is 156, four points beneath Einstein. Interestingly, lovely Jill St John from the James Bond movie Diamonds are Forever, and married to Hart to Hart star Robert Wagner, has an IQ of 161, one point above Einstein. 

          The fact that so many people get conned or hacked out of life savings, especially through the otherwise totally amazing Internet, is an indication of how gullible many can be. Einstein observed: 'There are two things that are infinite; the universe and human stupidity'. However, because some people are gullible does not necessarily mean they are stupid. An example of this is Christianity, which is believed by two billion people to be true. Why? Largely because they have been raised in this belief, know no other, and have not researched on the Internet for the truth about what they believe. They simply accept without question what was passed down from their childhood. 

          I myself was a Christian for many years before becoming aware that all was not as it seemed. That the story of Jesus was first written from hearsay, in Greek language, up to half a century after he supposedly died. And that, although there were around 50 historians alive during the years Jesus allegedly lived, not even one of them wrote about him. 

          Not only this, but the Catholic Church, which I served for 20 years as a minister of several congregations of the Third or Secular Franciscan Order, after attending a Mill Hill Missionary seminary in Roosendaal Netherlands to test my calling to the priesthood, was based upon a lie. The lie was debunked by the Jesus Seminar in 1984. Recorded in  The Five Gospels (Macmillan 1985, Harper Collins 1997), scholars of a variety of differing persuasions came to a unanimous conclusion that "Jesus did not say this; it represents the perspective or content of a later or different tradition".  

What did Jesus NOT say? 'You are Peter and on this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it' (Matthew 16:18). Even this one official gospel Matthew in which the statement appears is only extant from the 4th century, in Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Vaticanus, both in Greek language, and is estimated to have been written by some unknown author in 80 CE, around 50 years after Jesus reputedly lived. 

          There were many boys and men called Jesus in their name-sake's era. The name is more properly Yeshua, anglicized as Joshua. Strange that this is not the name given in English translations of the New Testament, isn't it? Well maybe not! after the Catholic Church condemned anyone who would change what was translated from Greek by presbyter Jerome in the 5th century into the Latin Vulgate

          How did the Catholic Church grow exponentially in the millenium of its independent existence since 1054 CE? Fear (and catholic births into large families, of course!) is the key. Prior to the split from what was the Christian Catholic Church we now refer to as Eastern Orthodox out of the New Rome, Constantinople, the Christian Church created by the Council of Nicaea in 325 CE would banish or exile unbelievers. 

          However, after 200 years of horrific Papal Wars (crusades) from the 11th to 13th century, which included rape, slaughter and sacking of the entire populations, men, women and children of muslim Jerusalem and later of christian Constantinople, the now independent Roman Catholic Church embarked upon 700 years of Papal Inquisitions. Knights Templar were massacred for false reasons - like false reasons used to illegally invade Iraq in 2003 in defiance of the UN and against massive global protests - and anyone who disagreed with the Church was denounced as a heretic. Bruno Giordano was burned to death in 1600, as were many other catholics during the 700 year reign of terror, allegedly in the name of Jesus, carried out by papal sanction, and executed by religious orders - Dominicans, Franciscans and Jesuits

          Inquisition pope Innocent 4 sent a crown to Grand Duke Mindaugas of Lithuania in 1253 to make him king under the required condition that he and all inhabitants of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, which includes Belarus and Ukraine, submit to the Catholic Faith. This is why Lithuanians are Catholic now. 

          These were terrible times in which to live in Europe. The RC Church was one of violence, quite unlike the supposed person in whose steps it purported to follow.  Popes and leaders were often corrupt, while many catholics knew no better or were too afraid to remonstrate or rebel against the Church's temporal power and authority claimed to be from Jesus and God

          Prime astronomer Galileo was another victim of the Inquisition, forced to recant his correct scientific observations and confined to his home until his death. Four hundred years later, Pope John Paul 2 apologized for the Roman Catholic Church's ill-treatment of Galileo - not much good to Galileo. And still there has been no apology for all those shockingly terrorised, tortured and killed by the Roman Catholic Church during the Crusades and Inquisition over a prolonged period of 900 years! Would people who learned of these things have second thoughts as I did? I resiled from Church and Order in 1986, shocked and disgusted by what I had learned. 

