Father: Lieutenant Roman Dambski (Boryslaw 1901- Gliwice1967). Procession to Warsaw 1988

Roman with Royal castle of Trakai in background in Vilnius Lithuania 1994 

Roman's favourite books growing up were Perry Masons by Erle Stanley Gardner. The TV series set the standard for future courtroom drama

Father succeeded Grand Duke Wladyslaw Gedroyc (Born 1862 Zubracze) to Grand Duchy Lithuaniain 1943

This may be the family tomb of the real Jesus at Talpiot in Jerusalem - it was discovered by workmen in 1980

Darwin singer, actress and amazing friend Jessica Mauboy 

Badge of Roman's principal Order, for persons of outstanding merit 

Roman's Darwin "palace" is almost hidden by trees 

Franciscan mission in Aden, where Prince became Catholic, and met Lavender while serving SAC with RAF at Joint Middle East Command HQ 1962-64

Roman and everyone's favourite Kylie Minogue, still to meet 

Lubraniec with Dambski arms - photo by Roman

Roman's favourite TV series 

Roman did an action scene at a Gold Coast Hospital for this TV series, starring Jessica Alba, in 1995 

King Roman the cruising sailor 

Roman and Fele visited Disneyland in 1989 

Prince Albert was a donor to Roman's charity Filipino Club Darwin 

Secular Franciscan minister Prince Ronald (Roman)

Bishop Roman with Archbishop Clay outside the Castle in Hobart

Doctor of Laws Sir Gary Lilienthal, Sydney, Order of the Amethyst.  Electrical engineer at Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station during the first Moon mission. 

Honorary Consul Wong Kok Wai, Ipoh Malaysia, Banker 

Promotion of Lt Col Robert T Yarborough, USAF 

Graphic designer Joshua Vaillancourt, Airborne Infantry, with his military chaplain father 

Sir Dywayne Thomas, Order of the Amethyst 

Grandmother Henrietta Sambler, mother of Katherine Mann (below her), and various of Prince Ronald (now King Roman) and his sister Princess Christine 

Biological father Count and Prince Roman 1, Katherine (1913 - Torquay 2012), Ronald (Roman) and Christine 

The Moon is Roman's principal Space travel interest - he bought Moon land from the Lunar Embassy, and concepted the new and exceptional Moonship Phoenix

The movie in which Roman debuted uncredited - scene 6 middle of 3 pirates descending gangway - starred Billy Zane and featured Catherine Zeta-Jones

A favourite TV series of Roman - comedy on how government works in Britain

Roman was knighted Grand Commander of Rizal same time as his favourite Philippine actress was made a Grand Officer

Roman's two girls Lavender and Fele, 1989, Chigwell

Roman's favourite sisters Kylie and Dannii Minogue (he met Dannii at Young Talent Time in 1984) 

Roman in Scottish kilt and sporran in Melbourne in the late 60s

Ferdinands family with whom Prince stayed in Melbourne

Roman's Father's War and Peace medals  WW2

Roman' favourite comedy movie 

Roman with flying instructor Doug in Melbourne  and work friend Mary Papazian from Armenia in late '60s,

King Roman is also Lord Windermere, and an honorary Laird of Dunans (see Castle below)

Roman wrote on horses - the book was stolen in 1966 by an Australian journalist

Anne Hathaway was a donor to Roman's charity club 

Jackie Chan was a donor to Roman's charity club 

Document to ancestor Count Kazimierz Lubraniec Dambski from King Augustus 3 of Poland 

ASOPA Sydney where King Roman trained for patrolling in PNG 

SAC Prince Ronald at RAF Steamer Point, Aden 

Patrol officer in PNG - later awarded POSM (TPNG)

His Grace Sir Gary Yuen, Duke of Merkine. Ontario. 

The Honorable Sir Per Andreas, Baronet of Skuodas 

Royal Flag of the Kingdom of Europa - revised in 2016 by Joshua Vaillancourt from that below it

Royal Flag of the Grand Principality of Lithuania designed by Lt Col Robert T Yarborough USAF

Roman spent first 19 years at 22 Trinity Crescent, Edinburgh (black door, floor 3)

Trinity Academy Edinburgh, Roman graduated in 1960 with Higher Chemistry/Physics, French and English, and Lower Maths, History, German 

Roman's school Trinity Academy Edinburgh badge 

Original LBKS Senate Vilnius 1994 - King Roman in red 

Countries comprising Monarchy of Europa - GD of Lithuania-Belarus-Ukraine, P. Moldova, GD of Latvia (including Duchies of Courland and Livonia)

Self portrait of Sir Anthony van Dyck, ancestor of mother Katherine, and court painter to James 1 and Charles 1 

Favourite Roman Australian movie - about Australia's role in capturing the first Moon landing on 20 July 1969

Prince Ronald (Roman) Senior Man at RAF Bridgnorth 

Roman and Fele in A320 cockpit 

Roman's Facebook friend lovely Jessica Alba - he was supposed to be in her TV series Flipper, but was cut out

Roman the singer guitarist appeared on radio, TV, stage, was offered recording contract, produced one LP record

Roman likes women's gymnastics and ice skating 

NT Government invitations to King Roman 

invite by speaker

Roman favourite TV series 

Badge of the King's Royal Order of the Amethyst 

Sample crowns and coronets for Royals and Nobles 

Roman's charity for orphans and poor 

Roman's former family home in Bath England at 67 Great Pulteney St 

Sir Russell Giampietro, King of Arms 

Sir Mohammad Bahareth, Order of the Amethyst, Consultant, Jeddah Saudi Arabia