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Does life really have to be so difficult?

God's deadly Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus has now reached a global toll of over 5 million deaths and rising.

It is reminiscent of the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu epidemic in Europe that infected 150 million and killed 50 million.

Under such immediate circumstances, it is hard to think of God as the loving Father that the Church tells us.

What is the mind of God and do we really want to know what such an apparently perverse mind is thinking?

Indeed, who would ask to be born into such a world?

It is not so bad when one is healthy and life is going nicely, but to face the inevitable dangers and diseases of this world is no picnic for anyone.

The iconic Greek philosopher Aristotle said that Death may be the greatest blessing!

Be advised that this autobiography is quite unlike any other.

And that breathing through cloth masks will not stop an airborne infection! 

Google antiviral herbs and foods for the REAL solutions.

A Few Guiding Dates 

BCE 10000 Global warming - seas rise 100 metres.

1374 Pharaoh Akhenaten introduces monotheism in Egypt          This indicates that the oppressive pharaoh noted in Exodus (1:2–2:23) was Seti I (reigned 1318–1204), and that the pharaoh during the Exodus was Ramses II (c. 1304–c. 1237). 

495 K'ung Fu-tzu proposes the Golden Rule Do to others as you would like them to do to you.

429 Hippocrates proposes the (natural) medical oath First do no harm.

CE 30? Jesus dies

64 Rome burns

70 Solomon's Temple is destroyed

525 Denis Exiguus invents the Christian calendar

541 -549 The Justinian bacterial plague kills up to 50 million

975 Arabic arithmetic

1016 Danes take England

1066 Normans take England: French becomes England's official (royal) language for the next 300 years

1095 On November 27 Pope Urban 2 makes perhaps the most influential speech of the Middle Ages, giving rise to the Crusades by calling all Christians in Europe to war against Muslims in order to reclaim the Holy Land, with                                   a cry of Deus vult! or God wills it!

1099 The Sack of Jerusalem took place from June 7 to July 15  during the First Crusade sanctioned by Pope Urban 2.

1204 The Sack of Constantinople occurred in April and marked the culmination of the Fourth Crusade sanctioned by Pope Alexander 4.                                                

1215 Magna Carta or Great Charter is signed by King John

1249 Gunpowder arrives in Europe

1314 Knight Templar leader Jacques de Molay is executed following the papally-sanctioned slaughter of the Order

1346 -1353 Black Death/ Bubonic Plague bacterial infection strikes Europe and kills 75 - 200 million people

1453 Constantinople falls to the Moors

1456 Gutenberg produces the Bible on his printing press

1492 Columbus finds the New World

1504 Da Vinci paints the Mona Lisa and carries it around  

1511         Watch is invented

1517 Martin Luther starts a Reformation with his 95 Theses

1531 Incan Empire falls to the Spanish Conquistadors

1572 Tycho Brahe's nova shows the universe is changeable

1582 Gregorian calendar introduced

1590-1612 Shakespeare's plays are written

1603 James 6 of Scotland becomes James 1 of England,    blasts tobacco in 1604 - 350 years before the US                                           Surgeon General links smoking with cancer.

1610 Galileo makes a telescope and observes the Moon and Jupiter and its four large moons

1649 Charles 1 is executed by Cromwell's Rump Parliament

1649 Nicolas Culpeper produces his Herbal

1663 Beginning of Plague in Europe that kills many millions

1666 London burns

1775 Captain James Cook explores the South Pacific and claims land later known as Australia for Britain

1776 United States Declaration of Independence is signed

1804 Napoleon proclaims himself Emperor of France

1822 Rosetta Stone is deciphered thereby opening up knowledge of Egyptian culture 

1856 Neanderthal man is discovered

1864 Geneva Convention is set out

1885 Fingerprinting is used to solve crime, actually more precise than the later DNA fingerprinting which uses                                   only part of the DNA strand

1895 Marconi invents wireless 

1895 Motion Pictures begin

1895 Female Anopheles Mosquito is linked to Malaria

1903 Wright brothers fly

1905 Einstein discovers Relativity

1918-1919 Spanish Flu kills 50 million

1921 Radio broadcasting begins on BBC

1928 Disney produces Steamboat Willie start of the Empire

1929 Oscars honour best in films

1928 Penicillin is discovered

1932 Electron microscope is invented

1937 Radio telescope invented

1937 Picasso paints Guernica

1939 Atom is split by Enrico Fermi

1942 Prince Ronald is born the first Scottish child of Prince Roman 1 Dambski

1945 US atom bombs Hiroshima & Nagasaki

1952 Watson and Crick unravel DNA

1959 Microchip invented

1960 Kennedy/ Nixon debate takes place                                          

1962 Cuban missile crisis almost starts World War 3

1967 Prince Ronald succeeds to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania on 22 November

1969 First moon landing filmed and broadcast by the combined use of Honeysuckle Creek and Parkes telescopes in Australia

1981 AIDS pandemic begins which kills around 44 million

1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster in the Ukraine

1990 Tim Berners-Lee invents the World Wide Web

1991 Soviet Union collapses - Grand Duchy of Lithuania is stolen from Prince Ronald, later King Roman

2001 Twin Towers in New York destroyed on September 11

2003 Bush and Blair falsely conspire to invade Iraq - analyst Katherine Gun tries to stop war but is wrongly pursued as a liar and traitor

2004 Boxing Day Tsunami kills 200,000 around the Indian         Ocean and leaves millions homeless

2006 Lost Tomb of Jesus feature documentary is released

2008 King Roman and Fele begin annual sea cruising

2018 Cyclone Marcus hits Darwin on St Patrick's Day while King Roman is in Honolulu

2020 Coronavirus Pandemic kills a million people continuing

The American Film Institute announces its top romantic movies as Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, West Side Story, and Roman Holiday. 

Three of my favourite beautiful stars in these movies are - Ingrid Bergman, Natalie Wood, and Audrey Hepburn.

I don't want to make money, I just want to be wonderful - MARILYN MONROE (1926-1962). 

I was told by someone that a girl's face is her fortune. Of course, it kind of depends on who the girl is.

One God or Many?

Before any of us existed there was God (or Gods).

Hindus believe in many gods, Buddhists believe in none, Christians believe in a triune god, Muslims have but One.

This is not to favour ANY religion. If you believe in a Creator, God lives in another universe that existed before ours, and there may be many gods companioning him there. 

I cannot understand the Christian sort of triple God, and Islam is the latest of the big religions and therefore unlikely from God anyway. 

Buddhism is another invented religion, without a God, and so can it really be called a religion? Who cares. 

I believe there is a God, or gods, living in a separate universe, and that he (and likely his divine companions) made our universe.

However, I do not understand why he put us on a dangerous planet or why he allows wicked people to thrive on it and good people to suffer. 

I mean, are these the acts of a just person or of a good father?

The US and Australia

I have visited the US twice, but I have lived in Australia continuously since 1975.

The United States of America and the Commonwealth of Australia are the same age calculating from the US Declaration of Independence and Captain Cook claiming Australia for Britain. 

In this technologically advanced age of much enlightenment, we should be removing the blinkers and objectively taking stock of certain anomalies. 

The Motto of our friend and protector the USA is In God We Trust. Regrettably, Covid and the state of the World show that trusting in God may be a big mistake.

The US Constitution was written at a time when a citizen militia was needed to fight off the British and the North American Indians and it requires revision. 

For example, Article 2, the right to bear arms, is an anachronism that should already have been repealed but for political partisan interests.

The motto of the 60% Mormon State of Utah is Our Jesus is better than yours. 

Regrettably, belief in any Jesus is questionable, as there is no historical record that the gospel Jesus even existed.

That is not to say that Jesus did not exist, only unfortunately that there is no actual historical evidence to confirm any aspect whatsoever of his life and death.

The notion that Jesus is God was decreed by the 4th century Council of Nicaea which was convened by Roman Emperor Constantine 1 who was himself by Roman culture regarded as a god.

Interesting Facts about our Solar Sytem

I have had an interest in Astronomy ever since I visited Calton Hill Observatory in my home town Edinburgh. 

The Earth orbits the Sun at a speed of 30 kilometres a second, and rotates at five kms per sec. 

Recent studies confirm that our Moon has an atmosphere consisting of  unusual gases, including sodium and potassium which are not normally gaseous. 

These gases are not found in the atmospheres of Earth, Mars or Venus.

The biggest asteroid/ minor planet in the Asteroid Belt is Ceres with a diameter of 998 kms. It is in one of my claims of ownership to the UN through a loophole in the Outer Space Treaty 1967.

Some asteroids have their own moons like Dactyl which orbits Ida.

The Asteroid Belt which lies between Mars and Jupiter has a million or more minor planets. Distances between them makes theirs almost empty space, like an atom.

Mercury orbits the Sun at 62.5 kms/ second, a year is only 88 Earth days, and a day is 59 Earth days.

A day on Venus equals 243 Earth days, and a year is 225 Earth days, so that the Venusian day is longer than its year.

Tiny Shepherd Moons hide within Saturn's Rings and keep the rings organized into separate bands.

Saturn's largest moon Titan is the only moon in our Solar System with an atmosphere and clouds. Titan is covered with thick clouds and its atmosphere is denser than Earth's but made of poisonous gases.

Neptune's moon Triton is the only moon that orbits in the opposite direction to that in which the planet spins.

Triton's surface is made of dried ice (solid Carbon Dioxide CO2) at a temperature of minus 235 degrees Celsius/ Centigrade and is the coldest surface in the Solar System.

Curious Trivia

Trivia is a longtime hobby and has taught me many things. For example - 

The Poison dart frog is the most poisonous animal in the world, making enough poison to kill up to 1500 people.

Apples, onions and potatoes have the same sweet taste, the difference in flavour being caused by their smell - pinch your nose if you want to test this.

Only 1% of the world's water is fresh, 2% is frozen, and 97% is salty.

Sugar adversely affects the brain - the Twinkie defense is the label for an improbable legal defense, a general term coined by reporters during their coverage of the trial of Dan White in 1978 for the murders of San Francisco city Supervisor Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone. He was released.

A rainbow or Glory forms a complete circle when viewed from an aircraft.

All modern humans are related to a small group of people who left Africa around 40 - 50,000 years ago. So whether you believe in Adam and Eve or Darwinian Evolution, we are all related to one another.

The Great Wall of China was started in 220 BCE by the Qin dynasty and completed in 1644 by the Ming dynasty. It is 4,000 kms in length, almost twice as long as the Great Barrier Reef.

In 1997 the supercomputer Deep Blue beat world chess champion Gary Kasparov.

The champion movers of the plant world are the Slime Moulds which can move several feet a day across the ground and up and down tree trunks.

The Venus Fly Trap is perhaps the best known of many flesh eating plants.

Around 350 years ago, King James 6 of Scotland and 1 of England, who united the two countries, commissioned the King James Bible and initiated the Baronetcy, wisely said of SMOKING that it was:

"A custom loathsome to the eye, hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, and dangerous to the lungs". 

It was not until 350 years later in 1964 that U.S. Surgeon General Luther Terry issued a definitive report that linked smoking cigarettes with lung cancer.


When I was young I thought I knew everything, but now that I am old - past the Biblical three score and ten - I realize I know next to nothing.

God made a dangerous universe and world, and dangerous animals and humans. 

Look at the movie Enemy of the State, starring Will Smith and Gene Hackman, which is about a rogue element within the National Security Agency that kills a Congressman in order to enable a security bill to pass. 

While this is a fiction, nevertheless the fact is the both the NSA and CIA have great wealth, power and autonomy. 

They have been able to do criminal actions without audit and with impunity. Maybe that's in the past, or maybe not. 

Now, take a look at our universe which is an incredible illusion. The further away from Earth we see, the more unreal it becomes. What we can see is not what we get. 

If we look at the nearest star other than our Sun, we are actually seeing it as it was 4.2 light years ago - not as it is NOW. 

Proxima centauri has been moving on during that time. The star is no longer where we see it, indeed for all we know it may not even exist any more. Unbelievable isn't it? 

The size of the universe we see currently has a radius of about 14 billion light years, which means a visible diameter of 28 billion light years. 

However, during the 14 billion years light has taken to reach us from these unimaginably faraway galaxies, they have been moving yet further away ... AND ACCELERATING - beyond 28 billion light years.

And there are many voids without stars, one of which is an unimaginable 3.5 billion light years across! 

Could this be a hole left by a REAL Big Bang?

The year is 2020. 

Australia has existed for 245 years. 

His strength against Covid has gotten Michael Gunner re-elected in the Northern Territory.

After living wild in the bush for 60,000 years on this great land, and after having been previously censused with the Australian fauna since British colonialization in 1775, Aborigines now have the vote and they legally own a large portion of Australia. 

In 1967 I first came to Australia and the same year I succeeded my father as Grand Duke of Lithuania and later its many accrued territories.

Fact: Twins and triplets cannot be distinguished by DNA, only by fingerprinting.

Fact: Eating baked goods which have poppy seeds can result in a positive test for heroin.

Fact: On the basis (absence) of historical evidence, Jesus did not exist, until his likely family tomb was found in 1980 at Talpiot  Jerusalem.

His Imperial Majesty King Roman 1

King Roman, Grand Duke of Lithuania, was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1942, during World War II. 

His mother, of Belgian-Dutch parentage, was (Lady) Katherine Mann (born Waersegers, registered Morgan). 

His father was supposedly Charles Mann (1908 - 1991), but was actually biologically Prince Roman Dambski (1901-1967) whose royal tomb is at Brama IV, Warsaw.

King Roman, Grand Duke of Lithuania, graduated from Trinity Academy in Science and Languages in 1960. 

His mother and sister (Christine - same parents) moved to Bath, England, in 1961, the same year he joined the Royal Air Force.

Emigration to Australia

King Roman, Grand Duke of Lithuania, emigrated to Australia in October 1967 and joined the Public Service in Melbourne. 

The following month Prince Roman 1 died at Gliwice, Poland - he was carried in procession to Warsaw in 1988.

King Roman, Grand Duke of Lithuania, then Ron Mann, was appointed a Patrol Officer in Papua New Guinea in 1970. 

Returning to Melbourne in 1973, I cruised to England aboard SS Australis and resided in Bath. 

I joined the Royal Naval Reserve, and was appointed an executive officer in Customs. I married at Dover in 1975.

I and my Filipino wife Fele - a teacher, nurse, and writer - proceeded to Darwin, Australia, where we settled and I joined the Commonwealth Public Service.

I was a section OIC, Department of Law, 1978-1986, after which I pursued a ministry to the orphans and poor.

Imagine a different World

Yesterday Fele lost one of her longtime Filipino friends Judith. She had gone to Queensland on holiday, went snorkelling and drowned.

Then there was the crocodile wrangler Steve Irwin, some years ago, who was swimming over a stingray when it got him right through the heart.

The fact is that there are so many tragedies all over the world.

But what if all animals were vegetarian and gentle!

What if all bacteria, viruses and parasites were benign!

What if nothing in the world was toxic or dangerous!

No more earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, etcetera!

What if there were no more disease, death and destruction?

What if an all-powerful and loving God had made this planet a haven for his creatures?

My Miscellany

King Roman discovered his true identity in 1992, when he visited his stepmother Princess Paulina Dambska (born Gedroyc, 1905-1993) and also Prince Roman's tomb. 

The Royal House of Lithuania-Gedroyc was succeeded by the Royal House of Lithuania-Dambski in 1943, when Paulina's father Prince Wladislaw Gedroyc (1862-1943) died.

King Roman is mainly a factual writer. His first fictional work - The Amazing Adventures of Professor John Hudson Books 1-3 - was published in the USA in December 2010. 

King Roman invented an Earth-Moon Shuttle/Base craft to enable the Moon to be colonised. 

He and Fele founded and ran Filipino Club Darwin Inc. (established 1990), which helped orphans and destitute, and victims of abuse and oppression, for 23 years. It endured until it finally ran out of funding in 2013.

King Roman is a Doctor of Divinity and a Doctor of Naturopathy. He enjoys TV comedy series and movie thrillers, astronomy, reef life, and sea cruising.

King Roman was made a Knight Grand Cross of the Most Noble Order of Rizal in 2002 for his services to humanity and peace, and was nominated for the Pride of Australia Medal and Australian of the Year. He is listed in Who's Who in the World.

Our Star the Sun

Without the Sun, we and the Solar System in which we live could not exist.

The star that is our Sun is 150 million kms from Earth, and 8 1/4 minutes further on than we see it.

3rd century BC, astronomer Aristarchus of Samos in Greece suggested that the Earth orbited the Sun. 

This idea was promoted by Copernicus 1700 years later. 

Galileo, who opened up our Solar System, said: 

The sun with all those planets revolving around it ... can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do. 

Galileo is known as the father of observational astronomy, and of modern physics, scientific method, and modern science. 

He discovered four Jupiterian moons, three of which I officially claimed in 2014 because of a loophole in the Outer Space Treaty 1967 which was realized by US entrepreneur Dennis Hope, including mineral rights, and renamed as the Space Empires of Europa, Ganymede and Callisto.

There is life in our Moon

NASA put Lunar Orbiter into orbit around our Moon in 1998, and discovered that there are huge caches of water ice in many south polar craters in my Empire of Luna (Farside); thereby opening up the possibility that there is life on our Moon. 

Although we generally consider our Moon to be an object devoid of life, and one on which the dust never moves, nothing could be farther from the truth. 

It is rumoured that a cockroach sneaked onto the Moon during one of the landings, with who knows what results - maybe giant cockroaches. 

Our Moon is a mysterious and as yet unfathomed world, posing challenges galore. 

Before the first Moon landing took place in 1969, Neil Armstrong called in from lunar orbit that there was a strange light coming from Aristarchus crater north of their intended Sea of Tranquillity landing site. 

This was further confirmation of the "transient lunar phenomena" or TLP which had been observed from Earth over the last 200 years, and yet whose mention in print or media is rare if any. 

Prior to the Moon landing in July 1969, NASA compiled a list which contained 570 specific TLP events culled from many more. 

Sometimes the coloured lights pulsated, and sightings lasted up to two hours. TLP are still a mystery. 

They tend to occur around sunset and some may be connected with cosmic ray bombardment of active surface minerals. 

When we watched "astronaut" Neil Armstrong step onto our Moon via television, there were apparently no stars in the Moon sky, as in photographs taken from the Moon. 

Despite this anomaly, in later DVDs of the moon landing missions, the Moon sky was replete with stars. One biggie for the conspiracy theorists. 

We should also be aware that, despite the witness of 18 astronauts to six Moon landings between July 1969 and December 1972, there is as yet no independent evidence to confirm that these landings actually happened. 

No telescope, even the Hubble Space Telescope that can see to the edge of the visible universe horizon, is powerful enough to resolve details of the landing sites, and the US has sole claim to landing on our Moon. 

But weren't rocks brought back from the Moon? 

Actually, the rocks were no different from rocks which can be found on Earth, and they could have been carried from Earth and then back, for all we really know. 

They do not yet appear to have been compared with the samples collected independently from our Moon by the Russians. 

NASA advises the placing of monitors to investigate Moon quakes. These are another of the curious phenomena about what we thought was a lifeless satellite. 

How can there be Moon quakes when our Moon has no tectonic plates to rub and overlap? What is the mystery source of these quakes? 

Yet another wonder of our "lifeless" Moon is gas vents, where episodes of gas release are recorded. If our Moon is dead, with no volcanic activity, where is the gas coming from? 

One convincing explanation is that there is indeed life below our Moon's surface. Or, bearing in mind that water ice is present, the gas could be from mineral springs. 

So we have water and gas on our previously considered "dead" Moon. We have Moon quakes although there is no obvious reason, other than activity inside our Moon. Our Moon does not seem so lifeless now, does it? 

Then there is the 50 year old question. Why did NASA not follow through with building the Moon Base which was the talk of the time? This was the much touted intent 50 years ago. 

The official explanation of lack of funding does not hold water so many years later. What is the REAL reason that there were no further manned Moon missions after 1972? 

The Moon does have an atmosphere even if not breathable, despite what we thought. It is not as thick as on Earth, because our Moon's gravity is only one sixth of our Earth's. Yet it is there. 

If we are to believe, there may be a more powerful reason for not returning to the Moon, and rather eventually sending the Lunar Orbiter 26 years later. 

According to this interesting site, one astronaut - presumably from the final US landing in 1972 - reported observing a squadron of parked UFOs. 

While it makes some sense that a close watch is being kept on our warmongering and nuclear proliferating planet Earth, our Moon is an apparently more ideal site for such observations than we previously thought. 

The atomic bomb experiments in 1945 were followed by an unprecedented speight of flying saucer sightings. If any of these were real, they cannot have come from any real space distance. 

Even at the speed of light, which Einstein said was impossible to achieve, it would have taken over four years for aliens to come here from the nearest star. 

However, their apparent arrival was almost immediate, thereby indicating a much closer departure point. 

