imperial flag
His Imperial Majesty King Roman 1 is King of Lithuania and Emperor of Europa. 
King Roman is offering YOU the following unique and excellent opportunities including Knighthood.
You may Buy Real Royal and Noble Titles 
with, or without, Land and Immunity.

Or you may get FREE Imperial Positions of 
Ambassador or Coder, with Knighthood and Commissions.

While you may, come and join King Roman's Imperial Court NOW and become a Knight, Royal, or Noble!

His Imperial Majesty King Roman invites everyone to buy real royal & noble titles, or become Imperial ambassadors, coders, celebrity donors

Global online applications (male and female) are invited to become Imperial Knights

Those who have achieved Celebrity status in movies and other areas and are willing to donate or provide other services to King Roman

Expert computer Coders for the Empire of Europa Cyberforce

Experienced Lawyers willing and able to take on extraordinary cases for His Imperial Majesty

Film industry professionals who can assist in the production of His Imperial Majesty's projects like Kiap or Moonshock

Space Engineers willing to provide research and development on King Roman's saucer spacecraft Moonship Phoenix

Those who can make a substantial donation to the Empire of Europa or provide other special services to His Imperial Majesty

His Imperial Majesty welcomes you to be an Imperial Knights of the Empire of Europa

Your promotions as Imperial Knights to Knight Commanders may be either by donation or service to His Imperial Majesty or both

Application may be made from the menu above, and photos and enquiries addressed to

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