His Imperial Majesty King Roman
Embassy of Europa
Embassy of Europa

Formerly SAC Ron Mann with Arab stallion in Aden 

Prince Ronald with Arab stallion in Aden

Senior Man at RAF Bridgnorth 

Prince Ronald, Senior Man at RAF Bridgnorth, Birmingham England

Reconciliation Bishop Ron and Archbishop Clay at The Castle in Hobart Tasmania 1987 

Bishop Roman with Archbishop Clay, The Castle, Hobart Tasmania

My Crown and Letters Patent as HRH Prince Roman, Grand Duke of Lithuania, 1993

Crown and Letters Patent

Party at Chigwell Essex 1989 with Aden friends 

Birthday at Chigwell, Essex, 1989

I am an honorary Laird of Dunans in Scotland

Dunans Castle, Scotland

Mariner King Roman outside Singapore Harbour 2015

King Roman at sea

When I was a Student Pilot at Moorabbin Airport Melbourne Australia 1969 

Prince Ronald with Piper Cherokee CWK at Moorabbin Airport, Melbourne c. 1969, with Doug Leckie and Mary Papazian

In cockpit of an Airbus 320 

King Roman and Lady Fele in cockpit of an Airbus 320

Earth and Moon 

Earth to Moon
Prince Roman, Vocalist, Brisbane 1975

Franciscan Mission where I became Catholic and met Lavender 1963 

Franciscan Mission, Steamer Point, Aden

With Mauritian friends in Melbourne 

Brigitte and family, Melbourne

In Brisbane with Miss Philippines and actress Amy Austria

King Roman with former Miss Philippines and star Amy Austria

With my stepmother Princess Paulina at Bielsko-Biala south Poland 1992 

Prince Ronald with Princess Paulina Gedroyc
King Roman at sea
King Roman
Badge of Trinity Academy, King Roman's school 1947-1960
Prince Ronald's Secondary School classes late 1960s at Trinity Academy Edinburgh Scotland - Prince Ronald/ King Roman Top Back Row 4 from L, Bottom 2nd top Row 3 from R
Trinity Academy Secondary School photos
Royal Tomb of Prince Roman 1

His Imperial Majesty King Roman's father Prince Roman Dambski 1 of Lithuania on or around 1940 

Grand Prince Roman Dambski 1

Count Dambski of Lubraniec Arms

Arms of Count Dambski of Lubraniec

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Road into Lubraniec with the Dambski Arms evident 

Dambski Arms at entrance to Lubraniec Poland

Augustus 3 of Poland 1748 to ancestor Count Kazimierz Lubraniec Dambski 

Document from Augustus 3 of Poland

Arms and Motto of my Gedroyc family 

Royal Gedroyc Arms - Prince in Truth

Steamer Point Aden shop at which I sought my first date with Lavender D'Souza 1963 

Steamer Point, Aden Yemen

Naturopath Prince Ron

Prince Ronald, Doctor of Naturopathy, Darwin Australia

My adopted daughter Princess Edith in wedding dress with Lady Fele 

Princess Edith and Lady Fele

Abbot Geoffrey Clay with his children and Lady Fele outside the Order of St Basil charity for poor in Hobart 

Order of St Basil, Hobart Tasmania

Prince Ron when I was minister of the Darwin Congregation of Secular Franciscans until 1986 

Prince Ronald, Secular Franciscan minister

Katherine's Dutch mother, Me with mum and Christine 

Henrietta, Princess Katherine, Prince Ronald and Princess Christine

SS Australis in which I cruised Melbourne-Southampton 1973

First cruise on SS Australia

Katherine with little Prince Ronald 

Princess Katherine and little Prince Ronald

Mum with pet Peter and African friends at Great Pulteney Street Bath 

Princess Katherine, dog Peter, and African friends including Anna

When I tended bar at Butlin's Holiday Camp Ayr 1960 

Prince Ronald, Barman at Butlin's Holiday Camp, Ayr Scotland 1960

On a recent sea cruise 

Lady Fele and King Roman on cruise
King Roman's book The Thinking Person's Royal Encyclopedia