In the early 1950s, many sightings, visual and by radar, were recorded over and around Washington. This could have denoted possible alien starships travelling at around half the speed of light. 

However, it makes more sense that, if the alien saucers are real, they are stationed within our solar system to keep an eye on our scientific progress, to ensure we do not become a threat to them. As if!

There is much we still do not know about our closest neighbour in space, never mind thinking about the much more danger-fraught journey to Mars which is now being planned.

Ultimately, regardless of whether or not our Moon harbours alien activity, our Moon is very much alive and, may we say, kicking!

Talking about Health

In these Covid days, if you need a physician, employ these three - a cheerful mind, rest, and a temperate diet. 

Beauty is God's handwriting...Welcome it in every fair face, in every fair sky, in every flower, and thank God for it - RW Emerson 

Love is the sunshine of the soul, and laughter is the best medicine.

Feed a cold and starve a fever.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Have you considered that doctors and hospitals ply us with harmful drugs and then turn many of us into perpetual users - if we allow them to - because we might be afraid to contradict the medical professional?

Did you know that doctors of medicine are few and far between. Most GPs are bachelors of medicine, called doctors as a mark of respect. 

Even more off-putting is that, like lawyers, they practice - which indicates the uncertainty that surrounds modern medicine (and law).

However, there are natural alternatives, both God's therapeutics and Professional Herbal Medical advisers and Naturopaths (Doctors of Natural Medicine), such as me.

It is high time that the medical curriculum included natural medicines that have been used for millenia.

The Law and Me

As a teenager at Trinity Academy I was rapt with Erle Stanley Gardner's Perry Mason books about the lawyer-detective who was the inspiration for all future courtroom dramas on screen. 

I liked the books better than the later Perry Mason movies, although Raymond Burr filled the role as if it were meant for him, admirably starring in multiple TV series and films. 

I understand that only Sherlock Holmes - created by my fellow Edinburger Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - had more movies made about him. 

Strangely, Sir Arthur reckoned he would be a failure if he was only remembered for Sherlock Holmes.

I posthumously knighted both Sir Erle and Sir Raymond as members of the prestigious Royal Lithuanian Order.   

The Man who sued God, with Billy Connolly starring, is one of my favourite films, and very funny. 

In fact, a woman successfully sued God in Las Vegas. God did not turn up and so the court ruled in her favour. 

In early 2019, I summonsed the Pope and later sent an Imperial Judgment to the papal secretariat. 

They stood on sovereign immunity, but the judgment has been made and will, I am reasonably confident, eventually be enforced. 

Because the Pope is supposedly God's representative - and he calls himself God on Earth - I would like to see him brought to court and required to produce his client, either Father or Son! But, of course, neither is likely to happen. 

This is really an excellent test of faith or belief. 

The Son was supposed to return in the first century and his return has been variously predicted since then, always in vain.   

Although unrepresented by legal counsel, I won a case for defamation against the local newspaper, the Northern Territory News, in 1990, but never saw a cent, because another judge garnisheed the amount in favour of another litigant, without my having a chance to appeal. It was a real conspiracy.

Incidentally, for 10 years I was a Commissioner of Oaths from 1979 - 1989.

Innocent until proven Guilty

As it so happened, I was for a month seconded as a Supreme Court Orderly, and I was on duty in court during the initial stage of the trial of Lindy Chamberlain, a trial which resulted in a gross miscarriage of justice. 

Lindy was convicted of killing her baby Azaria - this on the basis of blood in her car which later turned out to be paint! - and she served three years of hard labour before she was exonerated when the baby's matinee jacket was discovered in the bush. 

Surely such sloppy and seriously consequential forensics should deserve imposition of some sort of a penalty on the perpetrator, don't you think? 

Why was Bradley Murdoch even Charged?

And then there is Bradley Murdoch who supposedly killed Peter Falconio. He was convicted on the basis of a single witness - who lied to the court but was not charged with perjury - and by dubious DNA statistics. The Bible says there should be two witnesses.

No corpse was ever found and no supposed murder weapon. The Northern Territory Police destroyed the only evidence that might have proved Murdoch innocent - a Kombi van with a container that may have contained Falconio's blood poured on the road to support the thesis that he was dead. 

Murdoch has already served 17 years for a crime of which he is likely not guilty. 

And where is God when so often needed in this precarious world? Is God really everywhere? Or is he off with his own Divine companions in another universe? Does he even give a thought to our suffering! 

God should be brought to court to answer for his acts, but of course this is unlikely.

2003 US Invasion of Iraq

Another movie I found enlightening is Official Secrets, starring Keira Knightley. It tells of Katherine Gun, a British intelligence specialist, who received a memo revealing conspiracy between George W. Bush and Tony Blair to invade Iraq, which they later did under false pretences and against the will of the United Nations which was powerless to face off against the US. 

Katherine risked everything by revealing the contents to a newspaper reporter friend in order to try to prevent the war. She was falsely branded a liar and a traitor because the article was not in the American parlance, and then the matter was dropped! Read into this what you will. 

Film documentary 'truth, lies & INTELLIGENCE' written and directed by Carmel Travers has the cover blurb 'In March 2003, thousands of Australian and allied troops were committed to fight a war as part of a pre-emptive strike on the sovereign nation of Iraq, a country from whom there was no immediate threat'. 

This was illegal and against the will of the UN and the US people.

Around 100,000 Iraqi citizens were killed, millions maimed and made homeless, and the Middle East was destabilized. The miserable affects are still being felt 17 years later.  

I am particularly angered by the Australian government's engagement in this tragic travesty which no one wanted and for which none of the inciters, including Bush, Blair and Howard, and colleagues have yet been held to account, and may never be. Unless God should surprisingly decide to take an interest.

The United Nations

There is a simple reason for this lack of accounting. The United Nations Security Council is dominated by the three major powers US, Russia and China  - also with UK and France making the Permanent 5, plus 10 others. 

Being so rich and powerful, the US, Russia and China can do virtually as they please, and with impunity. 

The UN continually breaches its own laws and protocols and ignores claims which affect their political affiliation with member states.

I started to write books in 1963

Since then, I have written many on a variety of subjects.

Early books included Roads to Rome (about supposed miracles), A Little Book of Franciscan Third Order Saints to which the local bishop gave his imprimatur, and The Catholic Millenium which was published by Carlton Press.

Had I known then about the horrors perpetrated by the Roman Church for many centuries, I would never have wasted my time. 

Nor the twenty-three years of my time, devotion and money upon a Church that claimed to be acting for God and Christ, but was clearly not doing what one would expect of such an organization.

I wrote books on Snorkelling and on Horses which I gave to an Aussie journalist who was temporarily bus-conducting in Bath. He said he would get then published in Melbourne, but I never heard from him again.

I later wrote books on Chess, Magic, Singing, Modelling, Investing, Ministry, Royal Lithuania, etcetera, and more recently encyclopedias, and Moon Shock.

The latter is part of a Trilogy and concerns my Moonship Phoenix and surprising events factual and fictional on our amazing Moon.

For example, did you know that there are dust storms around the Moon's periphery?!

Australian Immigration 

Fele and I also assisted a Filipino couple, who were would-be refugees from  danger of being killed by the Communist New People's Army in the Philippines. 

Fele took them through the Immigration Review Tribunal and then I assisted them with court documents and procedures up to the High Court of Australia, where the Immigration Department lawyer tried to impeach me. Bastards. 

Through the many court delays the Filipino couple were able to escape deportation by other means, and soon afterwards the NPA was declared a terrorist organization and the IRT was found to be perpetrating injustices upon refugees and all its cases were required to be re-examined.

So Fele and I did our bit to improve the lot of refugees as we might say. But the damage was already done to so many applicants returned to who knows what fate; and who knows if today's IRT is any better than it was before.

Our interventions incurred the wrath of the Immigration Department, and this led to their conspiring with the Australian Federal Police to bring us down,  and ultimately the armed invasion of our residence on 25/ 26 May 2000.

These breaches of Sovereign Protocol constituted a Declaration of War by Australia on the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, a war which has endured so far for 20 years, still with no reparation or restitution yet in sight. 

An Imperial judgment was made against Australia in early 2019, still to be enforced.

My Safaris in Kenya

In 1963, I was flown with another RAF chap in a military transport plane from Khormaksar to Nairobi, capital of Kenya. This was our reward after a year of service in Aden during the Arab Insurgency.

There we were met by our hostess for the next fortnight, Mrs Norton-Traill, who drove us to her Pyrethrum (a natural insecticide) farm at Nanyuki on the lower slopes of Mount Kenya.

From her home we could occasionally see the snow-capped mountain, reminiscent of Mt Fuji in Japan, when it was not shrouded in mist.

Our hostess had lost her husband during the Mau Mau uprising by Kikuyu tribesmen 10 years earlier, and still kept a revolver and ammunition in a small safe. She had three brown Pekingese dogs.

Mau Mau were principally Kikuyu tribesmen, and that was a time when usually faithful servants would turn on their colonial masters and mistresses and slaughter the household. The film Simba, starring Dirk Bogarde, gives an idea of the horror. You can watch it at

Like Africa in general, which contains varying 53/54 separate countries, Kenya is alive with the biggest and heaviest land animals on our planet. In fact the only heavier animal on the planet is the enormous Blue Whale.

So it was inevitable that, during our stay, our hostess took us on two photo safaris, including one to the NFD or Northern Frontier District.

While walking, I had a near escape from death, almost stepping on a formidable Puff Adder which was coiled and sunning itself on the ground. 

Not very observant for a former Scout. But then scouting was never my strong point, I didn't like camping out. So why did I go to PNG!

We saw elephants, giraffes, zebras and gazelles, amongst others, and one time we passed by a thick scrub where we could hear a lion roaring.

I had another brush with death when I almost sat on a nest of black safari ants as we were about settle down to have a picnic. Fortunately they weren't on their annual march.

The movie King Solomon's Mines, with Stewart Granger and Deborah Kerr, indicates what can happen when you get in their way. It also has amazing wildlife and stampede scenes. 

We stayed overnight at a hunting lodge where the toilet was outside and you couldn't be quite sure whether the small lights all around were fireflies or the eyes of a big cat.

When we visited Nairobi, Mrs Norton-Traill told us that lions and other animals would wander into the outskirts of the town. 

I was taken by the Kenyan art in which the tribespeople were depicted as very thin and colourful. I investigated but there doesn't seem to be any similar around today.

We were there when the first independence elections were in initial stages, and some of the faces were not friendly.

The following December, Jomo Kenyatta was democratically elected Kenya's first president. He was the same man who had lead the Mau Mau uprising 10 years earlier. 

Our Near Neighbour the Moon

The Moon is 384,000 kms from Earth, from which light takes a mere 1.3 seconds to reach us, unlike eight minutes 17 for us to observe the Sun in our time-machine universe. 

Following the example of Dennis Hope who discovered a loophole in the Outer Space Treaty 1967, King Roman's partial claims in 2014 were sent to the United Nations, which politically ignored him, just as they did Dennis. 

Nevertheless, the UN apparently conveniently, or perhaps unwisely, forgets the legal principle that Silence signifies consent! 

After buying two acres of land, over 8000 square metres, including mineral rights on Copernicus and Manilius from Dennis, I created two nascent micronations the Moon Kingdoms of Alba and Kath, and I claimed our Moon Farside as my own Moon Empire of Luna. 

I also claimed as my Space Empires Europa (671,000 kms from Jupiter), Ganymede (1.1 million kms), and Callisto (1.9 million kms) - three of the Jupiterian moons discovered by Galileo in 1610. 

The surface areas of these Space Empires are Europa 330,630 square kilometres, Ganymede 933,040 sq. kms, Callisto 781,100 sq. kms. 

Europa is covered by ice and may hide a giant aquarium beneath it.

In addition, I claimed the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter including the dwarf planet Ceres. 

My claims also  cover mineral rights.


See for much more.

The Idea of God

Around 3,300 years ago, Moses left the Egypt he was raised in and brought with him the idea of ONE God, an idea first of all espoused by Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten, although the pharaoh's one God was the Sun.

In 325 CE the Council of Niceae, convened by Roman Emperor Constantine 1 in Turkey, decided that God was three in one and that Jesus was God.

For about 2000 years, people have been vociferous about Jesus, despite the fact that there is no historical record of his birth or death, or even of his existence! And not even one real/ true image of him.

Confused? Fair enough, we have been raised to believe a belief is fact when, in fact, a belief is something we believe but do not know as a fact. 

It is pointless to try to convince died in the wool Catholics and other Christians otherwise! 

Just as it is equally pointless to try to convince the various versions of the followers of Islam. 

Better just to leave them with their own thoughts, and shoot the baddies.

News about Jesus (real name Yeshua)

I was born March 1942 mid World War 2. 

Three years later, in 1945, at Nag Hammadi in Egypt, the 3rd century Gospel of Philip was discovered in a cache of Gnostic codices that had survived 1700 years of censorship purges by Christian bishops.

The Gospel of Philip said that Mary Magdalen was Jesus' companion or wife and that Jesus often kissed her. 

This point is alluded to in Dan Brown's clever and superlative novel The Da Vinci Code. 

It was this book that got me reading again after a long hiatus, and yet since then I have only found two other books that held my attention, although I have tried quite a few - Daniel Silva's The Fallen Angel, and James Barney's The Genesis Key.

Dan tells as well of a Gospel of Mary, from the same Egyptian cache of codices, which says that Jesus loved her (Mary Magdalen) more than he loved his other disciples.

Then, in 1980, workmen discovered a tomb at East Talpiot in Jerusalem which turned out to be the family tomb of a, or most likely THE, Jesus son of Joseph, with one Mary having a different DNA, and also containing a Judah son of Jesus. 

The discovery was immortalized in the 2006 feature documentary The Lost Tomb of Jesus, directed by Simcha Jacobovici, presented by Titanic director James Cameron, and featured in a special on the US TV Discovery Channel.

The Bible

The Bible was translated from 4th century Greek language codices into Latin by Jerome, a priest at Rome,  during the 5th century CE. 

Known as the Vulgate/ Common Bible, Jesus was translated in Latin (Old Roman) as Iesus, which was not the name by which he was known to the Jews. 

In the English version commissioned by long-reigning King James 1 of England and 6 of Scotland and published in 1611, the name Jesus was given, although the Hebrew name by which Jesus was called - anglicized and pronounced Yeshua - would have been more appropriate. 

Other English versions make the same error.

From Mann to King - the first 33 years

It was three months after the Japanese bombers attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, and less than a month after they bombed Darwin Australia for the first of 19 daytime raids stretching into 1943 during the following months, 

I was born in Edinburgh Scotland early March 1942.

Between then and 1975 when I came to Darwin with a wife, my life went through the A-stream at Trinity Academy, Royal Air Force and Aden Insurgency, and my first flight to Australia as a £10 Pom.

In Melbourne, I met new friends the Sri Lankan Ferdinands, Australian Hatts and families from the Seychelles and Mauritius.

I sang and played Guitar on radio and TV and with the Summerleas Entertainers, which included my friend Alan Mulraney who worked with me in the Victorian Public Works Department Accounts at Treasury Place. 

In 1970, Alan backed me with guitar on Bert Newton's New Faces in a beat up rendition of Summertime from Gershwin's Porgy and Bess. 

Someone rang in after the show to offer me a singing contract, however I was already contracted to be a patrol officer in PNG. So this was a turning point in my life. My singing career was virtually over.

After returning from PNG in 1973 to Melbourne, where I met my friends again, I booked a cruise to Southampton England on the SS Australis, where I did some entertaining, to see my Mum Katherine and sister Christine. 

Christine picked me up and we drove to Bath.


My School was Trinity Academy

I went to be schooled at Trinity Academy Edinburgh Scotland from 1947. 

Mum initially walked me there, along Trinity Road past Starbank Park and soon turning right to walk up Craighall Road. 

We passed the Trinity Academy Secondary School on the way to the Primary School, and at the bottom of Craighall Road a bakery (Thompson's?) which produced the most delightful meringues, two domes with fresh cream in between.

In Primary I learned the three Rs basics and sang in the choir. I remember teachers Miss Barr and Miss Oliver. 

Also the music teacher Miss Munro who was attractive and whom we referred to as Marilyn after the 20th century acting, singing and blonde model icon who is most delightful in The Seven Year Itch.

In Secondary School, for which I received a scholarship, I was introduced to Chemistry and Physics, French and  English, German, History, Geography and Latin, and also Astronomy. 

Each of these played a considerable part in my later life.


Magical Beginnings

Mr Spowart used to stand around Granton Bridge showing small magic tricks to children like me who happened by. 

He was the first person to get me interested in the subject of Magic. I later invented magic for Supreme Magigram in Devon, and performed on stage at the Franciscan Mission in Steamer Point and later at the Capri hotel in Darwin. 

Truth to tell, I was no great magic performer. It was the written not the practical at which I excelled.

Since then I have enjoyed seeing comedy magic performances, particularly since 2008 on cruises, and am profoundly baffled by the magic of Stephen Frayne - probably better known as Dynamo Magician Impossible - whose magic is truly miraculous. 

He walked onto the water and out into the middle of the River Thames, watched from Westminster Bridge by lots of spectators. 

He can rise into and walk on air and down the side of a building. 

Even the small tricks Dynamo performs are miraculous and astound everyone he shows them to around the world. 

Those who try to supposedly expose his methods I have also found, as a magician, to be unbelievable.

Truth to tell, the magic that magicians do today is far advanced from that I learned from Mr Spowart and that was practised in these olden days of my youth.

As with Chess, my favourite game back then. I wrote chess articles for a couple of newspapers, and tried out a few electronic chess sets. 

Gary Kasparov was to become the great Russian Grandmaster champion after USA's Bobby Fisher retired as unbeaten champion in 1972.

I won the Bible Prize at school, and religion has been an objective historical interest of mine ever since.

I also won a box of Cadbury chocolate bars for a nature painting competition. Which contributed to me having diabetes. 

I used to like their Roses chocolates until they were more recently changed from proper chocolates to rectangles. My favourites now are Bubbly and Twirl and Nestle's Chokito.

My best friend Billy Buchan's mother lost her legs to diabetes, poor lady, and I try to control my diet. 

I find that one way of telling if diabetes is getting out of control is if the water in the bowl after you pee is rough or frothy, then it's time to cut down or out on the sweet things. 

Why is it that so much of what is nice to eat is not so good for our health? 

And, by the way some daily chocolate, particularly the dark kind, like Cadbury's Rum and Raisin, is actually good for our health!

I sang in school choirs in primary and secondary school. When I was 16 and we put on Gilbert & Sullivan's HMS Pinafore at the Usher Hall.

My voice had not yet broken when I was 16 and I was the only male singing soprano among all the girls!

I also met the popular Scottish actor Alistair Sim there. 

My favourite G & S operettas are Trial by Jury, HMS Pinafore, The Gondoliers, The Mikado (in which my friend Billy Buchan's sister, Cynthia, who was a little girl with a big voice, appears in the Ambrosian Chorus version as Pitti-Sing), and unfortunately, as it is so difficult to find on DVD, The Grand Duke. 

This has a relevance owing to my inheriting a Grand Duchy (Lithuania, and Realm) in 1967 and becoming a Grand Duke myself.

Mum - Lady Katherine, who died at Torquay in 2011 at age 97 - paid for me to get piano tutoring from a Protestant minister. 

I first practised on a block of wood marked with the piano keys. Then Mum obtained a harmonium from another minister, at which I had to pump bellows with my feet as I played. Not quite the same as a piano.

I took exams at the Royal Guildhall School of Music and passed Grade 2 practical Piano playing and Grade 5 in Theory. 

As mentioned, I have always been better at theory than practical, later for example in flying training and in physics. 

It has been said, and quite correctly in a proper sense, that I am more mental than physical!

Around the same time, my mid teens, I learned to play guitar chords from Dieter Schmidt who was on a school visit from Munich in Bavaria Germany. 

While I did not proceed with piano, I sang and played guitar later in England, Australia and PNG, on radio, TV, on stage and in concert, and was well received.

Home at 22 Trinity Crescent, I used to listen to radio programs like Dick Barton, Paul Temple, The Navy Lark, The Glums, Arthur Askey, and Peter Brough (ventriloquist) with Archie Andrews (his dummy), that regularly featured songs from young Petula Clark and Julie Andrews, who would both later go on to greater things.

Julie ought, in my opinion, to have received Oscars for The Sound of Music and Thoroughly Modern Millie as well as the one she got for Mary Poppins.

When we went out to play with friends, we would cross the Crescent further up, scale over the wall, and climb up to the railway to collect Monkey Nuts (peanuts). 

There were two in each shell, and the shells were easily broken open and peeled to allow us to eat the fresh peanuts.

Or we would go over to the next street a hill, York Road, where we would climb over a wall to pinch apples. 

The lady owner caught us one day, and said we could come and pick them anytime. 

