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Under God, there is none of higher rank on Earth than an Emperor. He passes his hereditary legacy on to his family line, while a president or prime minister lasts for a short while only. This is why an imperial King's decree has legal effect. What King Roman says about Marriage, a basic estate for us humans, is therefore important to hear and to consider. 

King Roman was a Secular Franciscan Order minister, and later occupied the various roles of a reconciliation bishop, basilean prior, and universal family archbishop, helping homeless, orphans, and poor. King Roman wants, without gender prejudice, to help those who are either contemplating marriage or are already in a commonlaw or de facto relationship. 

There are two basic problems with modern marriage. One is that around 50% of all marriages fail, and many of the other 50% marriages are unhappy or oppressive. There are questions of lack of money, infidelity, and dissatisfaction. The love with which a marriage began often succumbs to bitterness and divorce and depression. We are, after all, human beings and therefore prone to imperfection. 

Secondly, we are required in a formal marriage ceremony to make vows. Most people who follow religion are Christian, and should know that this is not only contrary to the New Testament letter of James, for example, but vows fail to recognize that people are human, and that we tend to make unfortunate choices. Should we therefore be condemned to suffer for the rest of our lives, or indeed any longer, from brutality, abuse, or other inappropriate behaviour from our spouses? 

King Roman is therefore offering you, for a donation of $1000, a Marriage Decree & Blessing. While this is a good faith acknowledgement that you wish to live together in a married relationship for life, it does not bind either party. This Marriage Decree and Blessing allows either party to end the marriage at any time in writing, should they be unable to continue the situation for any reason. Therefore, there is no need for costly and bitter divorce proceedings. Each party has the right to end the marriage at any time. 

There is one proviso that, in the event of cessation of your marriage relationship, either by you or by your companion, settlement of custody or provision for the other partner may either be determined by King Roman for a further donation of $100, or by private mediation, or by family court if absolutely necessary (not recommended). 

Donations may be made securely below via PayPal, and you can fill in the form beneath in order to obtain your special Marriage Decree and Blessing (see sample below) from His Majesty King Roman. Your donation assists towards charitable and noble projects. 

Application for a Marriage Decree & Blessing 

Your name

Your date and place of birth

Your employer and occupation

Your Companion's name

Your companion's date and place of birth

Your companion's employer and occupation

(both names will be entered on the marriage decree, see sample below, and both parties will sign it for validation)

Joint address

Phone number

* Clear photo ID for both you and your companion are also required *

This Marriage Decree & Blessing confirms your common law marriage or de facto relationship for legal purposes.The marriage may be ceased at any time in writing either by you or by your companion.

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