          The totally inappropriate name of the Holy Inquisition was whitewashed and lauded in 1909 by Pope Saint Pius 10 who called it the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office! The Catholic Church cannot get away today with all the terrible things the Catholic Church committed for nine centuries. 

          Twenty years after the Inquisition was whitewashed, in 1929 the Lateran Treaty was signed whereby Vatican City became a sovereign state independent from Rome

          In 1988, Vatican City was World Heritage Listed, a wonderful museum of outstanding art and of  historical archives dating back to the 8th century. 

          Yet the Vatican remains at the same time a monumental reminder of the Roman Catholic Church's paradoxically anti-christian centuries of terrible violence and corruption.

                                                                                              Dr King Roman                                                                                                                                                                                              12 April 2020



          The name Vatican curiously, and one might well say like a warning to the world, comes from Latin language (Old Roman - like me!) meaning prophetic serpent, one who exploits a position of trust in order to betray it

          Illustrations above indicate how the wealthy could end world poverty if they had the will, and how they differ from the perception of Jesus by so very much.

A Digital Militia for the 21st Century

          About a year ago, certain world entities were sent civil summonses in reference to criminal acts. They failed to make appearance and were notified of Imperial judgments, which they ignored. 

          In such circumstances, we have no real option other than to use expert hackers to recover each of these debts. 

          Each mission will be to penetrate the specified overseas bank or treasury of a defaulting target, and to transfer 100 million in the target currency to the Empire of Europa account in Darwin Australia, and one million to your own account as commission. 

Each hacker will receive diplomatic immunity.  

Please advise whether you have or know someone who is able and willing to do what is required. 

Whoever handles a specific mission must first agree to confidentiality, and 
complete an application here at


          King Roman was privately advised that for recognition he would likely have to wage war or become wealthy, which is why King Roman uses his Royal Prerogative to grant honours to those who value royal and noble titles in order primarily to raise funds for enforcement of imperial law.

His Imperial Majesty King Roman's Royal Prerogative includes full legislative, executive, and judicial powers.

          Under Royal Prerogative, King Roman has initially made, and notified, four Imperial Judgments to be enforced digitally rather than by war: 

1. v God (per the Pope) for lack of duty of care (including acts of God) since humanity began, and in particular for allowing harm, including the coronavirus, and injustice to come to King Roman and other good people. 
2. v Pope and Church Hierarchy for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, corruption, fraud, and pedophilia, (in particular 1963-1986) when King Roman joined and devoted his time and money and devotion to the RCC mostly as a minister of the Secular Franciscan Order and by writing books in support; and with reference to 200 years of horrific papal crusades including 200 years of rape and slaughter including populations of both Muslim Jerusalem and Christian Constantinople; followed by 700 years of a papal reign of terror carried out by religious orders, Dominican, Franciscan and Jesuit; including torture and burning at the stake for disagreeing with the Church, and early on massacre of the Knights Templar. (In 1984, the Jesus Seminar, published 1985 by Macmillan in The Five Gospels, found that Jesus would not have said Mt 16:18, which stands alone and is extant only in 4th century documents Codices Sinaiticus and Vaticanus.
3. v Lithuania and President for an act of war in stealing the Lithuanian Realm in 1991 from the rightful Grand Duke, for failure to accord and acknowledge his Sovereign Entitlements prescribed since 1648 by International Law, and for 30 years of refusing recognition, restoration, and restitution.

4. v Australia and PM for acts of war committed against the Grand Duke and Grand Duchy of Lithuania in May 2000 - breaches of sovereign immunity of the Grand Duke of Lithuania in exile on 25 - 26 May 2000, and for failure to accord to and acknowledge his Sovereign Entitlements prescribed since 1648 by International Law.  