Such is the perversity of human nature that forbidden fruit is considered the sweetest, and so we never went back!

At Christmas, when the snow was on the ground (and turning to slush) we would go to York Road to ride sleds down the hill. 

It was a mite dangerous, because the bottom of the hill went straight into the main street with cars and buses going both ways. 

But when you are young you tend to think you are invincible, and boys will be boys.

There was no need to lock doors in these more halcyon days, and Mum would give soup and bread to poor people who would sit on the steps outside our door.

The coalman would come once a week and empty his coal sack into our coal cellar inside the kitchen door. 

The Onion Johnny would also come around, his bicycle festooned with strings of onions, and bring us a string of onions which would immediately go into the coal cellar until needed.

Dad used to like the singer Vera Lynn, the Forces Sweetheart, whose voice and songs I still enjoy today. 

Along with those of Anne Murray, Dolly Parton, Nana Mouskouri, Mireille Matthieu, Dana Winner, and others.

When I was in Port Moresby, I used to sit on wooden crates in the open air cinema at Boroko and watch the pre-eminent war hero Audie Murphy starring in westerns. 

Baby-faced Audie was very popular, but succumbed to booze and died at 47. They say only the good die young.

In My Teens

Trinity Academy students of German language were invited to a ball given by the Lord Mayor of Edinburgh to welcome students from Germany.

It was there I met Ingrid and Michelle. I fancied Ingrid, Michelle fancied me. In fact she swam behind the rowboat I was in when we went on a tour to visit Oban in the east of Scotland. 

I remember that everyone sat down to watch as Michelle and I twirled around the dance floor from one end of the ballroom to the other. 

I was learning professional ballroom dancing in a studio at the top of Leith Walk until the place was raided for some reason unknown to me. That was the end of that.

I travelled by train on an overnight trip to Munich when I was 16. The Dublin Trinity College dean's daughter Edna Broderick was one of my carriage travel companions. 

The train seats could be pulled out to touch each other so that you could sleep. Edna was engaged and her friend fancied me. Why is it that there are always complications?

I went to visit my guitar playing friend Dietrich Schmidt, and then up to Kochel to visit Ingrid. 

Her mother gave me two cups of coffee which I don't know why I forced myself to drink. 

I didn't like coffee then, and perhaps that is why I have had an aversion even to the smell of coffee ever since. Or maybe because it's not so healthy, for me at least. Your body can tell you.

I visited the English Garden with Ingrid and met a squirrel. Then I realized I wasn't really so keen on her. She later married a Pfeiffer and moved to Wurzburg. 

I have thought since that I should have taken more interest in Michelle, who had an alsatian dog and came from a wealthy family.

While in Munich I went to the Oktober Fest at the Hofbrauhaus and drank a stein of beer. It is the only time I have been tipsy, and the cold night open air setting did not help at all.

I visited three castles while in Germany, and I met Edna again. 

One was mad King Ludwig's fairytale castle Neuschwanstein perched on top of a mountain, with hidden passageways behind its tapestries, and on which the Disney castle is based. 

Another was Hohenschwangau which was built by King Maximilian 2 of Bavaria. 

The third was the beautiful little white and gold Schloss Linderhof with its gardens and fountains. Another of the mad King's indulgences. This would be my personal choice.

I am reminded of the terrible depression in Germany in the aftermath of World War 1 when they paid out large war reparations and a million or a billion Marks were worth less than a dollar. 

With such rampant inflation, not so surprising then that so many looked on Hitler as their saviour.

I am also reminded that although the most deadly animal is the tiny female Anopheles mosquito that injects a parasite which kills a million people a year indiscriminate of age, some of the worst animals are men, like Pol Pot, Hitler and Stalin who killed many millions of people. 

Scottish poet Rabbie Burns lamented on Man's inhumanity to man.

Live Shows

I went with Billy Buchan my best friend and school dux to see one of Wagner's operas. It went on for dark, dreary hours, so that was it for Wagner. 

I was reminded of Alfred Hitchcock's observation that a film should not be longer than a bladder could stand, or words to that effect.

Mum took us to the Playhouse Theatre to see the premiere of Scottish author Alistair Maclean's The Guns of Navarone. 

Curt Jurgens and lovely co-star Gia Scala appeared on stage. 

Before the show, the huge fire curtain depicted Sandro Botticelli's 15th century masterpiece The Birth of Venus, of which I am about to order a smaller portable version than the one I already have.

I have the painting at home together with Da Vinci's masterpiece Mona Lisa - I've never really understood why the latter is so popular, but it was one Leonardo apparently carried about with him and called his favorite. It is only about an A2 size, not very big.

Mum also took me to see a double bill with the King of Skiffle Lonnie Donegan and supporting act Del Shannon who yodelled and skipped across the stage like Chuck Berry.

In Melbourne, I went to the Town Hall in 1968 with the Ferdinands to see the Seekers, who were supported by English comedian Dick Emery, shortly before they broke up although they had been offered a second contract by EMI.

I also went to see the lovely Kathryn Grayson, a coloratura soprano who sang opposite Mario Lanza and Howard Keel for example, at the Southern Cross Hotel. She was middle aged and still looked lovely and sang beautifully.

Except for Wagner's opera, all of the performances were most enjoyable. Perhaps in my maturity I might possibly enjoy Wagner more, but why take the chance when there is so much good music on Spotify?

That reminds me of US President Ronald Reagan who, when told that hard work never hurt anybody, said But why take the risk?

With Fele, I produced, presented and sang songs like Anak on the weekly Filipino Hour on Top-FM Radio 104.8 from 1981-1986, during one of which episodes the two members of Dr Hook came to the studio.

The Universal Time Machine

I wonder if you are aware that we live in an incredible Time Machine, and that nothing we see in Outer Space is real? 

Nothing we see out there is really there where we think it is, where we appear to see it!

For example, the Moon is 1.3 light seconds away, so it has always travelled further on by the time we observe it. This is more pronounced with our Sun, which is always 8+ light minutes beyond where we think we see it.

Of course, the further we look into Space, the longer it takes an object's light to reach us and the more uncertainty there is as to where the object now is, what it looks like, and even if it still exists!

This is a situation that makes it very difficult for astronomers to calculate certain things with any true certainty, a fact of which, regrettably, many astronomers are unaware. 

And this is why some of their theories, such as the Big Bang, may be so very wrong even although they may appear to be correct.

The largest planet in our Solar System, Jupiter, is 44.5 light minutes distant, as are my three Space Empires Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. 

The very interesting moon of Saturn called Enceladus is 83.4 light minutes away, as is Saturn with its spectacular Rings. Enceladus spouts water kilometres into the air from a hundred or more vents.

Another two distances I find of special interest are 8000 light years to Eta Carinae, which is 100 times more massive than our Sun and 4 million times brighter! 

And 25,000 light years from Earth to the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy.

The nearest star to us - other than our Sun - is Proxima Centauri, at 4.2 light years! 

This is a tiny distance compared to galaxies we can see that are supposedly way out there at 14 billion light years, but are actually very much further away.

Sir Edwin Hubble, who opened up the universe to us by discovering galaxies outside our own, and whose name is given to the Hubble Space Telescope launched in 1990, showed that there were more galaxies and that our universe was expanding. 

Surprisingly, this expansion is accelerating instead of diminishing. 

If there was a Big Bang, the expansion ought to have been slowing down, not accelerating! 

One of the many great mysteries we encounter in our universe.

Air Training Corps to Royal Air Force

I joined the Air Training Corp at school. Rifle shooting taught at the ATC provided one of the four bases for my being awarded a Duke of Edinburgh Award in 1957.

I was later to become a Doctor of Natural Medicine ND (Doctor of Naturopathy) and Inventor, Singer and a Writer.

Much of my life, however, was spent in Civil/ Public Service, the Royal Air Force, and patrolling in Papua New Guinea.

It was not until 1992 that I discovered my inheritance of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 1967.

To Look at Me

You would probably never guess that I ever could ask such questions as Is it all worth it? or Does anything matter? or What is the point of anything? 

It must occasionally have shown in my face, but no one seemed to notice. 

I am not very gregarious, unlike Fele who goes out with friends whenever she can.

But I have felt desperate at times because of the numerous disappointments I have experienced and that I eventually came to terms with. 

I have even contemplated suicide if I could just press a button! But then I have picked myself up and got on with life.

Since I was young, I wanted to be the best, the highest, and certain things have helped me along my path.

Three lessons I learned were Never assume anything, Never trust anyone, and Never expect anything, because I was inevitably let down, even by the God I served so devoutly for so lone. 

First, I assumed, despite my Mum's advice, that the Roman Catholic Church was the one true religion and the arbiter of truth. 

I was so wrong, and yet religion has nevertheless played a large part in my life.

Second, I had a trusted friend with whom I had long academic discourses, and yet he let me down. 

Still, he helped me part of the way to achieving my goal to be the highest and best. He was a lawyer and former Tasmanian politician.

Third, my expectations, largely because I trusted people, turned into disappointments time and time again. 

So I learned that it is never ever good to count your chickens before they hatch.

Health and Answers

In my young life I suffered all manner of maladies beginning with Pink Disease and moving to everything else from regular annual Bronchial Asthma to Scarlet Fever, Measles, Mumps, Whooping Cough, and others. 

I was taken to hospital for Pink Disease, but they could do nothing, just like with the present Covid-19 pandemic, which is reminiscent of the Black Plague that killed millions of people in Europe and Asia. 

Mum nursed me through it all with her chicken soup and TLC (Tender Love and Care). I miss her now. 

In her later years she suffered from dementia and sadly couldn't remember if I was her husband or her brother.

During my youth, she did take me to hospital for a mastoid swelling behind  my ear and it was dissolved with penicillin. Also for appendicitis and for tonsillitis. 

The big problem was the bronchial asthma that really took my breath away, no kidding, and which did not disappear until I experienced the dry heat of Aden where I served with the Royal Air Force during the Arab Insurgency.

During the 1980s I studied Professional Herbal Medicine for which I received a diploma from the National Institute of Botanical Medicine part of the Queensland Institute of Natural Science.

And Naturopathy (Natural Medicine) from which I graduated as a Doctor through the Anglo-American Institute of Drugless Therapy (Renfrew Scotland) in 1988.

In 2002, 2012, and 2019, I was subjected to the indignity of a Trans-Urethral Resection of the Prostate or TURP. 

First time the Morphine given me made me very sick. The last time I was sent home with four medicines, two of which could be fatal. I threw them away. 

I discovered by researching the Web that I needn't have had any of these operations. 

I researched and found there was a natural medicine from Go Healthy called Go Prostate Support, available from the Chemist Warehouse Casuarina, that would have shrunk my prostate and made operation unnecessary. 

For those who may know something about natural medicines, it contained amongst others Saw Palmetto and Stinging Nettle, one or both vital ingredients. 

A similar natural medicine was being touted by a popular American TV host Larry King but was very expensive, and the Go one is better. 

So I took this for two months and I have had no more problems. I don't think Hippocrates would be very impressed by today's harmful medicines. The Father of Medicine's first principle was Do no harm! 

Today the Hippocratic Oath taken by doctors (usually bachelors of medicine MB, and called doctors out of respect) is an hypocrisy. 

It is my view that Natural Medicine should be taught alongside Modern Medicine and the best one used for patients. This would probably put the pharmaceutical corporations out of business!

The World Health Organization has compiled a listing of 20,000 therapeutic plants but is not using them, making the compilation pointless. WHO had its chance with Covid but did nothing.

It has been remiss in not using the natural antiviral plants to relieve and cure Covid-19. There is no point in having a compilation of natural therapeutics if they are not using it. Is there?

Instead Big Pharma (wealthy pharmaceutical corporations) get billions in research monies to test drugs synthesized generally from plants! and make billions more for the drugs when they are eventually approved. 

Out of the plant context, these drugs are generally harmful with adverse affects ranging the gamut from mildly harmful to possibly fatal. 

Nature provides the best medicines. Just like laughter, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and feed a cold and starve a fever. 

It is the recalcitrance of Modern Medicine and Big Pharma to use natural foods and herbs in the fight against Coronavirus that has led so far to nearly a million deaths worldwide. 

I have tried to get the message across to media, on my site, through my Imperial Ambassadors and in emails to governments, but the response has been negative, truly perverse.

Sir Albert Einstein once said that two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity. And he wasn't sure about the universe. 

Unless the World wises up soon, the death toll will continue to accumulate.

My initial estimate was that Covid would peak in four to five months, but through the irresponsibility of things like black lives matter - as if they are any more special than anyone else - and failure of  hospitals and authorities to use natural antiviral foods and herbs.

In my view all lives matter, except for those who promulgate violence and inappropriately disrupt people's lives when there are proper channels like your local member to whom you can go if you have a problem.

As for the masks touted to be necessary, they are useless against an airborne virus. Think about it. You breathe through the mask.

I am 1978 and I take a supplement once daily that you might like to know. Nature's Own MEGA POTENCY Men's Multivitamin contains: 

Betacarotene 6mg     Vit B1 (thiamine nitrate) 50mg

Vit B2 (riboflavine) 30mg     Vit B3 (nicotinamide) 40mg

Vit B5 (calcium pantothenate) 70mg     

Vit B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) 40mg     

Vit B12 (cyanocobalamin) 40mcggh

Vit C (ascorbic acid)(as calcium ascorbate dihydrate)175mg

Vit D3 (cholecalciferol 5mcg) 200IU

Natural Vit E (d-alpha-Tocopheryl acid succinate 41.3mg) 50IU

Choline bitartrate 25mg     Biotin 50mcg

Folic acid 300mcg     Inositol 25mg

Calcium (from carbonate 94mg and ascorbate dihydrate 242mg) 60mg

Magnesium (from oxide-heavy 128.9mg) 75mg

Potassium (from sulfate 8.91mg) 4mg

Iron (from ferrous fumarate 15.7mg) 4.9mg

Chromium (from picolinate 81.3mcg) 10mcg

Manganese (from amino acid chelate 20mg) 2mg

Copper (from gluconate 200mcg) 28mcg

Zinc (from amino acid chelate 75mg) 15mg

Iodine (from potassium iodide 65mcg) 50mcg

Selenium (from selenomethionine 65mcg) 26mcg

Extracts equiv. to dry: Grape (Vitis vinifera) seed 600mg

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) rhizome 10mg

Damiana (Turnera diffusa) leaf 120mg

Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus) root 50mg

Gotu kola (Centella asiatica) herb 60mg

Hawthorn (Crataegus laevigata) herb top 100mg

Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum) fruit 100mg

Korean Ginseng (Panax ginseng) root 75mg

Ginkgo biloba leaf 100mg

Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) fruit 50mg

Green tea (Camellia sinensis) leaf 20mg

Burra gokhru (Tribulus terrestris) fruit 15mg

Burra gokhru (Tribulus terrestris) root 85mg

Extracts equiv. to fresh: Globe artichoke (Cynara scolymus) leaf 50mg

Oats (Avena sativa) herb 50mg

Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) fruit 30mg     

Citrus bioflavonoids extract 40mg     

Lysine hydrochloride 50mg     Tyrosine 2mg     Lycopene 120mcg

The similar supplement, adjusted for ladies, is Natures Own MEGA POTENCY Women's Multivitamin. 

These multi supplements are important to fill in any deficiencies in our diets.

The Fraught Path to Emperor

When I was in my teens, Mum told me that my real biological father was a Polish count. Her Romek was Lieutenant Roman Dambski of Lubraniec. 

He left his signet ring to her in 1947 to give to me. It had the Dambski of Lubraniec crest engraved in a platinum oval set in a gold ring.

In 1992, I went to Poland to visit his wife Paulina Dambski, who turned out to be the firstborn and heir of Prince Wladislaw Gedroyc, hereditary Grand Prince (/ Grand Duke) of Lithuania. 

On my father's tomb in Warsaw was the heading (in Polish) Count of Lubraniec and Grand Prince of Lithuania.

My friend, a politician from Tasmania and later a lawyer, arranged the preparation of letters patent by his friend Alan Earl of Dalvey, and later also provided me a list of the regions accrued to the Grand Duchy.

I was invited in 1994, by convenor Chevalier Jonas Stankus, to attend the formation meeting of the LBKS or Royal Association of Lithuanian Nobility and I was elected a Senator. 

I was written up in a number of Vilnius newspapers at the time.

In 2004, I became not only King of Lithuania but also Emperor of East Europe (Europa), and crowned myself the following year. I had attained my goal to be the biggest and best.

But this was far from the end, as I was to discover. There was still much to learn about global politics and the hypocrisy that is International Law and the United Nations.

I realized that, for reasons of highest politics, the United Nations would not accept the Grand Duchy of Lithuania or Empire of Europa as member states of its General Assembly, because it had already inappropriately improperly and unlawfully accepted the usurper republics Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine (constituents of the Grand Duchy) as member states.

Despite the unfairness and injustice of this situation, and the fact that it ignored International Law, I was shut out, and would be unable, for example, to obtain viable diplomatic passports for myself or for my ambassadors.

However, again recently, my association with the Catholic Church taught me something useful. You see, the (Sovereign Principality) Vatican City and Holy See, created in 1929 by the Lateran Treaty with Italy, is not a member state of the UN either, and only has a population of around 200 citizens.

The principal reason for this state of affairs is that Vatican City is a theocracy - primarily responsible to God. And it sees itself as above earthly masters. 

Because of its earthly power it has been given UN Observer status.

This is a similar situation to that of an autocratic Emperor who is the ultimate authority or power on Earth. 

There are only two of us of whom I am aware! 

And the other is subject of and to the United Nations, in other words not autocratic.

King Roman 'Naturopath to the Stars'

King Roman (formerly Doctor Ronald Mann) is a qualified Doctor of Naturopathy (Natural Medicine) since 1988, and of Divinity since 1990, and is an awarded humanitarian. 

King Roman notes that In the 4th century BCE, Hippocrates laid ground rules for healing therapy: "hygiene; moderation in eating and drinking; fresh air; and allowing nature to take its course".

In the 20th century, Dr Murray Banks set out basic requirements for a happy life: to love ; to be healthy; to be respected; and to have a little variety in our life.

Between Hippocrates - called the Father of Medicine - and Dr Murray Banks (a comedian as well as a psychologist), we have principles to keep us healthy and to make us happy.

Add to these a regular 8 hours of sleep, and a healthy breakfast, and you have basics for a full life. 

King Roman himself has quick oats with sea salt and cayenne pepper, and yellowfin tuna fish mixed in. He drinks water with this, and has a multi-vitamin mineral tablet.

King Roman, Naturopath to the Stars, believes that they are happiest who are content with least, and that laughter is great medicine. 

He watches shows like The Big Bang Theory, and Friends, Yes Minister, JAG and NCIS.

King Roman adds that it is wise to avoid foods with additives, fried foods, and foods which are high in fat, sugar, and salt. 

He says it is unwise to smoke (even passively), do drugs (even medical), or drink alcohol - instead use fresh fruit juices and water.

He finds smokers and smoking disgusting, just as his counterpart James 1 & 6.

Big Bang versus Galactic Voids

Voids have typical sizes of hundreds of millions of light years and they occupy about 90% of known space. 

The Bootes Void is 3.5 billion light years across!

These incredible facts could make the Big Bang notion nonsensical.

King Roman Hubble Paradox is an extension of the Big Bang versus Galactic Voids.

King Roman's Hubble Paradox says that if the Universe began with a Big Bang, why are vast Galactic Voids occupying 90% of the visible universe?

The Hubble Paradox is that, if the universe began with an explosion, it is reasonable to expect that the expansion would leave a vast void and the expansion would slow down, not accelerate!

If anyone has not looked at the Hubble Telescope website, then they have missed the most spectacular evidence for a Creator, or God.

Edwin Hubble himself discovered, in the 1920s, the most important information about the universe that it is expanding, and more recently it was found that the outer universe is (or at least appears to be) accelerating faster.

Guinness World Records 2010 put the age of the universe at around 14 billion years, but this information is false. 

In fact, the visible universe appears to be 14 billion years old but is in reality at least twice this.

Perhaps an explanation for the Hubble Paradox would be that the bulk of the debris is in the outer universe, and that this is pulling the universe outwards.

Another curiousity is that, from our current perspective, with the outer universe expanding away from us, it would appear that we are at the centre, where the Big Bang began!

I say this not to claim superiority in science but only to indicate that our current views are way out.

Early Days of Prince Ronald

Prince Ronald would later become King Roman of Lithuania and Emperor of Europa (East Europe).

However, my early days were fraught with diseases. 

First I had Pink Disease which the doctors could not treat and so my Mum took me home and nursed me well, cradling me in her arms in the kitchen, and sitting me on the mantelpiece above the fireplace. 

Of course, the fire wasn't on at these times. 

So I was high up even at this young age.

Throughout childhood and into secondary/ high school, I got a bout of Bronchial Asthma every year in Winter, when I could hardly breathe and Mum soothed me and gave me chicken soup.

