Imperial Orders are noble associations of Knights and Dames/ Ladies created by His Imperial Majesty King Roman for the purpose of achieving royal goals of recognition, restoration, and restitution. 

Award of Knighthood may be given for substantial meritorious service to His Imperial Majesty King Roman, and substantial financial assistance, and may be included with Royal and Noble titles. 

Below are Honour Rolls of the Royal Order of the Amethyst and of the Royal Lithuanian Order of both of which orders His Imperial Majesty King Roman is the Sovereign


Sovereign of the Order: His Imperial Majesty King Roman

Lady Alison Bevege LA - added 2 May 2013 - Darwin NT - Reporter

Lady Rebecca Wilcomes, LCA - 14 May 2013 - Canberra ACT - Chef

Sir Mohammad Bahareth, KCA - 25 May 2013 - Jeddah SA - Consultant

Lady Carina Meyer, LCA - 11 November 2013 - Darwin NT - Emergency Services

Lady Robyn Harrison, LA - 13 June 2013 - Darwin NT - Justice of the Peace

Sir Christopher Stuart MacLean, KOA - 29 September 2013 - Palmerston NT - Car Dealer

Sir Anthony Burridge, KGCA - 11 November 2013 - Darwin NT - Lawyer

Lady Gloria Power, LOA - 27 May 2014 - Woodford QLD

Sir Dywayne Thomas, KOA - 28 May 2014 - London, England - Security       Dywayne Thomas was born in London, England. He is an actor and martial artist known for Hello Au Revoir and Ted Bundy Had a Son. Thomas is a lover of great movies. He has a Black belt in Karate and is winner of multiple National, English and British Karate Championship awards. He is a former Junior British Individual and Team Kata Champion, who represented the London Goju Ryu Karate team between 1987 and 1992.  Dywayne has an impressive portfolio of professional security, medical, health and production safety qualifications. He has extensive experience as a security professional. Clients range from production, broadcast/media organizations, music artists, entertainment personalities to royal and diplomatic individuals.   Dywayne holds an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, a Master of Arts in Fine Art from the University of Hertfordshire and a HND in Fashion Design and Technology from the London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London, formerly The London Institute. He is an Alumnus of the Alumni of the London College of Fashion, which includes: Driss Jettou, former PM of Morocco; shoe designer, Jimmy Choo and super model and designer, Alek Wek.   He is of mixed Afro-Caribbean and Amerindian heritage. With a passion for carnival arts, dance and music, Dywayne has performed as a session musician/vocalist and performer with vocal groups, bands, steel orchestras and carnival clubs including: Perpetual Beauty Carnival Association, Pantonic Steel Orchestra, Mangrove Steel band, Eclipse Steel band, Parchmore Project Choir, One Voice Community Choir with Bizzi Dixon and Black Theatre Co-operative with Felix Cross MBE.   His interests include Photography, Heraldy and African Royalty, Martial Arts, Calligraphy, Acting, Media Production, Photography and Illustration. (

Professor Dr Sir Gary Lilienthal - Professor of Law - Sydney, NSW

Sir Patrick Lepinath, KOA - 7 June 2014 - Tara, Queensland ... 

and others 

           HONOUR ROLL OF THE ROYAL LITHUANIAN ORDER             Sovereign of the Order: H. I. M. King Roman, SRLO

HRH Crown Princess Shirley, LGCRLO, Duchess of Vilnius 

HRH Princess Edith, LGCRLO, Duchess of Kaunas 

HG Sir Gary Yeung, KCRLO, Duke of Merkine, Baronet of Alytus

Sir Russell Giampietro II, KRLO, King of Arms

Prof. Sir Kazimieras Zoromskis, RLO

                                                            Sir Galileo Galilei (who opened up the Solar System)                                                                                                           Sir Albert Einstein RLO (20th century scientific icon, predicted gravity waves)                                          Doctor Sir Edwin Hubble ... (who opened up the Universe) and others.

Above are partial Honour Rolls of the Royal Order of the Amethyst and of the Royal Lithuanian Order of both of which Royal orders His Imperial Majesty King Roman is the Sovereign.

  Imperial Arms of the Empire of Europa       (created by Sir Prithvi Singh Ravish) 

imperial arms of europa
Arms of the Royal Order of the Amethyst
Arms of the Royal Lithuanian Order

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