With medals of orders of Vytis, Rizal, and St Andrew 

Prince Ronald with medals of Orders Vytis, St Andrew, and Rizal
Prince Roman at head of procession to Vilnius Town Hall, Vilnius 1994

Top actress and governor who received knighthood in the Most Noble Order of Rizal 

King Roman's favourite Philippines actress and fellow member of the Order of Rizal
Newly elected senator of LBKS Prince Roman 2 with newly elected senate in Vilnius Lithuania 23 April 1994 - All in favour of restoration of the Monarchy of Lithuania
Prince Roman 2, Senator of LBKS 1994
Royal Embassy of Europa & Lithuania
Royal Embassy of Europa and Lithuania

Trinity Crescent Edinburgh Scotland where Prince Ronald lived until he joined the Royal Air Force in 1961

22 Trinity Crescent, Edinburgh Scotland

67 Great Pulteney Street Bath England family home from 1961 with mother Princess Katherine and sister Princess Christine 

67 Great Pulteney St, Bath England

Current Royal Residence in Darwin hidden by trees 

7 Progress Drive, Darwin Australia

UK Customs Officer Prince Ronald with Lady Fele at Dover 1975 

Prince Executive Officer with Lady Fele, Dover England

Sri Lankan family Ferdinands whom I lived with in Melbourne in the late 60s 

The Ferdinands, Noble Park, Melbourne Australia

Patrol Officer Ron in Port Moresby 

Prince Ronald, Patrol Officer, Port Moresby PNG

Prince Roman with ladies in front of Trakai Castle in Vilnius Lithuania 1994

Prince Roman, Trakai Castle, Vilnius Lithuania

As singer/guitarist in Honolulu with Lady Fele 

Prince Ronald entertaining in Honolulu

Lavender and Lady Fele at Chigwell party 1989 

Lavender and Lady Fele

In Scottish Gunn clan kilt, tie and sporran, Melbourne 

Prince Ronald of the Gunn Clan
Prince Ronald, Customs Executive Officer, with Lady Fele at Dover England 1975
King Roman's first cruise with Lady Fele 2008

Senior man at RAF Bridgnorth 1961 

Prince Ronald, Senior Man, RAF Bridgnorth
Royal Tomb of Prince Wladislaw Gedroyc at Zubracze Poland

I took contestants twice to Melbourne to contest on Young Talent Time - the YT Team with Johnny Young 

Johnny Young and Young Talent Team 1984

Prince Wladislaw Gedroyc with Princess Renee 

Princess Renata and Prince Wladislaw Gedroyc
Self-portrait by King Roman's ancestor Sir Anthony van Dyck, court painter to King James 1 and King Charles 1
Self portrait of King Roman's ancestor Sir Anthony van Dyck
Possible final resting place of Jesus son of Joseph at East Talpiot Jerusalem, with wife Mary Magdalen, son Judah, brothers Matthew and Joseph, and sister Miriam 
Family tomb of Jesus at Talpiot Jerusalem
Prince Ronald, Deputy Senior Man
Prince Roman 2 debuted as an uncredited extra in The Phantom 1996 (centre pirate in scene 6)
King Roman's debut movie The Phantom poster
Prince Roman 1 1940, mother Princess Katherine with Prince Ronald 1944, sister Princess Christine 
Prince Roman 1, Princess Christine, Princess Katherine with Prince Ronald
From King Roman's Collection: Is this attractive painting a CLAUDE MONET? And would you like to have it? Details available upon request to hmkingroman@yahoo.com
From King Roman's Collection: Is this painting a JOHAN LAURENTZ JENSEN? And would you like to have it? Details available upon request to hmkingroman@yahoo.com
European Map 15-19th century