Suitably qualified and experienced persons, of good repute and with no criminal record, may apply to be considered for appointment to one/ more of these positions. 

Complete the Application form and send the specified contribution:
(a) Imperial Ambassador in the Imperial Europan Diplomatic Corps (IEDC) - entitled to be addressed as HIS/HER EXCELLENCY SIR/LADY ...,  IMPERIAL AMBASSADOR OF EUROPA TO ... - AUD $2,000;

(b) Imperial Consul General in the Imperial Europan Consular Corps (IECC) - entitled to be addressed as THE MOST HONOURABLE SIR/LADY ... , IMPERIAL CONSUL GENERAL OF EUROPA TO ... - AUD $1,000;

(c) Imperial Commander of the Imperial Europan Strike Force (IESF) - entitled to be addressed as THE MOST HONOURABLE SIR/LADY ... , IMPERIAL AIR COMMANDER/ IMPERIAL SEA COMMANDER/ IMPERIAL LAND COMMANDER of the Imperial Europan Strike Force (IESF) - AUD $1,000; 
The practice of selling imperial Commissions was begun in 1683 during the reign of Charles II in Great Britain. Sale of commissions was common practice in most European armies where wealthy and noble officers purchased their rank or promotion, much as knights often did in earlier ages. 

(d) Imperial Minister of the Imperial Europan Cabinet (IEP) - entitled to be addressed as THE MOST HONORABLE SIR/LADY ... , IMPERIAL MINISTER OF THE IMPERIAL EUROPAN CABINET IN ... - AUD $1,000;
(e)  Imperial Court Judge of the Imperial Europan Court (IEC) - entitled to be addressed as THE MOST HONOURABLE SIR/LADY ... , IMPERIAL JUSTICE OF THE IMPERIAL EUROPAN COURT IN ... - AUD $1,000;
(f)   Imperial IT Security Adviser - entitled to be addressed as THE MOST HONOURABLE SIR/LADY ... , IMPERIAL IT SECURITY ADVISER TO HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY KING ROMAN IN ... - AUD $1,000; 

(g)  Secret Agent of the IMPERIAL EUROPAN SECRET SERVICE (IESS) reporting directly to His Imperial Majesty KING ROMAN - AUD $1,000;

(h)  Executive Officer of the Imperial Space Agency - to primarily research and promote a viable flying saucer - Moonship Phoenix - for exploration of the Moon - AUD $1,000; 
King Roman purchased land from the LunarEmbassy on Copernicus and Manilius for Moon Kingdoms Alba and Kath, respectively.

Whoever is appointed to one or more of the above positions is required to support and assist His Imperial Majesty King Roman as able, according to skills and qualifications, for the purpose of assisting His Imperial Majesty to obtain global recognition.

(a) Complete the Title Application form;
(b) Provide relevant Reasons as to how you are qualified and why you should be accepted for one or more positions;
(c) Make the specified Contribution securely through PayPal for each desired position.
Those who provide good service to His Imperial Majesty will receive a promotion after every two years of service. 

Please advise if you would like a different appointment or commission to those above.


Special Imperial Projects

1. MOON SHOCK movie

     PRODUCER/S wanted to finance production of  His Imperial Majesty's novelette Moon Shock, which is part of King Roman's trilogy The Amazing Adventures of Professor John Hudson. 
King Roman is trained in acting, production and directing, and was invited to suggest Darwin cast for Crocodile Dundee in 1985. He appeared in The Phantom (1996), and acted in an episode of Flipper (Jessica Alba) (1996). The scene was regrettably cut.

2. MOONSHIP PHOENIX spacecraft

     INVESTOR/S and AEROSPACE ENGINEER/S wanted to support research on Moonship Phoenix in order to make it viable for launch to the Moon asap. 
King Roman made an approach to the new Australian Space Agency which opened in Canberra on 1st July 2018 and is planning to build a launch site near Nhulunbuy in the Northern Territory of Australia. He has had an interest in Astronomy since he went on a Trinity Academy school night trip to Calton Hill Observatory Edinburgh in 1957. He lately completed a short course - Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe - through the Australian National University in Canberra. King Roman also has deeds to land on the Moon at the Copernicus crater and Manilius crater, where he has respectively named the Moon Kingdoms of Alba and Kath.