May 25, 2020, marks the 20th year of Australia's longest, continuing, secret war with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Declaration of war occurred mid morning May 25, 2000, when Australian Federal Police demanded entry to the Nightcliff home of His Royal Highness Prince Roman the Second, Grand Duke of Lithuania. The AFP first prevented Fele Mann (then aged 60, and a well known and respected member of the Darwin and Filipino communities) from leaving home, surveilled the premises, and interrogated her for half an hour. At about fifteen minutes past midnight, armed AFP then entered our home and stole computer and confidential documents. Neither of us was home that night. I was in the Philippines, and Fele was staying with a friend. When we subsequently sued the Commonwealth of Australia in 2003, the judge dismissed my royal rank as irrelevant and ignored my sovereign immunity. these events are on the Darwin Supreme Court record.

                                            Note: King Roman retains all Royal Prerogative powers, while the British Crown is subject to law, its very existence dependent upon the will of Parliament.
Reference Notes for Recovery of Imperial Judgments

1.     v United Nations Secretary-General and General Assembly - for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and failing to accord His Imperial Majesty King Roman due recognition of sovereignty according to International Law and the Treaty of Westphalia 1648

2.     v Pope and Roman Catholic Church - for genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, fraud, corruption, pedophilia, and fraudulent interruption of His Imperial                Majesty King Roman's life over 23 years

3.     v Lithuania - for stealing the Lithuanian Realm in 1991 from the rightful Grand Duke Roman 2 now His Imperial Majesty King Roman and for 30 years refusing recognition, restoration, and restitution

4.     v Prime Minister and Commonwealth Government of Australia - for breaches of sovereign immunity of Grand Duke of Lithuania in exile on 25 - 26 May 2000 and for armed aggression, an ipso facto declaration of war against the Grand Duke and Grand Duchy

5      v Former US President George W Bush, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, former US Vice President Dick Cheney, former US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld - for  conspiring to instigate war in 2003 against Iraq under false pretences, and for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and putting the world at risk including His Imperial Majesty King Roman - for the best evidence watch the the film "Official Secrets", and the documentary "truth, lies & INTELLIGENCE" written & directed by Carmel Travers.

6.     v Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - for her treasonous and vindictive vendetta against the duly elected US president who is doing his best to make America a better place, and for thereby offending his supporter His Imperial Majesty King Roman by her improper and wasteful actions

7.     v President Xi Jing Ping - for failing to give timely advice and containment of the Coronavirus COVID-19, thereby causing prolonged global deaths and economic misery and disruption of His Imperial Majesty King Roman's life 

8.     v Almighty God (per the Pope) - for continual lack of duty of care, including acts of God, to his creation since and before the beginning of recorded history, in particular  in failing to appreciate His Imperial Majesty King Roman's, ignoring his requests, and failing to protect him from harm

Other Imperial Judgments include:
1. v Bush,  Blair,  Cheney,  Rumsfeld, for war crimes and crimes against humanity, for variously conspiring to instigate war in 2003 and waging war with shock & awe against Iraq under false pretences, against a nation at peace, and in defiance of the United Nations and in the face of massive global protests - evidence the unanimous verdict of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission on 22 November 2011. 

2. v Pelosi for her continual, treasonous, and vindictive vendetta against the duly constitutionally elected US president Donald Trump. 

3. v President Xi Jin Ping for failing to listen to medical warnings to contain the Coronavirus and thereby causing prolonged global pandemic and global misery, and God for creating the Coronavirus and doing nothing to stop it. 

4. v. World Health Organization for failing to contain the Coronavirus and failing to promote therapeutic antiviral plants and thereby causing creating prolonged global misery and economic distress. 

5. v. United Nations General Assembly for failure to accord to and acknowledge King Roman's Sovereign Entitlements acknowledged since 1648 as International Law AND the World Health Organization for its failure to dig into its cornucopia of 20,000 therapeutic plants to use against COVID-19 which to date June 2020 has killed half a million people and caused global economic distress.

6. v. European Union for failure to accord to and acknowledge King Roman's Sovereign Entitlements prescribed since 1648 by International Law.