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Certificate to Filipino Club Darwin from the Philippines Government for service to the Filipino poor from 1990-2013
Certificate of Appreciation from Philippines Government
King Roman at Captain Table on Voyager
President Donald Trump is six years younger than King Roman and has the same IQ of 156, four short of Sir Albert Einstein RLO who revolutionized physics and predicted gravity waves
President Donald Trump putting America first
GELS China 2017
King Roman was invited to the 5th GELS Summit in Changchun 2017
Moon Shock novelette by Dr King Roman
King Roman seeks financial support and movie expertise in order to produce "Moon Shock" in return for Producer credits & percentage %
King Roman's first cruise with Lady Fele
King Roman seeks fellow cruisers in order to make friendship and negotiations
Recollections of the RAF and Steamer Point Aden
Continuation of Recollections of RAF and Steamer Point Aden
King Roman used to be Ron Mann
King Roman received this reward from Australia for his Kiap service in PNG through self government
This is King Roman's father's tomb which began his quest for recognition
This is the Tomb of King Roman's step-grandfather