I also enjoyed her steak and potato pies, oxtail soup, and rock cakes.

When I didn't have Bronchitis, I got Scarlet Fever, Measles, Mumps and Whooping Cough, and probably long-forgotten other unpleasant things as well.

Mum always nursed me back to health. She was a good mother and I miss her. It is sad that she could not remember me towards the end. She had dementia and died at Torquay aged 97 in 2011.

Moon and Earth Entanglement

Our Moon and the Earth orbit each other. 

In 1959 a Russian spacecraft took the first pictures of the Far Side of the Moon. 

In 1969 NASA catalogued 600 instances of strange lights on the Moon (Trans Lunar Phenomena) for investigation by Apollo II. Yet no investigation occurred on any of the Moon landing missions.

The world believes that 12 American astronauts landed on the Moon between 1969-72. Conspiracy theories show evidence to suggest the contrary at least regarding Apollo 11. 

In addition, NASA abandoned much touted plans to build a Moonbase. And no other country has landed anyone on the Moon.

It is only three days to the Moon by rocket, but over a year to Mars, and yet NASA is saying it plans to send astronauts to Mars next, without having even conquered the Moon. 

Will this be a Capricorn One? Were any of the Moon missions Capricorn One's also?

NASA still has no spacecraft capable of landing and taking off from the Moon or another world. 

One viable Moonship concept exists, that of King Roman's Moonship Phoenix. 

Why is it that NASA is not interested in Moonship Phoenix, or the Moon? 

What are they hiding?

I was a Fighter

I had a few scraps in primary school (Trinity Academy), I don't remember how they started. 

In one of these, John Anderson kicked me in the nuts, which may be why I was unable to have children. 

I am not sure whether that was the reason. I wanted to have lots of children, but disappointingly it was not be be.

Another scrap was with Leslie Dixon who lived near Starbank Park. He was killed when a palette fell on him when he was working at Newhaven Docks.

Another scrap was with tough little wiry Magnus Ritch, who went to Orkney after school, and is also now deceased. 

He was a close friend of Peter Blair whom I never really liked, and who went to teach history at Queen's University in Belfast. 

Euan Macmillan was also near the top of the class with school dux Billy Buchan, who was my close friend, and me. 

I heard that Euan was killed in a car crash on the Electric Brae near Ayr. 

When you are 78, the people you knew are usually dead or dying.

Life! Or should that be Death?

Young Talent Time 1984

In 1984, King Roman escorted two young ladies to Young Talent Time, and he met both Johnny Young and Dannii Minogue, whom he considers very pretty, twice.

King Roman escorted the contestants from Darwin to Young Talent Time in Melbourne where Angelina D'Arcy sang Queen of Hearts, then later Grace DeQuen who danced to Pearly Shells.

King Roman was disappointed that Angelina had to wait most of the day in a cold studio and was not up to par when her turn came. She was being considered for membership of the Young Talent Team, but for this and other reasons it was not to be.

Angelina is now an artist with her own painting studio in LA California.

My Best Friend Billy Buchan

I used to go to Billy's home, then at 28 Silverknowes Hill near Cramond. His father William was a school teacher, and his mother would make meals for us and later got serious diabetes and had to lose her legs. 

Why is life like that? We never asked to be born so why is suffering our lot?

Billy and I would go for walks down to the seaside, and maybe get a caramel wafer ice cream. 

This comprised two wafers with a soft nougat filling and held together round the edges with chocolate, topped by another wafer and with icecream in between the two. It was very nice.

At home with the Buchans, we would read Picturegoer in his room and talk about movies and stars, or watch black and white TV in the dining room.

That was the time of shows like Danger Man with Patrick McGoohan, and Maverick with James Garner and Paul Kelly as gambling cowboy brothers.

Another series we would watch was The Man from UNCLE, with Robert Vaughn and David McCallum as American and Russian spies working together. 

David was later a medical examiner in one of my favourite shows NCIS, which is currently on TV in Darwin every day.

A show I used to watch with family in Melbourne was Sidney Sheldon's I Dream of Jeannie, and I thought how wonderful it would be to have someone like her around, not only beautiful but able to give you anything you wanted or needed. 

Her astronaut master was a bit reticent in his dealings with her - and he suffered for it.

Bless Scotsman John Logie Baird the inventer of television, which has helped me and so many others to pass many very pleasant hours.

And also the two Illinois University professors Donald Bitzer & Gene Slottow who in 1964 invented plasma TV.

King Roman's Moonship Phoenix 

My Moonship Phoenix can do what no other spaceship can! 

There is nothing else that can match King Roman's Moonship Phoenix spaceship in any way.

​My spaceship can take off from almost anywhere on Earth, and it can manoeuvre through the space junk which increasingly surrounds the Earth.

​Moonship Phoenix can travel to the Moon, visit different Moon sites, or be used as a Moon Base, and then take off and return to Earth.

​It is not subject to extra G forces that make rockets uncomfortable, is cheaper and safer than any other spaceship to date, and is eco-friendly.

​King Roman seeks a bid for the sole rights to this superior technological breakthrough, which will enable and revolutionize manned space travel for the future.

Days with Mum

In the summer, Mum would take Christine and me to the beach at Portobello. We never had any qualms about sunbathing in those days. Apparently the Ozone Layer had no holes above us there.

Other times, she would take us on the bus to Colinton Dell, where we would walk in the shade of trees and net guppies from the stream to put in jars at home and watch them swimming around.

We would also go to McVities Tea Room in Princes Street to have McVities chocolate wheaten biscuits and jam and cream scones.

Then there were picnics at Cramond, and hiking picnics on Arthur's Seat and over a number of the Seven Hills (like Rome) of Edinburgh.

We went to Edinburgh Castle for the annual night-time Tattoos. We had to take blankets to keep us warm.

We also had picnics at Portobello with no concerns about the Sun or holes in the Ozone Layer or what might be lurking underneath the surface of the sea or in the sand. We were carefree then.

Crop Circles a fascinating phenomenon

I wonder if there is a mathematical message for us in some of them.

I considers regardless that many of them are works of art, beautiful to behold.

Were Jesus and Mary taken up in a spacecraft?

This seems a more reasonable explanation than the gospel one that they simply rose into the air and were hidden by a cloud, doesn't it?

Is the Talpiot Tomb that of Jesus' family?

This is the most likely gospel Jesus tomb ever found, of the various Jesus tombs, and this is only one of three ossuaries which are inscribed Jesus son of Joseph.

Is Jesus an invention of Paul?

The first mention of Jesus is in the self-confessed apostle Paul's letters to Christians at Thessalonika in Greece in AD 51. 

History does not record his existence at all.

Are UFOs real?

I used to belong to the National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) in the 1950s. 

I resigned after millions of alleged UFO sightings resulted in no official contact. 

I still, however, think that there may be alien out-posts within our Solar System and possibly even on our Moon.

Are some Crop Circles a message from aliens?

This comparatively recent phenomenon has produced clear hoaxes, but also inexplicable mathematical designs in crop fields around the world. 

So far, there is no decryption of their meaning although attempts have been made, yet many of them are amazing and beautiful.

Back to the Buchans

Occasionally, Billy and I would catch a bus to go to the Ritz cinema to watch Batman, Superman and Captain Marvel movies. 

In these days we paid thruppence to watch the films of which there were two, an A and B feature, with a newsreel and cartoons. 

You could stay after the program finished and watch it again for free if you wanted. How times have changed. 

But then change and uncertainty are accoutrements of life.

Billy's sister was a young girl when I knew her. She was small but had a powerful singing voice.


Cynthia studied music at Glasgow Uni and became an opera singer with Scottish Opera, the Ambrosian Opera Chorus, Glyndebourne Opera, around the world, and at Dublin City Theatre early this century. 

An opera was especially composed for her called Higglety Pigglety Pop. 

She retired to Dublin to direct plays. I am still trying to locate her because she is the only survivor of the family.

Cynthia's marriage didn't work out. Mum and Christine had dinner with her once in Bristol and she sang in Dublin in 2000, but seems to have disappeared after that. 

I tried to find her, and I included her in my trilogy of novelettes The Amazing Adventures of Professor John Hudson: The Lost Symbol, Moon Shock, Sir Sherlock Holmes.

I managed to trace her to Dublin in 2000, but apparently in 2019 she sold her house there and moved on to somewhere still to be determined. 

I actually wanted to have lots of children, but it wasn't to be and now at 78 I have no desire to have children, or even to have them around, unless they have been brought up to be well-behaved, which seems to be a rarity.

As I don't get around much, especially during this Covid plague which fortunately Darwin has not yet been bothered with, except for shopping three or four times a week. 

I almost always use the bus that stops nearby on weekdays, and occasionally to go to Woolies, which is a 10 minute walk away. I rarely see children, even those in the family.

This doesn't bother me at all, because I have so much to keep me occupied, more now than ever. I am past the disappointment of not having children, and I welcome the peace that not having them brings. 

Not that I really have anything against them, I was one myself once upon a time.

God's Coronavirus

As I write, and am listening to Take My Breath Away by Berlin on Spotify - isn't the Internet wonderful? even if dangerous also! - the World is suffering a Global Coronavirus Pandemic with over a million deaths and 42 million infected, largely old. 

Where is God when the World needs him? Which is all the time!

Fele doesn't like me talking this way about God, she is happy in what I consider her delusion that God cares. 

Me, I believe that God exists, but what he does to or allows to happen to us does not strike me as the actions of any good or loving being, much less a father.

God and the Jap Attacks on Darwin

So far I have lived in Darwin with my companion Fele Mann, whom I married in 1975, for 45 years after Cyclone Tracy which, like the Japanese  bombing attacks of 1942 - 1943, devastated Darwin.

Then in March 2018, Cyclone Marcus struck, felling over 1000 trees, one of which fell on our fence. If it had fallen the other way, it would have hit the room where Fele was sleeping and I would have returned from my trip to Honolulu for a funeral. 

As it was, she was there to panic through the Cyclone alone while I, all unaware - not that I could have done anything about it - was enjoying Hawaii.

I was in Hawaii partly to try cashing a large US cheque donation from a bishop from New Orleans. 

I wasn't able to because the cheque was fake and the bishop a con artist.

One of the many disappointments I have experienced from people who want something for nothing, in this case a title. 

Is God good?

Father Corrie was a nice-enough priest, now long gone, who perceived me at that time to be unbalanced. Maybe I was, but I don't really understand what he meant. 

What I was to my awareness, in fact, was naive. I have been naive for most of my life, at least until I was 50.

I supposedly have a genius rating of 156 - four points below Einstein, five below Jill St John of Diamonds Are Forever, and 38 below Walter O'Brien upon whom the TV series Scorpion is based. 

I am not so sure I would score as high now that I am 78 years of age and somewhat slower and perhaps more forgetful than I used to be. 

In Garden Party, teen idol Ricky Nelson sang: You can't please everyone, so you gotta please yourself. And that is what I generally did, and still do. 

Was I unbalanced about my thinking on God? I think many people are. 

Take for example the question Is God a loving father? Well I, for one, don't think so. Why did he make viruses and cyclones to harm us?

Legally-speaking, an act of God - like the lightning that destroyed Billy Connelly's fishing boat in the comedy The Man Who Sued God - is never a good thing. 

Millions, maybe even billions, of these acts of God occur every single year, and have done so for many thousands even millions of years. Did you know there are 1.3 million earthquakes annually? 

The Spanish Flu bacterial infections of 1918 - 1919 are estimated to have infected at least 150 million Europeans, maybe many more, and killed over 50 million, maybe up to twice that number! 

So much terrible suffering and grief! For what reason? Nothing good that I can think of. I doubt anyone else could either, if they bothered to try.

Topically, today the Coronavirus - one of God's multifarious creations - has so far (20 August 2020) globally infected 19 million of our fellow humans, and killed over 900,000. 

Largely, and not surprisingly, most of these have been old folks well past the Biblical horizon of three score and ten (70). 

Therefore, no one should really be surprised that, while I thank God for most of the wonderful things he has made, and for blessings I receive, I blame him (and condemn him, in vain of course, because few, including God, will listen to me) for all the terrible ones. 

Why shouldn't I? I think this is a very balanced viewpoint.

Especially as I served God for many years, more about that later.

Every year a million people, young and old, die from malaria, which is caused by the plasmodium parasite that the female Anopheles mosquito injects into them.

I was this same teeny creature that brought down the great Greek conqueror Alexander, who died in Babylon in 323 BC, two years before Nicaea. 

Why did God make such damnable things as parasites, bacteria and viruses anyway? Was it so that he could be really mysterious? 

Who can understand the mind of such a clearly perverse Being!

Our Calendar

I was raised to believe in Jesus, real name by which he was known to his Jewish compadres Yeshua. 

I still believe Jesus existed, and that it is likely that the Talpiot Tomb in Jerusalem was the final resting place of him and some of his family. I don't believe that he is or ever was God. 

This was a doctrine contrived by the Council of Nicaea which the Emperor Constantine 1 convened in 325 CE. 

Roman emperors were themselves accounted gods.

No one really knows exactly when Jesus was born and there is no calendar year zero: the Christian time scale created by Dionysius Exiguus goes from 1 BC directly to AD 1.

This is partly because the concept of zero and its purpose were not defined until more than 600 years later, in AD 628, by Hindu astronomer and mathematician Brahmagupta. 

Note that I would very much prefer to have reason to believe that God is our loving father as the gospels say, just as Christians continue to maintain this delusion in the face of so many obvious facts and events to the contrary. 

With all the dangers God has made for his supposed children to endure, I find it rather difficult to think that God is loving or that he behaves like any good father would. 

Do I fear God? Sadly, I don't really think that God gives a damn one way or another! And, as for death, if there is a heaven for us (or a hell) we may never know. 

The alternative that Aristotle suggested would be oblivion, and none of us would know anything any more, whether we had been right or wrong in our pre-suppositions.

Or whether we had only wasted our time on something that was never true nor from God.

Now to a more pertinent autobiographical subject, well soon.

Heavenly Stars and Earthly Stars

Our Star the Sun which keeps us warm and lights our way and gives us food and water is only a comparatively little star among billions and trillions innumerably more that sprinkle our universe like the grains of sand on all the seashores of the world.

There are only three star-filled films that have gathered 11 Oscars. The first was the Biblical Roman-Jewish epic Ben-Hur with Charlton Heston starring in the title role. That was in 1959.

The record lasted 39 years until 1998 when James Cameron's Titanic won another 11.

Then, only six years later in 2004, The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King took another 11. We all have our preferences: I walked out part way through of this one. 

It is probably unlikely this record of 11 Oscars will be broken or even matched in the future, but who knows.

Only one Musical movie has garnered 10 Oscars, namely West Side Story. 

Starring Natalie Wood, it was to star her friend Elvis Presley except that his manager Colonel Parker would not allow him. 

Natalie and Richard Beymer did not get on, whereas she had been one of Elvis' girlfriends.

Natalie is only one of a few stars who haved moved me. Every time I see her perform in West Side Story although her competent singing voice was dubbed by Marni Nixon. 

This reminds me that Christopher Plummer was dubbed in The Sound of Music although to my ear his singing voice was much preferable to the professional that was hired.

Natalie should have won an Academy Award for her excellent  performance. However the winner of Best Actress that year was the eternal Italian hottie Sophia Loren for Two Women.

And who does not think that Julie Andrews ought to have won a Best Actress award for her wonderful performance in The Sound of Music? Best Actress went to the English hottie Julie Christie for Darling.

Robert Wise got Oscars for Best Director and Best Picture for the two top musicals The Sound of Music (10 nominations and five wins) and West Side Story (12 nominations and 10 wins).

I also think that Doris Day deserved Best Actress for an outstanding performance as Calamity Jane. However, it deservedly went to the very lovely Audrey Hepburn, who like my maternal grandfather was born in Belgium, for Roman Holiday.

Perhaps the Academy Awards should have an additional category: Best Actor or Actress in a Musical.

Another actress who moves me as with Natalie is Australian Pop Princess Kylie Minogue, whose sister Dannii I met at Young Talent Time in 1984. How time flies.

When I see Kylie in the Vicar of Dibley episode Community Spirit, like others in the episode I am moved. I don't know why.

And who could fail to be moved by Anne Hathaway in Les Miserables? 

I appeared in The Phantom, scene 6 middle pirate descending the gangway (stairs), so briefly that if you blinked you could miss me, and I met The Phantom Billy Zane and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Kristy Swanson.

Mike Douglas' Welsh wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, who later won Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Chicago, was in the movie too.

Australia's War with King Roman 1

Australia and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania have been at war since 25 May 2000! 

I bet you didn't know that. It's all very politically hush hush!

This came about when members of the Australian Federal Police breached my sovereign immunity by threatening and manipulating Fele in the morning. 

And then six armed AFP invaded our Nightcliff residence shortly after midnight to  purloin my computer and private documents - an egregious violation of International Law and Protocol! 

They did this on the say of someone whom they knew at the time to be an illegal immigrant, a fraud and a liar! 

The AFP conspired with the Immigration Department, which did not like Fele and me helping refugees. That's another long story. 

The Immigration Review Tribunal eventually had to have all their cases re-assessed, because they had acted wrongly in many, and sent people back to persecution, death or worse! Bastard little Hitlers.

Just a quick thought. What is worse than death (Aristotle's greatest blessing!)? Torture of course!

And the invasion of my home was perpetrated while I was away on a charitable mission in the Philippines! 

Fortunately, after the morning incursion, Fele was sleeping at a friend's place that night or she would have been a mess. crying and panicking, maybe even had a heart attack.

The situation was further exacerbated when I took the Commonwealth to court and the judge had the illegal temerity to ignore my sovereignty.

This was another violation of high International Law, and he has successfully so far hidden behind his unjustified judicial immunity! 

He might be dead now. I wonder if God bothered to punish him, or if he's oblivious.

As I realized only much later, an Emperor does not go to any courts but is himself (or herself) the Ultimate Court, not requiring other courts and judges, but himself/ herself able, by Imperial (higher than Royal) Prerogative, to make Imperial Judgments and to take action on them - as able of course. 

This eventually led to my creation of an Imperial Cyberforce to enforce such judgments, because my military and police forces were usurped in 1991 along with my territories and peoples.


Back to God

Where was God when my now 45-year Filipino companion Fele Mann has needed him? 

And yet she still maintains that God is good! Talk about being brainwashed! However, I remember how many years I was under similar delusions.

It is, regrettably, understandable when all you have been raised to believe is Roman Catholicism - or any other supposedly one true religion.

When I was in Aden in the early 1960s, I was warned by my mother not to become a Catholic. 

I don't know what brought Mum to that conclusion, but 23 years later, having wasted a large part of my life being a devout Catholic, I left the Church.

My deluded wife continually tries from time to time to get me back to mass. 

I say nothing, because she does not know what I know, nor can she understand the corruptness of the institution to which she and 1.5 billion others belong.


This year was a pivotal one.

I emigrated to Melbourne Australia, and I inherited the Grand Duchy of Lithuania when my biological Polish father died on 22 November.

Sir Sean Connery, a fellow Scot from Edinburgh, made his Japanese Bond film, You Only Live Twice. It was his 5th and he decided to quit.

The same year, Columbia Pictures produced Casino Royale starring Sir David Niven as Sir James Bond RN Ret'd. 

It was made in five sections by five directors, including by Woody Allen who played the villain Jimmy Bond.

Peter Sellers played a substitute James Bond, and all of MI6 were also designated James Bond in order to confuse the enemy.

Two years later, Australian model George Lazenby filled in the official gap by playing Bond in the quintessential Bond movie On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Sex kitten Brigitte Bardot was originally approached to play opposite George but she was unavailable - just like Elvis Presley had been unavailable to star in West Side Story.

Central Intelligence Agency

Some people smile, some don't. Some are nice, some aren't. Some are good, and some are bad. 

Indeed some are VERY bad. Such is or was the Company, the Agency, the CIA.

I have suspected for a long time, and then I recently read a book called CIA: SECRETS OF 'THE COMPANY' in which Mick Farren tells about the illegal things that an elitist Agency did, believing itself above the law, even above the President.

And of its involvement in drug smuggling, arms dealing, mind-bending (with lysergic acid - LSD - and hypnosis), and assassinations and coups to achieve its ends. 

Unfortunately, the CIA would shred any paper trail that led to it.

These were really bad people who thought they were God's gift to men - maybe they were to some! - and possibly still are despite recent purges by President Donald Trump whom they tried to get rid of.

Trump, like Nixon before him, is a strong if misunderstood president whom they could not bend or break.

Did you know that the US Central Intelligence Agency tried over 600 ways to kill the Cuban leader Fidel Castro? 

Incredibly, Castro survived all of them and the CIA ipso facto failed in every one! 

The CIA has toppled governments and assassinated anyone it pleased them to do. 

