RAF Bridgnorth 1961

Senior Man at RAF Bridgnorth

22 Trinity Crescent Edinburgh until 19

22 Trinity Crescent, Edinburgh

67 Great Pulteney Street Bath 1962

67 Great Pulteney St Bath

 Aden 1963

King Roman and Fele At Sea
Lady and King
King Roman's Royal Encyclopedia

 Franciscan Mission Steamer Point 1962

Franciscan Mission Steamer Point Aden

Lady Katherine with Peter and friends Bath 1964

Lady Katherine with African friends and dog Peter

Anne Hathaway, Donor to Filipino Club Darwin

Anne Hathaway
1984 Young Talent Time signatures
Johnny Young Talent Time
Castle series

Talpiot Tomb Mystery - only evidence of Jesus?

Talpiot Tomb of Jesus?

With Senior Man armband RAF Bridgnorth 1961

Senior Man RAF Bridgnorth
RAF Steamer Point badge
Arms Dambski of Lubraniec 13 C
Lubraniec road
Lady Fele and King Roman

Facebook Friend Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman
Letter from Chief Minister Paul Henderson
Scottish Gunn Clan
Prince Ronald in kilt etc.

With Defence Force Chiefs Darwin

King Roman with Darwin military chiefs
King Roman

Little Prince Ronald with mother Lady Katherine

Lady Katherine with little Prince Ronald
King Roman
Part of British Passport
Lady Fele
Pope John Paul 2
British Royal Family

His Grace Duke Gary Yuen

His Grace Duke Gary Yuen

Law Professor Dr Sir Gary Lilienthal

Law Professor Dr Sir Gary Lilienthal
Dr King Roman's Moon Shock
23rd Filipino Club Gala Night Program

Aussie Pop Princess Kylie Minogue 

Kylie Minogue
Kylie Minogue
At Sea 2018
At Top Tier Party at Sea


Photobio Gallery   Photobio Gallery

 Port Moresby 1971

Patrol Officer Kiap Port Moresby

1st Joint Cruise 2008

1st cruise in 2008

 Cockpit Airbus A380

Airbus A 380
King Roman's Amazing Adventures

HSH Prince Albert Monaco, Filipino Club Donor 

Prince Albert of Monaco

 Princess Edith, Lady Fele

Princess Edith and Lady Fele

Grand Prince Roman II, Princess Paulina

with Princess Paulina

King Augustus III - Kazimierz Count Lubraniec Dambski

Letter of Augustus 3 to Lubraniec Dambski
King Roman's The Casebook of Sir Sherlock Holmes
Crown and Letters Patent 1993
King Roman's Encyclopedia

Trinity Academy Secondary

Trinity Academy school badge
Prince Ronald Trinity Academy Secondary late 1950s (Top 4 from L) and (2nd Top 3 from R)
Trinity Academy Secondary

Lived with Sri Lankan Fernandez Family Melbourne 1973

Ferdinands family Malbourne

RAF Steamer Point 1963

Lavender's friend Marietta's home

Another Mann Family Melbourne 1978

Brigitte's family
Dr Prince Roman's Secret Universe
Letter from PM Kevin Rudd
Lady Fele and King Roman with native Fijian

Barman Butlin's Holiday Camp Ayr 1960

Bar staff at Butlin's Holiday Camp Ayr
Visiting Archbishop/Prior Geoffrey Clay Hobart 1977
Lady Fele and Abbot Geoff Clay in Hobart
Prince Ronald singer
Prince Roman 2 in HMC&E uniform

With Miss Philippines and Movie Star Amy Austria

King Roman with Miss Philippines and Filipina

Won Filipino song contest Hawaii 1989

King Roman singer/guitarist Honolulu 1989
Lady Fele and King Roman
Moon crater

Lady Rebecca

Lady Rebecca

Jackie Chan, Filipino Club Donor

Comedy Martial Artist Jackie Chan
King Roman
Baron Roberto Bongiovanni
Dr King Roman's The Last Symbol

Prince Roman I, Grand Prince of Lithuania

Prince Roman 1, Grand Duke of Lithuania, Count of Lubraniec Dambski
Prince Roman 1's War & Peace Medals 21939-45

Aboriginal Singer/Actress Jessica Mauboy from Darwin

Jessica Mauboy
Aussie Singers Kylie and Dannii Minogue
Kylie and Dannii Minogue

 SFO Darwin 1981

Secular Franciscan minister at St Paul's Darwin

 Reconciliation Hobart 1986

with Archbishop Geoff Clay
Australian of the Year Awards 2009

 Aden 1963

with Arab stallion

With Lady Katherine, her Mum above her, Golden Collie Peter, Pss Christine 

Lady Katherine and family

HM Customs & Excise and marriage Dover 1975

Lady and Prince at Dover 1975
70th birthday congrats from CM Paul

Pss Edith, Crown Pss Shirley

with Princess Edith and Crown Princess Shirley
King Roman with Orders of Vytis, St Andrew, Rizal
Roman with various order medals
King Roman and impressionist Danny McMaster and Fele at Sea
King and Lady with entertainer

Chigwell 1989

Birthday at Chigwell 1989
Yes, Prime Minister series
King Roman during flight training 1969
Pipeair Piper Cherokee CWK in which King Roman trained to fly
JAG series
The Love Boat season 1
King Roman's Midnight Vendetta
King Roman's New Testament
Prince Ronald singer
Doctor of Naturopathy
Prince Ronald Naturopath
Lady Fele and King Roman in Hobart

Kiap PNG

Prince Ronald in PNG

Trakai Castle Vilnius 1994

Prince Roman 2 with Lithuanian government staffers and Trakai Castle in background
King Roman

    With Summerleas Entertainers Melbourne 1968       (3 from L)

Summerleas Entertainers Melbourne 1968
Moon crater

Sir Russell, King of Arms

Sir Russell Giampietro, King of Arms

Europan First Admiral

First Admiral King Roman
King Roman
King Roman, Lady Fele, Capt Rick

Lavender and Lady Fele

Lady Fele with Lavender Fernandes (D'Souza)

With Police Overseas Service Medal TPNG

King Roman with Police Overseas Service Medal (TPNG) for PNG service as Patrol Officer 1970-3
          Maternal ancestor Sir Anthony van Dyck            court painter to James 1 and Charles 1 of England
Self portrait of Sir Anthony van Dyck
Princess Edith, Lady Fele, Crown Princess Shirley
Arms by Sir Russell Giampietro
King Roman Arms

US Actress Lady Jessica 

Jessica Alba
Dining with Captain Sindre

Bond Girl Stars who were or are His Majesty's Facebook Friends

Bond Girl Stars who were or are His Majesty's Facebook Friends -  Bond Girl Stars who were or are His Majesty's Facebook Friends


Britt Eckland from The Man with the Golden Gun - was married to comic actor Peter Sellers   

Barbara Bach from The Spy Who Loved Me - married to Beatles' drummer Ringo Starr 

                          Olga Kurylenko from Quantum of Solace                      

Jane Seymour from Live and Let Die - lived in Bath England not far from King Roman

    Maryam D'Abo from The Living Daylights     

Talisa Soto from License to Kill 


                                 Marla Sokoloff  legal secretary in The Practice                                     

      Faye Dunaway from Three Days of the Condor         

        Jessica Alba from Into the Blue - Prince Roman was filmed for her Flipper series  

 Australian Supermodel Miranda Kerr  

Latino Singer and Actress Jennifer Lopez     

Australian Pop Princess Kylie Minogue

Territorial Map

Territorial Map    Territorial Map

Territorial Map East Europe