Recognized Monarchs of today may not appreciate how extremely fortunate they are. They are born into wealth and splendour. They do not have to concern themselves with the difficulties of having to restore their Realm. They are handed everything on a platter. In fact, they ignore the poor monarch in exile. 

Recognized Monarchs tend not, if ever, to lend a helping hand to a fellow royal sovereign in exile, although the recognized Monarchs are often blessed with more than enough means to do so. It is convenient for them to forget how their ancestors obtained their wealth, from spoils of war and from sale of titles. 

The ancestors of today's Monarchs sold titles, for example King James 1 of England. They did so for serious amounts of money, for example today's equivalent of $150,000 for a Baronetcy from King James 1 ... and today's Monarchs have benefited. 

When King Henry 8 made himself Head of the Church in England, he sacked the monasteries and convents to fill his coffers with their wealth.

The Goals of His Imperial Majesty King Roman I 

King Roman seeks, in return for reward to you, a gift from you in order to:                                                                                        

(1) restore and create Monarchy (any legal and other ideas to this end?);                                                                                                                                                       

(2) construct and test a radio-controlled small- scale model of  MOONSHIP PHOENIX and then the full-scale spacecraft (comments invited);               

(3) produce a movie of his books The Last Symbol  and Moon Shock (what do you think? Want to have a producer credit?); and   

(4) help starving orphans and poor everwhere (King Roman founded, was first president of, and helped orphanages and poor, and asylum seekers, through the Filipino Club Darwin over 23 years). 

"All sovereigns are equal, not of course in power, but in rank ... Sovereign equality under the law was a part of the Treaty of Westphalia and is enshrined in the charter of the United Nations as a law." (from The Entitlement to Rule)

INTERNATIONAL LAW recognizes and acknowledges the inherent and continuing legal rights of a Monarchy in Exile. 

A Monarch/ Monarchy in Exile claims to be a country's legitimate government, although currently unable to exercise legal power in that country, and instead resides in a foreign country. 

The Monarch in Exile is recognized /acknowledged in International Law as having the right to keep the Monarchy alive until full recognition is achievedA complete list of the territories of His Imperial Majesty's Realm may be found next.

International Law recognizes that a Monarch /Monarchy in Exile may undertake many types of activity, including but not confined to: amending or revising its constitutionmaintaining military forcesretaining or obtaining diplomatic recognition from other states, issuing identity cards, allowing the formation of  political parties, holding electionsbecoming party to bilateral/ international treaties.

                                  "Sovereignty depends not upon external factors, but upon the person in whom such status resides. If a person is a Sovereign, even without                                                                       recognition from the country to which he is heir, he is entitled to recognition and to Sovereign Privileges and Sovereign Immunity. Such                                                                                entitlement is independent of diplomatic lists, and exists of itself in the person of the Sovereign." (from The Entitlement to Rule)

Support the Monarchy

If you would like to gift His Imperial Majesty, please visit one or both of these opportunities:



Act now to create a real legacy for yourself and family

                                                          KING ROMAN CHARITY 

Some charities favoured by His Imperial Majesty:   1. Filipino Club Darwin - orphanages, poor;   2. World Vision - children;          3. Salvation Army - homeless;                                  4. Red Cross - wounded;                                          5. UNICEF - children.                                                      

His Imperial Majesty King Roman pays homage to these giants of astronomy:

1. Sir Galileo Galilei (+1642) Prof Neil deGrasse Tyson states that Galileo "permanently altered the landscape of scientific thought". For his findings regarding the Moon and Jupiter, Galileo was condemned for heresy by the Roman Catholic Church, under threat of torture forced to sign a renunciation, and kept under house arrest until his death. He was exonerated 350 years later by Pope John Paul 2 and found innocent of all charges;

2. Sir Edwin Hubble (+1953) Using the galactic spectra collected by Milton Humanson (+1972), Hubble opened up the universe by finding galaxies beyond our Milky Way, discovering that the visible universe was expanding, and the unexpected fact that distant galaxies were receding faster than those that are nearer!

* Both Galileo and Hubble were posthumously knighted in the Royal Lithuanian Order by His Imperial Majesty King Roman.

Prince Roman 2, Grand Duke of Lithuania, with Lady Fele at Dover England 1975 

                                                        Road into Lubraniec Poland with Count Dambski of Lubraniec Arms (photo taken by King Roman in 1992)