Either it or the Mafia, or both, were likely responsible for the assassination of the Kennedys, because the  brothers did not ensconce the same insane and Machiavellian ideas as the Agency did. 

They are dangerous, and exceeded their authority by interfering in outside their domain domestic affairs, which brought them into conflict with FBI director Herbert Hoover.

Farren says: 'In 1952, the Agency hardly had the clout to influence significantly a domestic national election. But from that point on, it did what it could for the candidate of its choice.' 

'By the election of 1972, it had become such a skilled and powerful political player that it was supplying agents and ex-agents to run Richard Nixon's 'dirty tricks' operation, which would ultimately self-destruct in the Watergate scandal.'

(In case you don't know, JFK beat Nixon to the presidency by the narrowest of margins, and Nixon was a good president, first to visit China and taking the USA out of Vietnam. Watergate was very unfortunate.)

Farren continues: 'When Eisenhower was duly elected, Allen Dulles took over the CIA, while his brother John ran the State Department ... 

'The Company began to move into the business of the actual removal of foreign governments - ones that either it didn't like or were considered bad for American corporate interests' (my bolded italics).

' The first of these political amputations took place in Iran and, on many levels, the whole world has been paying the price ever since'.

So true! And they must have loved the 2003 war by criminal president George W. Bush, who got off Scot free with blatant violation of UN law by his invasion of Iraq.

It was born of an infamous conspiracy between Bush and English PM Tony Blair and revealed, in the film Official Secrets, by whistle-blower Katherine Gun who had tried in vain to stop the war!

Iraqi families continue to suffer 17 years later because of that illegal war. 

Fortunately, that Arabs are beginning to understand that President Donald Trump is not Bush, and that the US is no longer their enemy. 

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

The late Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands was the only Royal Sovereign to show me any of the respect which is my due as a fellow Royal Sovereign. 

I was also shown respect by Northern Territory chief ministers Clare Martin in 2000, and her successor Paul Henderson, and invited to government functions in these earlier days of the 21st century. 

However, the present chief minister Michael Gunner has disrespected and ignored me. 

Just as have the three entities of which I hold citizenship - Britain from 1942 and, after I inherited the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 1967, Australia from 1976, and the European Union since 1973, which was added before the Brexit mistake. 

This ignoring and disrespecting of a sovereign - an emperor no less - is contrary to the highest law there is in the world, International Law.

Although supposed to be a-political, the United Nations General Assembly itself illegally fails to honour its own law for reasons of political expedience and favouritism! 

NT Electoral Commission

NTEC has been a thorn in my side ever since I registered my name as H. M. King Roman in 2006. 

First, they inappropriately and unlawfully dropped the dots after H. and M. - which doesn't sound like any big deal until you understand that the initials H. M. stand for, and mean, His Majesty. 

This seemingly harmless omission of mere dots resulted in further disrespect from many ignorant people, including the Northern Territory Government, writing to me and calling me Mr H Roman for the past 14 years! 

When I wrote to NTEC, they said I would have to pay and go through the registration process again to take out the useless, and unregistered H M and make it simply King Roman. 

My British/ EU passport does the same, dropping the dots.

Incidentally, the British Monarchy could be abolished by a stroke of the parliamentary pen, because the Queen - the wealthiest woman in the world - is no longer an absolute monarch.

NT Election 22 August 2020

Then there is the matter of the August 2020 NT election this month as I write this portion. 

When I checked my address a month ago, the NTEC site said we lived in Fannie Bay. 

So I decided to stand against Michael Gunner, the current chief minister who is generally unpopular, knowing that the other parties, Territory Alliance and Country Liberal, would split the vote of around only 5,600 electors in this electorate. 

I reasoned that I would stand a good chance in the circumstances and that I could propose better policies to combat coronavirus, reduce crime, and restore the economy. 

I paid for posters, requested Fele to collect signatures*, and entered my nomination for Fannie Bay. 

*I am a generally private person and do not collect, or go out with, friends, whereas Fele is gregarious and can hardly stay home.

Three days later, NTEC advised me that my signatories were for Nightcliff, not Fannie Bay, so I withdrew my nomination and asked for the return of my $500 deposit, which they did. 

Fannie Bay was the only electorate that suited my purpose. Mr Gunner was re-elected.

I was disappointed, because I am already 78 years old, and may not have the same opportunity to have my voice properly heard to help the community again. 

But then I am philosophical about what happens. I have had many disappointments in my life. What is one more? 

I am also displeased with the Electoral Commission, and I would sue them for potential losses, if I still had the evidence (which they already covered up)! 

However, one good thing resulted: I was able to change my name to King Roman only, without the HM. Maybe that will improve my situation going forward. Who knows?

Gedroyc Sovereigns of Lithuania

The Lithuanian Grand Duchy and Kingdom began in the 13th century with Grand Duke Mindaugas who received his king's crown from the Inquisition Pope Innocent 4 in 1253 and then was assassinated ten years later. 

Mindaugas was Lithuania's only Christian King - the Grand Duchy of Lithuania reverted to so-called and generally incorrectly understood paganism on his death. 

Pagan simply means non-Christian! Therefore I am a pagan.

Following King Mindaugas and before the present King Roman 1 of Lithuania was crowned in Darwin 2005, despite what many Lithuanians may think, there were two uncrowned Kings, Gediminas and Vytautas, whose crowns did not arrive from Rome before they died.

They didn't have the luxury of airmail in those days to speed up the process. However, contrary to academic opinion, Gediminas and Vytautis were real kings - just like Edward 8 of England is still so accounted despite his not being crowned.

There is mention in a Polish heraldry volume Herbarz Polski under Gedroyc of Konstant Grand Duke of Lithuania. 

Konstant was apparently the lawful Grand Duke of Lithuania at the time of the Polish-Lithuanian Union in 1569.

My Polish Father

Count Roman Dambski of Lubraniec Poland married Princess Paulina Gedroyc, firstborn and heir to the Grand Duchy in 1927, and she took his name. 

As a result, he became Prince Roman 1, and his Scottish son and heir would succeed to the throne when the Grand Duchy was liberated from the Soviet Union/ Russia in 1991. 

By contrast, Queen Elizabeth 2 did not take the Mountbatten surname of her husband Prince Philip, so her first son Charles succeeds to the throne instead of Philip and will become King Charles 3. 

The point is probably moot, however, as Philip is already 98 years of age and, as they say, not long for this world. 

The Queen is in a similar situation, already 94, Britain's longest reigning monarch, a dutiful monarch, and probably the wealthiest person in the world!

His Royal Highness Prince Ronald Victor Charles, which names signify noble-spirited conqueror (!), inherited the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 1967 from Prince Roman 1 and became the lawful Sovereign Grand Duke.


However, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was usurped/ stolen from me in 1991, after the breakup (or breakdown, such is English language!) of the Soviet Union and split into three republics. 

Note that the Gedroyc princes, in the royal line of Aleksander, were patented throughout the Russian hegemony, for example amongst other times in Vilnius Lithuania in 1811, and in St Petersburg Russia in both 1811 and 1873. 

I became the de jure/ lawful/ rightful Sovereign in exile, awaiting (in vain, as I was to discover) fairness and justice from the United Nations General Assembly. 

I still had inherent rights of Royal Prerogative and Sovereign Entitlements - equality, precedence, privileges, immunity - under International Law, plus the right to Diplomatic recognition, on all of which subjects the United Nations has remained silent, apparently agreeing with me but bound by political expediency. 

Perhaps it is matter of indifference, or ignorance, on their part that the legal principle is Silence signifies consent!

I created the Empire of Europa from my accrued Realm, which includes the Grand Duchy - comprising the regions of Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine - and other territories. 

I became His Imperial Majesty King Roman 1 in 2004 and, in 2005, I crowned myself King of Lithuania in Darwin as well as Emperor of Europa (East Europe).

In the same way, in 1804 Napoleon Bonaparte crowned himself Emperor of France - thereby voiding any influence from the Catholic Church.

I declared my Sovereignty to the United Nations in a document sent also to particularly relevant individual countries in 2014. 

Why so late in the game you ask? 

I was long naive about how the world works, and it took me a very long time to realize what had to be done, and even longer to realize that the United Nations would be of no help at all! 

In fact, leaders of all the nations of the General Assembly, and in particular those territories of which I am the rightful ruler, find it politically expedient for their own survival in power to ignore the right of a sovereign in exile to fairness and justice.

However, what they all no doubt fail to realize is that, according to legal maxim/ principle regardless of the United Nations intent, Silence signifies consent.

Although some Lithuanian people carried out a subsequently  aborted attempt to elect a German duke as king in 1918, His Imperial Majesty King Roman is the fourth legitimate King of Lithuania, after King Mindaugas, King Gediminas and King Vytautas, and only the second crowned King of Lithuania. 

Polish kings after the Union of Lublin in 1569 which united Poland and Lithuania, including those kings who were latterly not in line but rather elected prior to Russian subjugation of the Grand Duchy in 1095 by Czarina Catherine the Great, assumed the title of Grand Duke of Lithuania because of their higher rank.

However, they were never the actual Grand Duke of Lithuania, whose proper title lived on in the Princes Gedroyc, and passed in 1967 to Prince Ronald, now King Roman, recognized by patent drawn up by Alan Earl of Dalvey in 1993. 

King Roman's lineage through the princely Gedroyc lineage, whose Prince Konstant was Grand Duke of Lithuania at the Union of Lublin in 1569, and by his father's marriage to heiress Princess Paulina in 1927, succeeded to his inheritance in 1967.

Aborigines & the Aboriginal Anomaly

I applied to be a patrol officer amongst the Aborigines in 1973 before I returned to Melbourne from patrolling in Papua New Guinea. 

However, I am pleased that I did not get the post, which was being phased out. 

I might possibly have a different attitude to Aborigines if I had, but for many years I have found some of them to be troublesome and badly behaved, noisy, argumentative and lacking in hygiene, and they comprise a large portion of the Northern Territory's criminal element. 

These ones invariably wake me up during the dark hours of the morning with shouting and swearing. Who could love that?

The late and respected Member of the Legislative Assembly John Ah Kit, himself an Aboriginal, publicly acknowledged that he was ashamed of their drunken behaviour. 

However, when I lived in Melbourne in the late 1960s, I did admire the tennis champion Yvonne Goolagong and world champion bantamweight boxer and country singer Lionel Rose. 

Later, I liked Terry Brown who was an admin officer in my debt recoveries section of the NT Department of Law: 

Terry is now university Professor Terry Dunbar. Kudos to her. 

I didn't know Terry was an Aboriginal because she looked white, as many modern Aboriginals do!

More recently, my charity Filipino Club Darwin, which endured for 23 years from 1990 and for which Fele and I were praised in Hansard by a number of Northern Territory government ministers, held an annual Super Gala Night and Beauty Pageant, in one of which Jessica Peris (daughter of former Senator Nova Peris) contested. 

Jessica ought to have won, in my opinion, but regrettably the judges thought differently. I was sorry about that. 

I should mention that, without the efforts of my now 45-year companion Fele Mann, who was president for 22 years after me, these highly enjoyable and praised events would not have been possible.

And then there is the very talented actress and singer Jessica Mauboy who performed at one of our Super Gala Nights before she successfully entered TV on Australia's Got Talent and came second to an Irishman who probably ought not to have even been considered. 

Jessica should have won and she, unlike the winner, has gone on to achieve great things. 

I liked and encouraged Jessica Mauboy early on, for which she was thankful. Unfortunately, later I made a no doubt constructive comment which was misinterpreted by her mother. 

I cannot even remember what it was now but there has been no interaction since then, although I have occasionally tried to make things better by email. 

Jess may be tarred with the same brush as her mother! 

There is no need to say it, but I will anyway, Jess has proven her talent with her self-composed music albums, and by starring in the unusual and fun Aboriginal comedy Bran Nue Dae, and in the story of a singing group called The Sapphires, and in the TV series The Secret Daughter.

What is the Aboriginal Anomaly?

Evolutionary scientists tell us that Homo Sapiens (Wise Man) changed to modern man Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Wise Wise Man) in 38,000 BC.

They also tell us that Aborigines have been in this land for 50 - 60,000 years.

If this is so, then it would mean that Aborigines evolved to modern man while they were here! 

See the problem? 

Since I wrote the above, I have read contradictory views about the timing, so actually none of the above may be relevant. 

However, Aborigines would have survived one Ice Age around 20,000 years ago and then, around 10,000 BCE, global warming and a 100 metre rise in sea level - all long before Captain Cook arrived in Australia and claimed it for Britain.

Note that a 10o metre rise in today's seas would likely wipe out many islands and coastal towns around the world!

For around 50,000 years, Aborigines were living wild in the Bush, savages in an enormous land. 

An acquaintance says they are still savages and, if you heard the arguing and shouting and swearing that still goes on during the night when people are trying to sleep, and crime statistics involving them, you might agree.

However, there are many good ones too. Our former friend and Super Gala Night singer Jessica Mauboy being one, and Jessica Peris, daughter of former Senator Nova another, who performed in one of our Beauty Pageants and, in my opinion, ought to have won.

From my days in Melbourne, I also remember tennis champ Yvonne Goolagong, and champion bantamweight of the world Lionel Rose. 

And, of course, there are others, notably champion sprinter Cathy Freeman.


Being a former theology professor, here are some of my initial thoughts about God.

Back beyond the beginning of our universe, there existed a creator God (and probably many more Divine Beings) in another Universe. 

If there is a Creator/s, which I think there has to be, then he and they must have lived elsewhere before our universe was created.

God is a Divine Being, a Creator whom we have never seen or met, and yet we believe - and I think rightly so - that he does exist. 

Where and When are BIG questions.

However, speaking of divine beings, personally I would have to say I prefer to see and hear such divine beings as Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman and Sophia Loren, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez and Anne Hathaway, and Gal Gadot, in photos and on film.

There are no real photos of God, or of Jesus. If there were, I would hang their photos on the wall.

I recommend the comedy movie The Man Who Sued God, starring Billy Connelly, a very talented Glaswegian comedian and singer, actor and banjo-player.

In actual fact, a number of people have tried to sue God but without success. 

Except for a woman in Nevada, for whom a court judgment was made in her favor because God did not turn up to court! 

She was surprisingly also able to recover her property because of a philanthropic person who stood good for God.

Isn't life strange!

Me and Jesus

Although I am a living person, and a real royal, much of the world would be shocked to learn that Jesus is a legend, albeit a magnificent one. 

Fifty historians of the time in which Jesus is supposed to have lived have not even one word to say about him. How come?

The legend apparently began with Paul in the second half of the 1st century at the earliest. 

My information can be found at or by googling me.

I am a gentleman, gentle, humane, courteous and respectful, known to be a person of the highest integrity. I do not drink liquor or smoke, nor do I do drugs or fornicate or use foul language. 

I married 45 years ago in Dover, and Fele and I are still together, longer than the period over which the gospel Jesus is supposed to have lived.

It is quite surprising and rather curious that, given the high regard in which Mary the mother of Jesus is held by Christians, there is no mention of Mary's pedigree, no word of who her father and mother were.

It is further enigmatic that Mark says Jesus' supposed father Joseph was the son of Heli and Luke says instead that Joseph was the son of Jacob. Which is it? 

If Joseph was a descendant of David, we are left with the question, by which line? This is impossible to ascertain, because there is no historical evidence for any of these supposed persons.

It is suggested that Mary was impregnated by a Roman soldier, Cleophas Pantera, which would, of course, be anathema to Christians, who believe that Jesus is God and born of a Virgin, even although his mother was human. 

It is hard to argue reason and logic with persons who are illogical and unreasonable.

To My Family

My mother Katherine Mann was human too. 

My father, as with Jesus, was supposed to be one person who was called and registered as Charles Avery Mann, although he was actually another. 

My real father was Lieutenant Roman Emiljan Dambski, (Sovereign Grand) Prince of Lithuania by marriage and Count of Lubraniec.

I was born at Eildon Street nursing home, Edinburgh, on 7th March 1942, and I succeeded as (Grand) Prince and Count when my father died on 22 November 1967. 

My sister Christine Elizabeth Catherine Mann was born on 8th January 1945 of the same father and mother as I (Ronald Victor Charles).

We resided at 22 Trinity Crescent until 1961, when Christine and Katherine moved to Beckford Gardens in Bath, and later to Great Pulteney Street, last at number 67, between  the Museum and Pulteney Bridge. 

I was at the former RAF Yatesbury learning air radar at the time.

Trinity Academy

During my school years at Trinity Academy, I remember penpals Michelle from Algeria, Noriko Yamakoshi from Japan, and Christiane from Germany. 

I also met Inga (Ingrid Eisenschenck) from Germany, and Edna Broderick from Dublin. 

My school crush was Kathleen Thompson, my best friend was Billy Buchan (died 1998 of cancer from smoking cigars), and Billy's sister Cynthia was an opera singer with Glyndebourne and others.

In 1960 I graduated from Trinity Academy in Science (Physics and Chemistry) and Languages (English and French, German and Latin). I also did History and Geography.

After a stint as barman at Butlin's Holiday Camp, Ayr, I failed the pilot officer tests at Hornchurch, Essex, and joined the Royal Air Force as an Air Radar Fitter apprentice, which I did not like at all.

Royal Air Force

I became a Senior Aircraftman Typist at RAF Hereford, and was posted to Joint HQ Middle East Command, Steamer Point, Aden, where I was cleared to Top Secret, met a lovely Goan Anglo-Indian Lavender D'Souza, and learned Catholicism from Father Gabriel, OFM. He missed out all the many bad things about the Church.

I was billeted on the hill behind the Franciscan Mission, and later by the sea. I dated Lavender at Lourdes and then in London. The last time I saw her was in 1989 in Chigwell Essex. I took a picture of Fele and her. Poor Lavender did not look too happy.

After safaris in Kenya (on leave from Aden) where we encountered lion, snake, elephant, giraffe, antelope, zebra, and bull ants, I was posted to RAF North Coates near Grimsby, where the Officer Commanding asked me to tutor his daughter in French and swimming. 

It was there that I joined the Secular Franciscan Order, and I was professed the following year.

I left the RAF to become a nurse first at Southmead Hospital, Bristol, and then St Martin's Bath; and then I went to Roosendaal, Holland, to a Mill Hill Missionaries seminary, to study to become a priest.

After the RAF

I returned to Bath after three months, and emigrated to Melbourne in 1967.

There I worked in Public Works Accounts, during which time I learned to fly aircraft, and I was a regular yodelling singer on the Dick Cranbourne Country and Western Show, Radio 3DB. 

I also met Brigitte St Mart from Mauritius, who took a fancy to me.

In 1973 I was selected as one of 33 applicants from 2000 to be a Patrol Officer in PNG, went to  ASOPA at Mosman Sydney, then Kwikila PNG, for various training before being charged with patrols into the interior of the Central District.

There the bearers, policeman and I encountered snakes, crocodiles, speargrass, coconuts, mosquitos, leeches, and one bearer revolted. When he was confronted, he took off.

I was stationed in Port Moresby, where I had encounters with snakes on land and when snorkel diving. I was billeted at Konedobu Hostel, and worked from Ela Beach Sub-District Office. I was 30.

This brings me back to Yeshua

Matthew says Jacob was father of Joseph, husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus... Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea when Herod was king...When Archelaus succeeded his father Herod as king of Judea, Joseph made his home in Nazareth....... When Jesus heard John was imprisoned, he went to live in Capernaum.

Luke says Many have done their best to tell of the things that have happened here, writing what they were told by those who witnessed these things from the beginning... I have carefully studied all these things from the start, and thought it good to write these down in order... 

At the time Emperor Augustus sent orders for a census of the Empire, Quirinus was governor of Syria... Mary gave birth in Bethlehem... When Jesus began his work he was about 30 years of age, supposedly the son of Joseph, the son of Heli...... the son of Adam, the son of God.

This brings our ages into synchronicity. However, although the gospels call Jesus and Adam the sons of God, we are all supposedly God's children. 

The many missing years of Jesus' life may just possibly be because he lived on the Moon for much of his life! It's a theory which I propose in my book Moon Shock. The gospel is old fantasy, this is new.

It would explain why he was later taken up from them into the clouds and disappeared from view - taken up by a spacecraft - and he intending to return the same way.

It sounds fantastic, I know, yet consider the words of Schopenhauer: 

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. 

This is a more reasonable and logical explanation of the ascension than that he rose into the clouds and disappeared without being inside a craft of some sort, isn't it?

Dynamo (Magician Impossible) can levitate hundreds of metres into the air - I don't know how - and he walked on water out into the middle of the River Thames in London.

While you think about that, after I left PNG I returned to stay with my Sri Lankan family in Melbourne, then cruised to Southampton aboard the SS Australis, and Christine picked me up to drive to Bath to our mother Katherine.

Patrolling in Papua New Guinea

After I sang for the 6th time on GTV9 New Faces in early 1970, I was offered a jingle singing contract.

I couldn't take it because I had been selected as one of 33 from 2000 applicants to be Patrol Officer in PNG.

So shortly after, I was flown to Sydney to be trained at the Australian School of Pacific Administration in Mosman in a variety of subjects including anthropology, law and geography.

I remember coming first in a long distance training run. I am not that fit now at 78.

Our law teacher, Jim Lemaire, had a yacht and he took a couple of us on an outing on it. 


When the training was over in three months, I was flown first class to Darwin to overnight at the Travelodge Hotel on the Esplanade, then on to Moresby.

Training continued for a fortnight at Kwikila camp outside Port Moresby and including shooting, and a raft building competition and race on the Brown River.

Some idiot filled my mosquito-netted bed with beetles which I had to toss out before I could get inside for the night.

When training was over, I stayed at Ranaguri Hostel Konedobu which was reached by a long path of rough paving.

One day I encountered a rearing green snake about two metres away as I was descending these steps down from hostel, but I just continued down and the snake dropped to the ground and slithered away.

While I was in Moresby, I was learning to Scuba dive. When I was diving without gear to recover and put on my face mask from the bottom as part of the training, a sea snake wrapped itself around my leg. 

I was calm, and the snake unravelled itself and swam away. However, I decided not to continue training after that experience. Why tempt fickle fate?

I also did a little flying from the airport at Moresby, not much though.

As an assistant patrol officer, I was supposed to assist an experienced patrol officer with patrols. As it actually worked out, because of the dearth of patrol officers I planned and led my own patrols from the very start.

I was given the previous patrol officer's report for the area to be visited. Once read, I would organize a patrol using whatever forms of transport I needed - helicopter, plane, landcruiser, raft.

Generally, it was a half to a day's hike to the area through dense jungle terrain. I encountered and killed a black snake that was in our way on one patrol.

A scout rebelled during another patrol, but was subdued and sent off by the native policeman who accompanied my string of bearers, each couple of whom carried a heavy  metal chest on two wooden poles, containing our supplies.


One time I naively swam from the raft into a crocodile infested river, until a kind bearer gave me warning.

We also had to contend with leeches which turned up in awkward places on my body, and had to be sliced off with a knife.

Patrol officers, known by the villagers as Kiaps - a name surviving from German colonial days - were generally respected and lived in a special raised hut at villages. 

I flew the Australian flag above the hut, and later also together with the new PNG flag underneath.

My meals were prepared and brought to me by villagers, amongst whom some of the young native girls showed special interest in me.

It was nice to see some of these bare breasted beauties in their grass skirts. 

Christian missionaries tended to spoil these more halcyon days by insisting on the women wearing non-native clothing.

Two Years in England

After PNG I was in England for two years, during which I became a medic in the Royal Naval Reserve at HMS Flying Fox, Bristol, and trained at the Royal Naval Hospital Haslar in Portsmouth, then an executive officer (lieutenant) in HM Customs and Excise, stationed at Dover Freight Lane.

I married my one and only wife Fele Javier in Dover. I had visited the needy with her in Bath, where she was nursing after being a primary school teacher for 11 years in the Philippines. 

I started writing books when I was in Aden, and Fele was a writer too. We are both in Who's Who in the World.

Off to Darwin

We came to Darwin in 1975. 

I started in the Commonwealth Public Service and I was OIC Recoveries in the Department of Law from self-government in 1978-1986. 

I was the first Group Leader of the Port Darwin Sea Scouts from 1981. 

I chaperoned young girls to Young Talent Time in Melbourne in 1984 - an indication of the trust their parents justifiedly put in me. 

In 1985 I was invited by Forcast to assist with casting for Crocodile Dundee in Darwin. I also co-presented with Fele the Filipino Hour on Radio Top-FM from 1981-1986. 

In 1986 I resigned from Public Service, resiled from Secular Franciscan Order ministry and from Catholicism, and started on a new path.

The Catholic Church only really arose at Rome in the 11th century. Prior to that, Constantinople was the centre of the Christian Church.

In the 11th century the Great Schism made a permanent divide, and the actions of the Roman Catholic Church and Popes for many centuries following decided me that Roman Catholicism was not really for me. 

The first seven centuries of the Roman Church were marked by a hundred popes approving truly terrible wars (crusades) and then invidious inquisitions backed up by torture and execution. 

This was not the work of the gospel Jesus they professed, and I could not be involved with such horrors.

Christianity is, regrettably, the big Lie, and, as Hitler said: 

The great mass of people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one. 

And Marx said that religion is the opiate of the people. 

They were right in these things, if not in others.

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident -


Catholicism survived by persuasion and constant brainwashing.

Big Bang Theory Busted

Having had an interest in astronomy since I visited Calton Hill Observatory in Edinburgh while I was still at school, here are my initial considerations on the subject of the supposed Big Bang.

The trouble with astronomer Fred Hoyle's joke - about how our universe began in a big bang - is that it that it took flight with Penzias and Wilson's discovery of Cosmic Background Radiation. 

Yet there are also other things that naturally pervade our universe - like hydrogen and neutrinos, and maybe dark matter and dark energy. 

If there had been a singular big bang, first of all we should reasonably expect that, like the illustration of an expanding universe with dots on a balloon representing galaxies, there should be a giant void left behind in the middle, shouldn't there?

Just as when the balloon is blown up? 

Or like the crater that exists after an explosion.

The presence of many galactic voids, each millions or billions of light years across, belies the theory that our universe originated in a tiny singularity and exploded out into the massive universe of which we only see a portion. 

So does the presence of 48 blue-shifted Local Galaxies around us, all imploding or coming towards us instead of continuing their expansion outwards. 

Then there is the law of Conservation of Energy and Einstein's Mass-Energy Equation E = mc2 (squared), which say that the amount of energy and mass is constant and cannot be increased, only changed from one to the other! 

Yet the scientific and academic community and the Nobel Committee confirmed the alleged proof with a million Euro prize to Penzias and Wilson. 

It's like Einstein said: 'there are two things that are infinite, the universe and human stupidity.' 

Of course, as we have seen in the bit about God above, our universe may not be infinite. 

That leaves human stupidity - which may stem from blindness, stubbornness, or just being difficult for difficulty's sake!

Are there such things as Christian Vows?

Jesus and his brother James tell us seriously: Do not swear. 

So why does Christian society still insist on marriage vows?

And swearing on the Bible in court?

And officials taking oaths of office, all the way up to US President? 

Clearly these should not be the acts of a true Christian, should they?


Jesus says at Matthew 5:34-37: Do not swear ... 


James repeats this at James 5:12.

Why do Christians and Christian governments ignore these orders from Jesus and his brother?


My interest in Astronomy began at school with a night visit to Calton Hill Observatory up from the East End of Princes Street, which is dominated by Edinburgh Castle at the other end, and which has Sir Walter Scott's Monument in the middle, above Princes Street Gardens with its Floral Clock. 

The monument resembles a smaller version of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

I was not much of a mathematician at school, unlike my sister Christine who left school at age 15 and pursued studies and a subsequent career in Accounting. 

She eventually became the principal partner in her own accounting firm, apparently the first woman in Britain to do so.

As a result of my own lack of mathematical prowess - although I did manage to get a Lower in Maths on my Scottish Leaving Certificate and am still pretty good at working with basic maths - I was unable to pursue Astronomy at Edinburgh University, and I joined the Royal Air Force instead.

However, since then, like my sister did for accounting, I pursued university studies to increase my knowledge, and, as you may have noticed above, I have views of our universe which differ from what is currently considered the norm!

First Men on the Moon

Regarding NASA's success in putting the first men on the Moon in 1969.

Australia - my home for more than 45 years - played a vital role in bringing the Moon landing to the world. The tale is told in the Australian film The Dish.

What many people are not aware of, and which was brought to my attention by one man who was my knight and a doctor of laws in Sydney, is that there were TWO Australian telescopes involved in the momentous relay of signals from the Moon landing.

Not only the radio telescope at Parkes Observatory but also the one at Honeysuckle Creek, where my knight told me he was working. 

When the CSIRO's Parkes radio telescope opened in 1961 it was the most advanced and sensitive dish in the world. However, because Parkes was an astronomical telescope, it could only receive the signals, not transmit them. 

As a result, Parkes acted as a support station to the Honeysuckle Creek Observatory, which was tasked with receiving signals from the lunar module Eagle.

If this confuses you, you are in line with my own confusion.

As a corollary, Australia now has a rocket launch pad near Darwin for Space missions since July 2019.

I offered them my Moonship Phoenix which they politely rejected, and it does not appear that they have accomplished anything since.

Who is Jesus?

This is a top question and one which billions of people around the world take for granted. The truth is that we don't know!

We don't know exactly or in which year he was born or in which year he allegedly died on a cross. 

There is no historical record of either event. 

Not one of the 50 historians who were his contemporaries made any mention of these, or about anything else in his life, including his supposed miracles.

This seems rather odd when you consider the billions of people who follow him today either as a God or as a secondary prophet.

I also find it more reasonable to believe in ONE God than I do in a God that contains a human being (Yeshua).

Religion has played a large part in my life. 

Religion, in particular Christianity, has been of special interest to me for a long time, and so here is the first point I would like to make about Jesus, with which I can talk with some certainty.

When the Bible was translated from Greek into Latin in the 5th century, and then into English in the Middle Ages - most notably the King James Bible of 1611 - the real name of Jesus was not translated into English!

Is this important, you might say? 

Well, if someone called you by a different name, don't you think you might be surprised or offended, even if just a little?

The fact is that he was never called Jesus until around 1500 years after he lived! How come?

Little things, like the dots after H and M in my name, can mean a lot. Here it is the changing of one letter in Latin to another letter in English.

When the Bible was translated by Jerome, a priest in Rome, from the 4th century Greek-language codices Sinaiticus and Vaticanus, his Latin Vulgate (Common) Bible used the name Iesus, with an I not a J, pronounced Yesus. 

But that was not the name by which Jesus' fellow Jews knew him.

His Hebrew name was יֵשׁוּעַ which is anglicized and pronounced YESHUA, and this is the real name of the man we all incorrectly call Jesus!

I thought for a long time that the English name was Joshua, but I was misled.

Yeshua is the name which ought to appear in all English translations of the Bible instead of Jesus. 

Yeshua is the Hebrew name by which he was known to the Jews of his time. This was his real name.

What we see in English Bibles is not his real name. It is doubtful whether he would even recognize the Jesus version of his name!

Of course, I forgot that Christians - one of which I used to be - think that he is God and therefore he knows EVERYTHING.

Christianity according to King Roman

I was a minister of the Third or Secular Franciscan Order for 20 years, and a bishop of Reconciliation and then of Universal Family Ministry for another 20. So I think my views about Christianity may have some basic relevance. 

I left the Roman Catholic Church and the Secular Franciscan Order in 1986.

At the same time I resigned from the Northern Territory Department of Law in Darwin Australia, where I had been officer in charge of the debt recoveries section from self-government in 1978.

I subsequently resiled from Christianity altogether in 2006. I should point out that it took me a long time to understand the facts, and the truth, that I now know at 78 years of age.  

My favourite book is Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, because it got me reading again, and it gave the world something to think about. It was a marvellous fiction with some pertinent facts, and some impertinent. 

For example, the survival of the Gospels of Philip and Mary, which may be a century older that the four that survived purges by the Church both before and after the Roman Catholic Church asserted its independence in 1054.

And The Da Vinci Code brought attention to the atrocities committed by the RC Church over hundred of years, from the papally-sanctioned Crusades to the terrorism of Catholics and others by Inquisition/s.

I also recommend The Lost Tomb of Jesus, a feature-length film documentary presented by Oscar-winning director James Cameron. 

It examines remarkable content of the 1st century family tomb of a 'Jesus son of Joseph' that was accidentally discovered by workmen during 1980 in East Talpiot, Jerusalem.

It may provide a more solid foundation for the consideration that Mary Magdalen was his wife and for the beginning of Yeshua's lineage with their son Judah. 

Time may tell better.

Galileo the Great

I studied Science at Trinity Academy in Edinburgh Scotland where I was born at 11.37 am on Saturday 7th March 1942 in Leith.

At this point, having remarked my views on God, Big Bang Theory and Christianity, a saying of Galileo seems particularly relevant: 

'All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered'. 

He adds a proviso that: 'the point is to discover them'!

In the early 17th century, Galileo made a telescope and found that the Moon was not a perfect sphere as the Roman Church maintained to be the case, but that there were craters and mountains, and that there were other moons around Jupiter.

Three of these, together with their mineral rights, have been officially claimed as Space Empires by yours truly under the Outer Space Treaty 1967 loophole discovered and successfully exploited by one Dennis Hope from the USA.

For his written findings, Galileo was condemned by the pope, forced to recant, and was confined to home detention until his death. 

Although Pope John Paul 2 apologized for the Church's treatment of Galileo (and of Giordano Bruno whom it executed in 1600 - an act of Jesus?) the apology came four centuries too late to be of any use to Galileo. 

It was Galileo, not the RC Church, who opened up the Solar System, and rightly supported what Aristarchus had said 1700 years before, that the Earth and the other planets orbited the Sun. 

To date, there has been no apology for 200 years of horrific papally-sanctioned crusades during which, amongst others, Jerusalem and Constantinople were sacked, women and children and all.

Or for 700 years of terrorism of Catholics and non-Catholics alike at the hands of religious orders by the papally-sanctioned inquisitions.

You can read more about the crusades here:

You wouldn't believe what the Church has been up to during its autonomy since the 11th century - like you wouldn't believe the terrible things perpetrated by the USA's Central Intelligence Agency. 


As Rabbie Burns the Scottish Bard said: 'Man's inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn'.

Even now, after the Vatican City State and the Holy See became independent of Rome by the Lateran Treaty of 1929, financial corruption and priestly pedophilia has torn a bigger hole in its allegedly holy fabric.

Pope Pius 12 supported the Nazi Hitler, and Pope Benedict 16 served in Hitler's army fighting the goodies/ allies throughout World War 2!

If I had been made aware of some of these things back in 1963 by my Franciscan cleric catechist, I would have changed my mind there and then about joining.

Back to Galileo

Like Galileo, I want to draw attention to our incredible SUN, without whose presence we would not exist. 

Our Sun provides light and warmth to our existence and to everything on the Earth, and it controls all the now only eight planets since 2016 of our Solar System by its gravitational influence.

Galileo said: 

'The sun with all those planets revolving around it and dependent upon it can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do.'

Our personal star, the Sun is a gigantic ball of nuclear reactions between hydrogen and helium which has existed for billions of years already and will probably burn and shine for billions more. 

It could easily swallow our Solar Sytem!

As if this is not enough to blow our minds, the Sun provides an introduction to the unbelievable TIME MACHINE we regard as our universe, which is immensely more huge than Science currently perceives and presumes or that we could possibly imagine.

Who am I?

Like us all, I am an infinitesimally microscopic being on a less infinitesimally microscopic planet in a small galaxy in a universe of billions and trillions more.

In other words, we live in a microcosm on a microscopic planet in a multi-megalithic universe. 

We are told our collective father is God and our brother is Jesus, and that Jesus is also God. 

In fact, perceptions and teachings may not be reality.

My Beginning

My sister Christine Elizabeth Katherine and I, Ronald Victor Charles (now King Roman since 2004) were both born during World War 2, she on 8th January 1945, I on 7th March 1942. 

When I was still a tiny critter in Mum's womb, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. 

America was not their friend, having sided with China in war against them. 

It also appears that America received prior warning, but that the warning slipped through the cracks.

Then, less than a month before I was born in Edinburgh, Japanese planes bombed Darwin Australia in the first of 19 attacks completed during the following months and into 1943, leaving the city devastated. 

Our mother was Catherine Waersegers (/Morgan), who preferred Katherine. 

Her father was a Belgian, Henri from Brussels, her mother Henrietta Sambler from Amsterdam, then in Holland, a descendant of Sir Anthony van Dyck. 

She married Charles Avery Mann in Edinburgh 1937, whom her mother had dismissed to her as neither fit for man or beast. 

But he must have been alright when Mum married him, and personally I did not find him to be a bad person. I am sorry I don't have a photo. Same with Mum's Belgian father - no photo.

Mum later told Christine and me that our real, biological father was a Polish army officer who was posted to Edinburgh mid 1940 and whom she met at a welcome ball for Polish forces.

Mum told us he was a Count, Roman Dambski, whom she called Romek, and who left with her his gold and platinum signet ring engraved with the Dambski crest to be given to me. 

He was assigned as a biochemist to the Paderewski Hospital attached to Edinburgh University. 

Prince Roman 1 of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania - as my father became in 1943 when Prince Wladislaw Gedroyc died at Zubrazce south Poland - remained in Edinburgh until 1947. 

I wore his signet ring briefly before my RAF posting to Aden in 1962, and then Mum lost it. 

I called her Mum, Christine called her Mama. After leaving Edinburgh in 1961, they initially lived in Bath, an attractive little city with culturally active Gardens past which the River Avon runs. 

Bath has a historical past of architecture, literature and astronomy. 

We lived mainly at 67 Great Pulteney Street on the second floor.

While I was still a tiny fraction of my current height, Japanese bombers hit Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, 8 December 1941.

Less than a month before I was born, they struck Darwin Australia in February 1942. Over following months, they bombed Darwin another 18 times!

I have lived in Darwin for the last 45 years, with Fele a Filipina I married at Dover in 1975, shortly after which we came to Darwin. 

I was born in a Leith nursing home at Eildon Street. 

It was 11.37 am on Saturday March 7, 1942, when our home was at 22 Trinity Crescent near the River Forth, between Starbank Park and Granton Bridge.

I was baptised Ronald Victor Charles, and registered on my birth certificate as the son of Charles Avery Mann, ships rigger and chauffeur, and Catherine Waersegers/ Morgan. He was also a life-raft tester.

It was regrettable that both Charles and Catherine did not get along so well, and there were arguments over money. 

They lived separate lives. He went to football on Saturdays and motor racing on Sundays. 

He slept alone in a curtained-off alcove next to our coal cellar, which was immediately right of the kitchen door as you enter, Each year he would go on holiday by himself. 

However, when he was at Number 22, he would bring fresh fish like lemon sole and haddock home from Granton Docks. 

For Christine and me, he would brings sweets and comics.

He brought us the Beano and Dandy, Radio Fun and The Eagle, and the Sunday Post newspaper with full page strips on Oor Wullie and also The Broons.

He liked to eat chip or sugar butties - bread and butter sandwishes with chips or sugar in between.

During the war, he served in the Edinburgh Fire Brigade, and one time he brought boxes of chocolates home from a factory fire. 

He also played bass drum in a pipe marching band.

At home he would make things like a model of the Cutty Sark and a Spanish Galleon with tiny cannons, and for me a Goblin flying model plane powered with a rubber band, which I subsequently crashed - you know what young boys are like. 

He also got me a Mechano set, and some Dexion, a bigger version from which I made a vehicle to move along the hall. 

I also received a Chemistry set and tried to melt gunpowder! 

The testtube exploded and I got splinters of glass in my face. Well we all make mistakes. I didn't do it again.

On Saturdays, during my teens, I would go to the Murrayfield Ice Rink to speed and figure skate to the Platters, Black Elvis Jackie Wilson, and other pop favourites.

Talking of sports, I was very good at tennis when I was at Trinity Academy, I think, if I had the proper support, I would have made a champion. 

However, I captained a cricket team to ignominious defeat - never again. 

I've never really been interested in sports, except for watching figure ice-skating championships and women's gymnastics champions like Nadia and Olga. 


Mum slept in a front bedroom, and when we were young we slept with her. 

We used to enjoy stormy weather with rain beating on the window, lightning flashing and us nice and snug under the blankets.

In summer we had to deal with the occasional bee or wasp getting in through an open window, but in Edinburgh the summer didn't last very long. 

Like Billy Connelly indicated, our whole summer was July. 

When the sun was shining we might go to Portobello to paddle and swim. Holes in the Ozone layer were no concern there and then. 

Mum had a friend in Portobello who was mother of my school crush Kathleen Thompson, to whom I never spoke, I was too shy. 

I believe she married a banker and went to Invercargill. I wonder how she is today, or even if she is. Everyone I knew seems to be either dead or near death.

When we got older, Christine and I slept in the Black Hole next to the front door of the flat - it had no windows, hence the name. 

We would use the blanket to pretend we were in a tent and we would read by torchlight.

Mum had a Navy officer friend and she took us to HMS Claverhouse at Granton where he was stationed.

Occasionally, we would put on a magic show or a short play in the Black Hole for Mum.

We had a cat, but one day it jumped out the third floor kitchen window and that was it. 

Mum got a Golden Collie called Peter when I was in the RAF. Christine and she took Peter to Bath with them when they left Charles in Edinburgh in 1961. 

He wasn't very happy at their disappearance, but he had a ladyfriend called Mary who would visit him.

And I managed to go and see him a couple of times. 

Christine recently asked for his photo, but there were never any that I could find, and I really tried. It's the same with mum's belgian father Emile Waersegers - no photos.

Sadly, Peter got leukemia and had to be put to sleep. I had to take him to the vet, and it was a very unpleasant experience. 

A needle was stuck into his chest and he froze dead with his teeth bared. Peter was a nice dog with a good nature. Bloody life!

Mum quietly met Prince Roman 1, and we had picnics at Cramond in sight of the Forth (railway) Bridge which was famous in its own original cantilever right.

Doubly so after John Buchan wrote The Thirty-nine Steps, of which the book and three movies are among my lasting favourites, especially the movie version with Kenneth More and Taina Elg - watch free at

Mum took me to see The Desert Song with Kathryn Grayson and Gordon Macrae, well actually just with Christine - the others were in the movie. And South Pacific with Rosanno Brazzi and Mitzi Gaynor. 

In the late 1960s I went to see Kathryn Grayson in concert at the Southern Cross Hotel in Melbourne. 

She was my favourite, with Ann Blyth in The Student Prince, Jane Powell in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Doris Day in Calamity Jane, and Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. 

The last one lost some of its charm for me when I left the Church.

And poor Kathryn, by 1984 her beautiful coloratura soprano voice had deteriorated.

Born son of a Prince

Born the son of a Grand Ducal Prince, I graduated from Trinity Academy in 1960.

Before this, I worked at a tailors shop at the foot of Leith Walk, selling gentlemen's apparel. 

Apart from RAF and Customs uniforms, I have had little use for suits and such, living in warm climates like Aden and Darwin.

I also was a barman at Butlin's Holiday Camp, Ayr Scotland. I lived there in a small dormitory, and one night a professional woman slipped in through the window and slept with some of the guys. 

I resisted temptation. I have always been more concerned with health and healthy relationships, although I have had few.

Anyway, at the beginning of 1961 I applied to be a fighter pilot and went to RAF Hornchurch in East London to test for Aircrew. 

I didn't do well in the testing, so it was back to Edinburgh where I received an offer to become a radar tester. 

I decided to go and try the offer and I left by train from Caley Station at the west end of Princes Street. 

It was behind the Caledonian Hotel where cowboy Roy Rogers once brought his horse Trigger. 

Roy was the most famous cowboy of his time, with Dale Evans his wife who appeared with him in some of his movies.

On the way to RAF Bridgnorth in Birmingham, I read Richard Mason's The Wind Cannot Read. 

I had recently seen the film with Dirk Bogarde and Yoko Tani, a Japanese actress whom I liked at the time. 

Bridgnorth was where I did my square-bashing (drilling/ marching). 

I was appointed Head Man in the billet (dormitory) and Warrant Officer's Runner, wearing a white armband with a blue ring around it. 

I am of the opinion that everyone should experience military or some form of similar service to their country, just like Israelis are required to do, and as the UK used to require. 

It disciplines and instills responsibility, as well as giving training in useful skills.

I also think that gangs should be eliminated, with extreme prejudice as the CIA might say, and that joining a gang or an armed militia should be outlawed. 

That would seriously cut arms, drug trafficking and violence. 

In this sense, the Philippines President Duterte is a good example of what should be done. 

He has now restored capital punishment. Actually, death is no punishment, torture is punishment. 

Aristotle said that death may be the greatest blessing, bringing to an end all the trials and tribulations, pain and misery we go through in this world.

I also believe punishment should fit the crime as much as practical. For example, if someone buries a person alive, then that person should also be buried alive.

When I visited LA in 1989, I was shocked at the homeless beggars in the streets. This should not be. 

The richest people, who form a tiny percentage of the population, could solve Humanity's poverty and still be rich for themselves, and even richer spiritually. 

The trouble is that greed is rampant among them, and they have no real thought or concern for those who are so much less fortunate or lucky than they are. 

They are never content with the amount they have, and have no realization of the fact that the more they keep for themselves the less there is in the kitty for everyone else, especially the poor.

RAF Steamer Point Aden South Yemen

After RAF Bridgnorth, my first posting was to RAF Yatesbury (now no more) to learn to repair air radar, not air radio as it says in my Certificate of Discharge. 

I didn't like this at all, so I requested a transfer to the Secretarial Squadron at RAF Hereford, where I learned to type and passed out as a Senior Aircraftman - SAC.

My first real posting was to Aden in the Middle East. I was assigned as a typist for the Top Brass at Joint HQ Middle East Command, to type classified documents up to Top Secret. 

This was in 1962, when the five year Arab Insurgency began.

I was billetted high on a hill behind the Franciscan Mission in Steamer Point where I met my first love Lavender from Goa and became a Catholic against my mother's advice.

My duties included guarding the school bus which was surrounded with barbed wire. I took pictures of the children but, like my later slides taken on patrol in PNG, they unfortunately did not survive the ravages of time.

I did sentry duty alone in the freezing night on the battlements of the Maala Fort armoury, in a heavy RAF greatcoat and a rifle over my shoulder. 

Then there was fire duty near at the RAF fire station near the beach where I learned to handle a fire hose and waited for the fire which never came.

I would snorkel outside the shark net, where I swam with a lone barracuda and encountered a giant Grouper, and another time a Conger Eel. 

One time I sunbathed naked on the rocks away from prying eyes, or so I thought. An officer in the mess across the bay spotted me through binoculars and I was put on a charge, given jankers (prison) overnight, and released the following day. 

So I was briefly a jailbird!

Venturing out of Steamer Point, I went to Crater and had a camel's milk icecream. It took my breath away, and I never had one again.

Then an Australian friend, when we were now living in two man billets overlooking the bay, wanted me to come with him to a brothel in Maala and sample the goods. 

As at Butlin's Holiday Camp, I probably wisely declined the offer, which upset him I don't know why.

I did sample a strip club in Manila when it was legal, the Pink Pussycat in Warsaw, and a couple in Vilnius. 

In the two years I spent in Aden during the Insurgency, we had just two days of rain and two days of sandstorms. 

One of the latter occurred when I was watching a film at the open air cinema. I had sand in my ears, nose, hair there and everywhere. It is not a pleasant experience.

Another friend lost a finger jumping off the back of a truck when his wedding ring got caught. 

This was one reason I did not wear my father's signet ring and have never worn a ring since.

One very good thing that came from the heat of Aden was that I did not get bronchitis any more. Two years of dry heat was apparently the cure I needed.

We had a wiry black Somali boy to polish our belt buckles and brass buttons and clean the billet. One minute he was sitting on the verandah wall and the next second he was gone. 

To our surprise when we looked over, although he had fallen on the concrete paving three stories beneath, he got up, dusted himself off, and came back upstairs!

Although I like swimming and went a couple of times to the nude beach at Casuarina in Darwin, I have never really liked sand except when I was little. 

Maybe it was the Aden experience, or maybe it's just because, whether in or out of the water, one never really knows what is lurking beneath your bare feet.

It was while I was in Aden that the Seekers and the the Supremes became famous and the Beatles took out the top 5 places on the Billboard charts in the US.

My Aden experience ended early 1964, when I was posted to RAF North Coates near Grimsby England.

If I had only known ...

How often might people say this?

Mum and Fele got on well and perhaps neither of us had any inkling of the unfortunate treatment to which Fele was subjected in the Philippines.

She kept this secret. Had I known, it might have made a difference to our relationship process, but I did not.

I learned, ten years after we married at St Paul's Dover in 1975, from an outside source. 

Incidentally, the nuns called our nuptials the wedding of the year. I was in a brown suit, Fele in a purple dress.

As a result of not knowing, Fele and I have been together for 45 years, each doing our own thing, and coming together for Scrabble and cruises (until the Covid Pandemic struck).

The fact is that we can never be sure that we really know anyone, the secrets in their past or what they have not told us about themselves.

I myself went to the Pink Pussycat in Warsaw and another strip club in Vilnius. 

Not exactly Earth-shattering news and I found them quite pleasant experiences.

I turned down an invitation from an RAF mate in Aden to visit a brothel, and I rejected sexual experiences offered by attractive young bare-breasted grass-skirted ladies in PNG.

Brushes with the Law

Which reminds me of two lawsuits I instigated.

I woke up one morning in 1985 to the news of a furore over an advert that I had sent for publication.

I was a photographer and had a talent agency called Zenith Promotions at the time.

However, I decided to advertise for models for Playboy and Penthouse, and the NT News and Sunday Territorian decided that it was not seemly for me to do so.

I was a respected member of the community and apparently should not be involved with Playboy and Penthouse.

What hypocrites some people are, and what some media will do to stir up a news story.

Although I won the first suit, they conspired with the second defendant and a stupid judge garnisheed the judgment amount in favour of the latter.

If I had any common sense at the time I ought not to have sued and just let the so-called news pass into oblivion.

There were ramifications, however, because a part of Crocodile Dundee was supposed to be filmed in Darwin and I was asked by the Forcast agency to assist with casting for this.

It fell through because of the unfortunate publicity and interference from the local press.

In 1984 I had been taking young girls to Young Talent Time in Melbourne and one of them was being considered for the Team. 

Again, after the unnecessary and unwarranted publicity, Johnny Young decided to separate Young Talent Time from me.

Shortly afterwards, the Sunday Territorian left Darwin.

All because of two short ads, one of which was withdrawn before publication. 

If it had been anyone else, I wonder would such a fuss have been made? 

USA & Australia

The United States of America and the Commonwealth of Australia are the same age calculating from the Declaration of Independence and Captain Cook. 

In this technologically advanced age of much enlightenment, we should be removing the blinkers and objectively taking stock of certain anomalies.


The Motto of our friend and protector the USA is In God We Trust. 

Regrettably, Covid and the state of the World show that trusting in God may be a mistake.

The US Constitution was written at a time when a militia was needed to fight off the British and the North American Indians and it requires revision. 

Article 2, the right to bear arms, is an anachronism that should already have been repealed but for political partisan interests.

The motto of the 60% Mormon State of Utah is Our Jesus is better than yours. Regrettably, belief in any Jesus is fallacious, as there is no historical record that Jesus even existed.

That is not to say that Jesus did/ does not exist, only unfortunately that there is no actual historical evidence to confirm any aspect whatsoever of his life and death.

Giordano and Galileo

In 1600 the Roman Catholic Church had Giordano executed for contradicting its view that the Earth was the centre of the universe. 

Starting in 1593, he was tried for heresy by the Roman Inquisition, charged with denying core doctrines, including eternal damnation, the Trinity, the divinity of Christ, the virginity of Mary, and transubstantiation. 

Giordano also observed that the Earth went around the Sun. 

He was sentenced to death, tied to a wooden stake and set on fire. 

Was this a Christian act? Would Jesus have approved? 

It seems that the Roman Catholic Church never bothered to ask these questions in the 1000 years since it became independent.


Ten years after Bruno died, Galileo made a telescope and observed that the Moon was not a perfect sphere as the Church maintained and that it was covered with craters and mountains. 

He also observed for the first time the four major moons orbiting Jupiter.

Galileo  wrote down these observations, however the Church forced him to recant and not to publish, and confined him to home detention for 32 years until he died in 1642.

Galileo observed that All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. 

Four centuries too late the Church apologized for their treatment of Giordano and Galileo. 

However, there has as yet been no apology forthcoming for the Roman Church's papally sanctioned horrific wars, terrorism, torture, and killing of people during the first nine centuries of its independence, all supposedly in the name of God and of Jesus.

Would an apology ever suffice for the Churches egregious and inexcusable conduct?

Since the infamous inquisitions, and papal corruption, a cult of coverups for ubiquitous perverse priestly pedophilia has been uncovered. 

As well as two Nazi popes, Pius 12 who supported Hitler, and Benedict 16 who fought for Hitler.

If I had known about these things I would not have joined the Catholic Church in 1963. I would have listened to my Mum. 

When I eventually learned about these horrors, terrors and corruption after 23 years of devotion to the Roman Catholic Church, I left both it and the Secular Franciscan Order in 1986.

Early years in Melbourne

After I inherited Lithuania and came to Australia in 1967, I watched the Moon landing on black and white TV in 1969, the year in which Japan began selling the first quartz wristwatches.

Did you know that if a quartz crystal is squeezed it vibrates

at a precise frequency of 32,768 times every second! and generates a tiny electric voltage?

Two of my favorite Bond films appeared in 1967: Casino Royale with Sir David Niven, Sir Peter Sellers, Sir Woody Allen, and Ursula Andress from Dr No; and You Only Live Twice with fellow Scot Sir Sean Connery and the lovely Japanese actresses Akiko Wakabayashi and Mie Hama.

They had both appeared in Woody Allen's spy spoof What's Up, Tiger Lily? the previous year.

In 1968 I began singing on Melbourne Radio 3DB and GTV9, and I got my Student Pilot Licence.

One day my instructor got out of the Piper Cherokee plane when we landed and sent me around again solo. It was quite a thrill.

When I went for my restricted licence some months later, I flew into sudden bad weather. 

I had no instrument rating, so I had to descend below the stormclouds and make my way back to Moorabbin Airport as best I could.

I sang with an entertainment group called the Summerleas Entertainers at various venues. 

My co-worker guitarist Alan Mulraney was in the group, and would back me on GTV9 New Faces in 1970.

Alan and I practised judo together and joined the Civilian Military Force, which I had to leave in 1970 in order to go to the Australian School of Pacific Administration in preparation to be a patrol officer/ kiap in PNG. 

I discovered my inheritance in 1992 when I visited my stepmother Princess Paulina by invitation to Bielsko-Biala in south Poland. She died the following year.

On my father's tomb was inscribed (in Polish) Count of Lubraniec and Grand Prince of Lithuania. Can you imagine my feelings?

In 1991, the Baltic countries gained independence from the Soviet Union and the Grand Duchy was ready to be restored, but instead it was unlawfully usurped by three republics.

In 1993, Alan Earl of Dalvey drafted my letters patent as Count of Lubraniec and Grand Duke of Lithuania (Grand Prince in Polish).

That same year, my friend a lawyer advised me of the many territories accruing to my title as His Royal Highness Prince Ronald Mann The Grand Duke of Lithuania. 

I changed my name to Prince Roman and in 2006 to King Roman.

I have been Emperor of Europa and King of Lithuania since 2004, crowned 24 May 2005.

There are only two emperors in the world today. The other is the Japanese emperor, who is beholden to the United Nations whereas I am not. 

If you want to know more, I invite you to visit for details and opportunities.

Like the Vatican, the Empire of Europa is independent of the United Nations, with none of the obligations imposed upon member states, like monetary contributions for membership.

Life is a mixed bag of all sorts

Life is a mixed bag of all sorts, usually not liquorice! in which nothing is certain, even death! Who knows for sure what lies beyond? 

The reknowned Greek philosopher Aristotle suggested it was either another world or, alternatively, oblivion. 

If it is the latter situation, no one will know whether they were correct in presuming a heaven or paradise! 

Neither will there be any reward or punishment for the lives we have led. No justice.

Many of us are brought up with a religion, whether it be one of many gods or just one; or that ridiculous mix of human and divine that only Christianity offers. 

All of us know nothing except what we are taught, and it is not until research, which has recently been made easy by the Internet, tells us other things, that we can make up our own minds about what may be reality or not. 

History is made up by historians. Nothing is certain until it is tested.

Religion has played a large and ultimately unsatisfying part in my life, from when I won a Bible prize at school - a Bible - until when I became a Reconciliation bishop and prior of the Order of St Basil for 10 years and then founded my own Universal Family Ministry.

Then through joining the Catholic Church when I was serving in the Royal Air Force in Aden on to 20 years as a minister of Secular Franciscan Order congregations in England and Australia.

I would like to sue the Catholic Church and God for damages for wasting my time in a religion which has never truly represented the Jesus it claims, or God for that matter. 

Before you laugh, a lawsuit against God was successfully won by a lady in a Nevada court, even to receiving what she wanted through a benefactor. 

The court gave judgment for her when God failed to appear (surprise?) in court! 

The reality for me is that I have my own Imperial court and am not subject to any others. I can make an Imperial Judgment and, if/ when able, have it enforced.

We live in a microcosm 

We live in a microcosm on a microscopic planet in a megalithic universe. 

We are told our collective father is God and our brother is Jesus who is also God. 

In fact, perceptions and teachings may not be reality. 

My sister Christine Elizabeth Katherine and I, Ronald Victor Charles (now King Roman) were both born during World War 2, she on 8th January 1945, I on 7th March 1942, the month after Japanese planes bombed Darwin Australia.

This was the first of 19 attacks completed during the following months and leaving the city devastated. It showed that Japan considered Darwin more of a threat to it that Pearl Harbor.

Our mother was Catherine Waersegers (Morgan/ Mann), who preferred Katherine. 

Her father was Belgian from Brussels, her mother Henrietta Sambler from Amsterdam (then in) Holland. 

She married Charles Avery Mann in Edinburgh 1937. 

She later told us that our real, biological father was a Polish army officer who was posted to Edinburgh mid 1940 and whom she met at a welcome ball for Polish forces. 

Count Roman Dambski, who left his gold and platinum signet ring with the Dambski of Lubraniec crest to Mum for me, when he returned to Poland in 1947 at the plea of his wife Paulina who had shockingly survived. 

Prince Roman 1 was a biochemist at the Paderewski Hospital attached to Edinburgh University, and he remained in Edinburgh until 1947. 

I wore the ring briefly before my RAF posting to Aden in 1962, and then Mum lost it. I called her Mum, Christine called her Mama. 

I was born at a nursing home in Eildon Street, Leith, when our home was at 22 Trinity Crescent near the River Forth, between Starbank Part and Granton Bridge. 

The crescent was opposite the Chain Pier Bar run by Betty Moss. 

After leaving Edinburgh in 1961, Mum and Christine initially lived in Bath, mainly at 67 Great Pulteney Street. 

Bath is a nice little city in the southwest of England, not far from Bristol where Cary Grant (Archie Leech) came from and where I nursed for a while at Southmead Hospital when I left the RAF. 

My mother Katherine was Belgian-Dutch, a descendant of Sir Anthony van Dyck. 

My father Roman/ Romek was a Polish Prince and Army officer awarded the British War and Peace Medals. 

These were subsequently sent to me by the Records Office in Gloucester England. 

I was christened/ baptised Ronald Victor Charles Mann during World War 2. 

Soon after I graduated with Science and Languages from Trinity Academy, I joined the Royal Air Force and served in a classified capacity at the Joint HQ Middle East Command during the Arab Insurgency in Aden. 

Then I tried my vocation to the priesthood at the Mill Hill Missionaries seminary at Rosendahl in Holland, before emigrating to Melbourne in 1967. 

There I entered Public Service, sang regularly on Radio 3DB, appeared several times on GTV9 New Faces, and was offered a singing contract.

From 1970 until 1973, I served as a Patrol Officer/ Kiap with the Australian Division of District Administration in Port Moresby and led patrols throughout the Central District of Papua New Guinea. 

I was later awarded the Police Overseas Service Medal (TPNG) for my services. 

While in PNG I also sang for ABC Radio and was bodyguard for Prince Philip when he attended the Royal Agricultural Show.

Then I returned to Bath England to visit mum, joined the Royal Navy Reserve, and was made an Executive Officer in HM Customs and Excise at Dover.

There I married Fele, a nurse and former teacher and writer. We came to Darwin in 1975 and I joined the Public Service and at self-government was the officer in charge of debt recoveries at the new Department of Law.

In 1984 I took the first children from Darwin to Young Talent Time in Melbourne and in 1985 I was invited to help with casting for Crocodile Dundee. 

I was the founding Group Leader of the Port Darwin Sea Scouts, and a presenter of shows on Radio 8TOP-FM 104 from its beginning in 1981 until 1986. 

I also sang regularly on TOP-FM including Filipino songs like Freddie Aguilar's hit Anak.

For 20 years, I was a Secular Franciscan Order minister. 

I resigned from this and from the Department of Law in 1986 to pursue a ministry to the poor. For 20 years thereafter, I was a bishop and a prior. 

In 1990, I founded the charity Filipino Club Darwin to help orphans and oppressed. Fele and I managed this for 23 years. 

Aboriginal actress singer Jessica Mauboy sang at one of our Super Gala Nights, and I subsequently gave her advice and encouragement when she was still unknown.

Fele and I were praised by successive NT Governments, Fele was honoured with a Plaque at Damora Park in a Tribute to Territory Women, and when the FCD ended we received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Philippines Government. 

We received praise from Clare Martin, Paul Henderson, Dawn Lawrie, Matthew Bonson, Terry Mills, and others. 

I appeared in The Phantom (1996) with "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", and I was in a scene made on the Gold Coast for the TV series Flipper. 

It starred Jessica Alba after whom I named my micronational and still nascent Moon Kingdom Alba on Copernicus. 

I have written a variety of books, among them a Royal Encyclopedia; the fictional Sir Sherlock Holmes; and science fiction thriller Moon Shock. 

I have completed well over 50 university courses including International Law, Astronomy, and Cybersecurity.

Independent Candidate aborted

I was to stand as an independent candidate for the seat of Fannie Bay on 22 August 2020, but was misled by the Electoral Commission website and had to withdraw my candidacy.

I wanted to assist the poor, homeless and disadvantaged, improve the law to provide REAL justice, and to promote independence through statehood, or even monarchy (!), for the Northern Territory. 

My promise was to support the best laws and policies that I or anyone else might propose. 

As a Doctor of Natural Medicine/ Naturopathy (ND), also with a Diploma in Professional Herbal Medicine, I would have been able to recommend natural fixes for the Covid-19 pandemic, and to seek revision of our Health system to include Natural Medicine. 

These are already available at pharmacies.

Some natural medicines are antivirals that have been used in one form or another for thousands of years and are available in any chemist shop and supermarket. 

With experience in British and Australian defence forces, I would have been able to promote better ideas for our safety and strong action against those who flaunt authority and needlessly endanger our community. 

I recognized that the economy is in a shambles because of the Covid virus - isn't it strange how something so microscopic can wreak such devastastion! - and if I had been elected for Fannie Bay I would have been able to propose ways to relieve the situation for surviving businesses and to open up more jobs for a natural medicine treated and Covid-free society. 

However, it was not to be.

Such is life.

When God appeared is a BIG mystery

Did God always exist or did God begin somewhere and how and why? It is impossible to answer these questions. 

Does God exist and where God lives are two perhaps easier to answer. 

Everything in and around us, including Outer Space, indicates the existence of a Creator - or more than one God, because it is unlikely that God would not have the companionship of other Gods, isn't it? 

As to where God is, that has to be in another universe because God would have had to already exist before he made our universe and, if this one wasn't here, it would have had to be another, wouldn't it?

Now, I have not seen God, nor has anyone else seen God as far as I am aware? 

Unless, that is, you are a one who believes that Jesus is God in that strange tri-unity. 

Yet Christians were waiting for Jesus to return two thousand years ago, and they are still waiting two thousand years later, and they still haven't tumbled to the fact that it is not going to happen.

Apart from the belief Christians stick to, that was handed down to them by the 4th century Council of Nicaea, and that was provided by two 4th century gospel codices written by unknown authors decades after Jesus is thought to have died, there is no historical evidence that Jesus even existed.

However, I do believe that he did exist, and that he was just a man, like his many other namesakes of that long gone period. 

I further believe that Jesus' and relatives' bones were in the East Talpiot Jerusalem tomb of Jesus son of Joseph that was discovered by accident in 1980.

It was subsequently enshrined in THE LOST TOMB OF JESUS which was presented by famed Titanic director James Cameron in 2006.

The only person that I know for certain walked on water, and on air - because I and many others personally witnessed him perform these astonishing feats! - is Stephen Freyne, also known as DYNAMO, MAGICIAN IMPOSSIBLE.

How magic has advanced, like technology, since I got involved all these many years ago.

I supposedly have three fathers! 

Having been raised a Christian, the first one is God the Father. He is invisible and there are no pictures of him. 

Just as with my second supposed father Charles Avery Mann, of whom no pictures exist. He passed on, who really knows where, in 1991 in Edinburgh Scotland where he was born in 1908.

Charles lived a separate life to Katherine his wife. They did not get on. There were arguments over money. He went on holidays alone.

However, he wasn't a bad person. 

At weekends he would go to the motor racing and to watch Hearts play football. Far too noisy and smelly and dusty for my taste.

Things I remember are that he brought home fish from Granton, and comics for Christine and me.

His hobby was crafting model ships, including a galleon and the Cutty Sark. He also made flying model planes for me, including a Goblin which used rubber bands to spin the propellor.

He was a ships rigger and liferaft tester at the time I joined the Royal Air Force in 1961. He had been a chauffeur, as indicated on my birth certificate.

He was a fireman during the war, and a big base drummer in a marching band.

He also brought in Dexion at one stage, with which I constructed a car to drive around our hall.

We had a cellar just inside the kitchen door, where a sack of coal was delivered twice a week, and potatoes and onions were stored.

Our third floor flat at 22 Trinity Crescent, Edinburgh, had a window looking down on a large yard, out of which our cat jumped to an end chasing something real or delusional.

The black hole, as we called it because it had no windows, was where Christine and I slept, and was to the right of the front door.

We lived in a lower middle class third-floor flat at 22 Trinity Crescent, near the River Forth, famous for its Forth Bridge, which featured in one of my favourite books and movies, John Buchan's The Thirty-Nine Steps.

This dad Charles Avery worked at Granton Docks, not far away, as a ships rigger and liferaft tester. He brought home fresh fish, like lemon sole and cod, whiting and haddock, every week. 

He is on my birth certificate as my father with the occupation chauffer. People were not so open-minded in those days about inattention to marriage vows.

Dad served in the fire brigade during the war and belonged to a marching band where he played a big bass drum on his chest. 

One time there was a fire at a Cadbury chocolate factory and he brought home some of the saved boxes of chocolates. 

Maybe that was where my chocolate addiction began, which eventually led to my present, yet not uncomfortable, state of having no teeth. 

While I have none of the problems associated with having teeth and trips to the dentist, Fele, whom I married at Dover England in 1975, has had lots of painful problems.

My supposed father, Charles, liked to make replicas of boats such as the clipper Cutty Sark, and he brough home model plane sets which he helped me construct, like the Goblin, which I sadly crashed on its first flight. 

He brought home different types of comics for my sister Christine and me to read, like Beano and Dandy, Eagle and Radio Fun. 

His favourite singer was the Forces Sweetheart, Vera Lynn, whom I also appreciate along with Greece's Nana Mouskouri and Belgium's Dana Winner, real name Chantal Vanlee. 

Dad wasn't a bad person, but my mother and he did not get along, and they lived their lives separately. He went off on holidays by himself. 

I went to see him a few times when I occasionally visited Scotland from overseas. and on one such visit in the 1980s, he had a lady friend called Mary. 

Proud to have Served

Many Australians may never have heard of Kiaps. It was a name of respect given to Australian patrol officers by the natives of Papua New Guinea. 

Patrol officers basically operated between 1945 and 1975, when PNG became independent.

Papua and New Guinea were originally under United Nations Mandate, and entrusted to Australia's care. 

Papua and New Guinea were wild then, and killings common, usually one another.

The natives used primitive clubs, knives and axes, spears and arrows. 

Leeches and mosquitoes abounded. The countries were covered in dense wet jungle and the mountains were cold and craggy. 

In 1945 the Australian Army, with the approval of General Blamey, established the Land Headquarters, School of Civil Affairs, in the grounds of the Military College, Duntroon, to train officers for the Australian New Guinea Administrative Unit. 

ASOPA was given statutory recognition under the Papua New Guinea Act in 1949 and continued to function as a responsibility of the Minister for External Territories till 1 December 1973. 

In March 1946, the School became a civil institution, named The Australian School of Pacific Administration, and was transferred to Georges Heights, Mosman, NSW, and later to Middle Head. 

Colonel John Kerr was demobilised and became the first Principal of the Australian School of Pacific Administration. 

Originally located at Duntroon, in May 1947 ASOPA was relocated to a group of Army huts on Middle Head.

In 1948 the first civilians enrolled at ASOPA, training for patrol officer and magisterial duties. 

PNG Administrator Colonel JK "Kanaka Jack" Murray addressed the School thus: 

“Our aim and obligation in native administration is to work ourselves out of a job”.

The Papua and New Guinea Act 1949 gave ASOPA statutory recognition.

From 1951, ASOPA concentrated on training officers to serve in PNG.

In the early 1960s, the Australian Government realised that independence in PNG would come sooner than previously anticipated and ASOPA moved into an intensive period of training young Australians to accelerate the pace of development in its territories.

The last long course for PNG Patrol Officers was given in 1966.

In 1969, a fire at ASOPA destroyed many documents including all the policy papers up until 1949 and many student records.

ASOPA had begun as a training institution for Australians taking leadership positions in Australia's territories.

After I was trained at ASOPA in 1970, ASOPA training of Australians was phased out.

There were 33 of us chosen from 2000 applicants in Melbourne. I never went through the cadet 6 months training or one year probation patrolling with an experienced officer and then two more years at ASOPA. 

To be an assistant patrol officer, I did three months training at ASOPA, and then another two weeks at Kwikila Camp at Brown River near Port Moresby.

I was then posted to Ela Beach sub-district office in Port Moresby and organized my own patrols throughout the Central District with reference to previous patrol reports, accompanied by one policeman with a rifle, and numerous bearers to carry heavy metal trunks. I had no supervision, perhaps because I was a Royal Air Force veteran of the Aden Insurgency?

Field Marshal Sir William Slim said that he would not have gone patrolling in PNG without a brigade of soldiers to accompany him. 

This may give some idea of what Australian kiaps achieved with very limited resources.

I served as a patrol officer leading patrols throughout the Central District until 1973 when PNG became self-governing, and in 1975 PNG became independent.

I read James Sinclair's book Kiap recently and compared experiences. Apart from a revolt by the native bearers which the native policeman was able to calm, I don't remember experiencing trouble from any of the many villages I visited.

Was I lucky, or did I have a presence, or was it a mix of both? 

Former patrol officer Laurie Bragg said: 

"I have heard it said, and probably very arguably that it was the only colonial exercise where the colonial power put more into the country than they took out of it

"I think it's a proud piece of Australian history and (Australians) just don't know about it."

In 2018 I was the last of 50 kiaps to be awarded the Police Overseas Service Medal (TPNG) for their services.

Death may be a Blessing even if maybe not to those left behind?

I think there are many in this world who would agree and who would welcome euthanasia.

The Greek philosopher Aristotle said that Death may be the greatest blessing. 

He thought that either there was something after death, or there was simply oblivion. In which case, no one would ever know whether they followed a true religion or not. 

I certainly hope Aristotle is right about death being the greatest blessing, because my life has lasted beyond the Biblical three score and ten, and may not last that much longer!

Of course, this also means that death is too good for those who are violent and nasty to others.

In an episode of NCIS a terrorist is shot and lying on the ground. Tony asks him Does it hurt? And when the man says Yes, Tony says Good! 

The year is 2020, I am 78

I intended to stand for election in August to the Legislative Assembly in Darwin Australia because I believed I had more to offer our community.

However, it was not to be, and I really think I have more important things to attend to with an Empire to tend.

My mother Katherine was Belgian-Dutch and a descendant of Sir Anthony van Dyck, who was a student of Peter Paul Rubens, and court portrait painter to the ill-fated King Charles 1 of England. 

My real father Roman was a Polish Prince and Count, an Army Officer who was awarded the British War and Peace Medals which I was sent by the Records Office in Gloucester England. 

I was christened Ronald Victor Charles during World War 2 , with surname Mann like my supposed father Charles Avery. 

Maybe the Victor was prophetic regarding my royal inheritance: time, of which I may not have much left, will tell.

I tried my vocation to priesthood with the Mill Hill Missionaries at Rosendaal Holland after leaving the RAF and before emigrating to Melbourne in 1967. 

From 1970 until 1973, I served as a Patrol Officer/ Kiap with the Australian Division of District Administration in Port Moresby and led patrols throughout the Central District of Papua New Guinea, for which I was later awarded the Police Overseas Service Medal. 

I returned to Bath England from Melbourne on the SS Australis in 1973 to visit mum, joined the Royal Navy Reserve, and was made an Executive Officer in HM Customs and Excise at Dover.

This began my love of sea cruising which I could not pursue until after I retired.

At self-government in 1978 I was officer in charge of debt recoveries at the new Department of Law.

In 1984 I took the first children from Darwin to Young Talent Time in Melbourne, and in 1985 I was invited to help with casting for Crocodile Dundee. 

I was the founding Group Leader of the Port Darwin Sea Scouts and a presenter of Radio 8TOP-FM 104 shows from its beginning in 1981 until 1986. 

For 20 years, I was also a Secular Franciscan Order minister of various congregations in Bristol, Melbourne and Darwin. 

I resigned from these and from the Department of Law in 1986 to pursue a ministry to the poor. During 20 years thereafter, I was a bishop and a prior. 

In 1990, I founded the charity Filipino Club Darwin to help orphans and oppressed. Fele and I managed this for 23 years. 

The talented Aborigine Jessica Mauboy sang at one of our Super Gala Nights, and I subsequently gave her advice and encouragement when she was still unknown. 

Jessica is now a popular accomplished singer and composer and she starred in the unusual comedy Bran Nue Dae, and others.

Now that Jessica is famous and, because of a misunderstanding with her mother, we regrettably no longer have contact.

Fele and I were praised by successive NT Governments, and we also were praised by former chief ministers Clare Martin, Paul Henderson, Dawn Lawrie, Terry Mills, and other government ministers, and were referred to a number of times in Hansard. 

I have a second nascent extraterrestrial micronation called the Moon Kingdom Kath, located across from Alba, named after my mum and also a teenage crush I had at school called Kathleen.

I am 78 years of age, eight years past the Biblical three score and ten which was the indicated human life span. 

This is slightly confusing, because people had shorter life spans in Bible days, and some of the earlier patriarchs allegedly lived for hundreds of years.

James Barney proposes an interesting theory in his novel The Genesis Code, which is one of my favourites along with The Da Vinci Code and Daniel Silva's The Fallen Angel. 

I find it difficult to find other books that hold my interest like these did, even those by the most popular authors.

Out there somewhere far, far away 

Out there somewhere far, far away exists the mysterious Being, invisible to us, who likely created our universe either alone or together with other kindred spirits.

According to Earth-centred Science, our universe is 13.77 billion years old, although I can actually prove it to be at least four times that age and that the Big Bang is a myth! See above for details.

While our small planet has existed for around 4.6 billion years, maybe less according to a recent study, human life began from 2 - 4 million years ago in East Africa. This location does not seem to gel with the Bible account of Adam and Eve.

Recently, when I was pondering Australian Aborigines, and it occurred to me that they  apparently lazed around in Australia for 50 - 60 thousand years, I stumbled across a puzzling point. 

If these figures are true, and if the observation by journalist and historian Rodney is true that Homo sapiens changed into Homo sapiens sapiens around 38,000 years ago, then Aborigines would have evolved while they lived in the land now called Australia. 

That would also mean that such evolution took place over a period of twelve to twenty-two thousand years! It's a question for more relevant academics than me to determine.

Important civilisations arrived and departed during the last 10,000 years, while Aborigines still built nothing and yet hold up their flag and claim that the land belongs to them. 

I don't think they made that flag before the British came, or that they planted it here!

Compare this with the Australia whose advanced technological civilization has emerged since British occupation less than 250 years ago.

The Notion of One God 

The notion that there was One God appeared only 1300 years before Jesus, when Pharaoh Akhenaten introduced monetheism, worship of one Sun god, to replace the polytheistic Egyptian culture.

Moses subsequently brought the concept to the Jewish people.

Even more recently, about 1700 years ago, Christian leaders were convened at Nicaea by the Roman Emperor Constantine and decided what Christians should believe. 

Controversy arose,  alleged heresies emerged, and some Christian leaders were condemned and exiled.

Before the Roman Catholic Church finally split from the Eastern Church at Constantinople in 1054 CE, there were 22 schisms! 

These tend to indicate there was no real agreement amongst Christians about Church teachings from the Council of Nicaea, except that Jesus existed. 

Curiously, there is absolutely no historical evidence that Jesus did exist, despite there being around 50 historians contemporary with his

 time. They never mentioned him!

For a number of years

Darwin and the Northern Territory of Australia have a problem with Aboriginal and youth crime, such that our car was broken into seven times.

Despite advice to the NT Police, they were unable to catch anyone, neither was there any restitution for our losses, so that we decided to get rid of our car.

It has proven no great loss, because the bus to Casuarina Square shopping centre is about 30 metres from our door, and shops including Woolies about 10 minutes walk.

I pursue my Imperial duties from home, and Fele has friends who pick her up to go places, so the loss has actually saved the many expenses associated with owning a car for so many years.

United Nations? 

The United Nations is really a disunited organization manipulated by the USA, Russia and China, major powers who virtually own the Security Council and do as they please.

This is witnessed by US invasion of Iraq 2003, Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the Chinese grab of South China Sea properties.

They show no respect for other countries' Sovereignty, and the UN can do nothing but complain.

They must be taught to respect Sovereign Law, including acknowledging this Monarch who has been exiled for so long.

You can find more information about me and my Realm at  (No prefix is necessary for this URL)

And you can help me and yourself by buying a Royal or Noble title if you can, or becoming an Imperial Coder or an Imperial Ambassador to use your talents to assist the Emperor and to acquire a Royal or Noble title, or even more than one.

My Broad Education

After getting my PhD, DD and ND, more recently I studied more than 50 short university courses.  

Moons - Open University

The Internet of Things, King's College London

A Law Students Toolkit, Yale University

Forensic Science & Criminal Justice - Leicester University 

Antiquities Trafficking & Art Crime - Glasgow Uni

The EU and Human Rights - Leuven Uni

Forensic Psychology - Open Uni 

International Law - Louvain Uni

International Law in Action: A Guide to the International Courts and Tribunals in The Hague - Leiden Uni

and many more! I have not stopped studying.

In the heart of Australia

In the heart of Australia lies the Top Secret Joint US-Australian Defence Facility called Pine Gap.

I was Top Secret in Aden in the 1960s during the Arab Insurgency from the North and also in Port Moresby in the 1970s during incursions from Indonesian Irianjaya, and now as an Emperor of Europa. 

Pine Gap keeps an eye on military or terrorist movements in the region and advises action to be taken in the event these become a threat.

Although Australia has a tight relationship with the US for its own protection, nevertheless I was ashamed when PM Howard did not stand up for justice in 2003 but joined Australia with the Bush camp invaders of Iraq.

That was very bad, and none of the perpetrators, including Howard, were held to account for the resultant war crimes and destabilization of the Middle East.


In 1992 I was landed by my stepmother Princess Paulina with the really difficult responsibility of  restoring the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Nearly 30 years later, only one Royal Sovereign has so far acknowledged me. This was the late Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

Even the United Nations does not adhere to its own International Law, which supposedly guarantees my Sovereign Entitlements and other rights of Monarchy.

Indeed, I first inherited the Grand Duchy of Lithuania back on 22 November 1967 when my Polish father died, and I have been fighting for acknowledgment since the collapse of the Soviet Union and liberation of Baltic states in 1991.

It is only recently I realized that global politics and the UN are no friends of mine.

In these circumstances, the one way left to me is an Imperial Cyberforce. 

And why not? Major nations use cyber tactics to disrupt, so why should I not use them to obtain justice and proper recognition?

Despite the arbitrary nature of this world, I wish every good person could have all the blessings of life and none of the curses.

Covid-19 - Addendum

Fele was thought to have Covid and was hospitalized in February 2020 on board our last cruise ship, leaving a bid hospital bill that fortunately the cruiseline did not insist on me paying, although it wouldn't ultimately have mattered whether they insisted or not.

However, after we learned what Covid actually was, I wrote to various media outlets to provide proper information, which however they disregarded - and more people were infected and died.

Modern Medicine has NO cure, all they can do is try to make infected patients comfortable.

Meanwhile, so called medical experts spread false messages and false hope. Let's examine the reality.

Masks cannot help you, and may even make the infection worse. If you can breathe through a mask then you can breathe in Covid from the air.

Furthermore, the infection may be exacerbated because of the moist atmosphere inside your mask. 

So masks are useless. They give a false sense of security, and may even worsen the infection.

Soaps are similarly ineffective against Covid, which is viral and unaffected by soaps.

Additionally, soaps can interfere with the body's natural skin defences against microscopic invaders.

I recently wrote to the local Northern Territory News paper:

Our current situation is tricky and fraught with risk. 

We are now bringing in Aussies from countries that are OVERWHELMED BY COVID like India and the UK. 

They are coming back in the confines of aircraft in which THEY ARE ALL BREATHING THE SAME AIR - remember that COVID can be airborne. 

It would be a miracle if someone else on the plane was not infected by an infected passenger! 

A day later four more victims were diagnosed.

So what is the solution to Covid-19 infection? 


Eat healthy, and if you get infected take natural antivirals, for example Garlic and Echinacea.

Social distancing is touted and a 1.5 metre separation suggested. But if Covid is in the air, the idea that it will be restricted to 1.5 metres is ludicrous.

© Copyright KING ROMAN

King Roman was born in Scotland, graduated from Trinity Academy, and served in armed forces, public services and ministry in the UK and Australia.

Following RAF service through the Aden Insurgency, and as a patrol officer in PNG, and inheriting the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 1967, he married in 1975.

He and Fele have lived in Darwin Australia since then, ran the charity Filipino Club Darwin for 23 years and have enjoyed annual sea cruises during their retirement.