His Imperial Majesty King Roman is Hiring Internet Experts NOW                         Become a Knight Lieutenant in his Imperial Cyberforce with challenging missions and BIG rewards
                                            Use your Computer skills to fight for Justice and Humanity

*One Successful Secret Service Mission can make you a Baron/Baroness and a Millionaire/Millionairess

King Roman needs competent computer scientist hackers for important and confidential assignments! 

King Roman observes: 

       "Just as the United Nations and the European Union rely upon substantial financial support from their members in order to survive, no Royal or Imperial Kingdom can thrive without funding. Fifty years ago we talked of millions being a lot of money, then it became billions, and now it has become trillions. Talk about inflation!

       In 1967 I inherited the Kingdom and Grand Duchy of Lithuania. 

       In 1991 my Realm was stolen from me, including my territories, peoples and funding (taxation), when the Soviet Union collapsed. 

       In 2000, armed Australian Federal Police unlawfully invaded my home when I was away and stole my computer and documents: this was a Declaration of War against the Grand Duke & Grand Duchy of Lithuania by the Commonwealth of Australia.

       Unlike the French Duke who invaded England with an army in 1066 and took the throne by armed invasion - after which the official language was French for 300 years - I have no desire to kill people in order to take back or restore what is rightfully mine. 

       Indeed, I regard the US invasion of Iraq, in conspiracy with the UK and supported by Australia and Poland, as one of the major crimes of this century, with many thousands of innocent men, women and children unlawfully killed. The war criminals have so far escaped punishment.

       Unlike these warmongers, I instead seek to utilise the modern technology of the Internet in my quest for Justice, by building an Imperial Cyberforce of competent computer scientist hackers to achieve my legitimate aims as a lawful (de jure) Monarch.
       The United Nations and European Union can only give tacit acknowledgment of my claims, which have been placed before both international organisations, however they cannot  afford to offend their members and commit possible political suicide by overtly recognising the Kingdom of Lithuania or the Empire of Europa. 

       Let's face it, even the United Nations cannot control its Superpower members. If it could, the 2003 invasion of Iraq would have been prevented.

       I need competent computer scientist hackers URGENTLY to effect necessary reparation, restitution, restoration and other justice. As members of my Imperial Cyberforce, they are empowered to carry out missions under my Imperial direction with the protection of immunity.

       If you are one, I need YOU!"

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"Justice delayed is Justice denied"  
William Gladstone (1809-1898)

Applications are invited from computer experts who would like to become an Knight Lieutenant in the Imperial Cyberforce of Europa (I.C.E.).

*     Your career as an computer expert with I.C.E. begins as a Knight Lieutenant with Dual Citizenship. 
AApplications are invited from experts who would like to become an Imperial Programer in the Imperial Cyberforce of Europa (I.C.E.).
*       Your primary mission will be to recover judgment debts from nations that have usurped/ stolen land, peoples, taxes, forces etc. from His Imperial Majesty and to transfer such monies to the Empire of Europa. 
(Note that some of these nations were notified of imperial judgment in early 2019 and chose not to respond (in legal terminology "tacit consent"), thus incurring a further penalty, and resulting in an Imperial decision not to notify any further judgments but simply to carry out enforcement of each judgment).

*       You may work in pairs on the same assignment for the same rewards.
*     Advancement in the Imperial Cyberforce of Europa is based upon carrying out successful missions in the name of Emperor and Empire. After successful completion of your first mission in I.C.E., you are promoted to Sir/ Lady  Knight Commander, and receive a Principality in the Empire plus one million Euros. After successful completion of your second mission, you will be promoted to Knight Marshall, become a Grand Prince or Princess, and receive a further one million Euros. 
Applications are invited from experts who would like to become an Imperial Programer in the Imperial Cyberforce of Europa (I.C.E.).
*     Some of the monies recovered will be placed with charities  to help the poor and needy in offending countries which have acted towards His Imperial Majesty King Roman unlawfully contrary to International Law.

*     Being under instruction/ orders from His Imperial Majesty King Roman, you have immunity from prosecution and from lawsuit.

*      Some funds that you obtain from default judgment recoveries will go to the Imperial Global Charity (IGC).

*      You may also be required to provide Intelligence for the Imperial Rapid Strike (IRS).     

To apply to become an Knight Lieutenant, please complete the Application on the menu above

     'Justice delayed is Justice denied' - Gladstone

A few Examples of Breaches of International Law

US, UK, Australia, and Poland participated in the illegal shock and awe invasion of Iraq in 2003 which killed 100,000 Iraqi men, women and children and destroyed many irreplaceable ancient Persian artifacts - 18 years ago

The Commonwealth of Australia participated in the armed invasion of and theft from the residence of the Grand Duke of Lithuania, during his absence on a charity mission, on the 25-26 May 2000 - 21 years ago.

The Republic of Lithuania stole the Grand Duchy of Lithuania lands and peoples etc. from the Grand Duke of Lithuania in 1991 - 30 years ago

The United Nations has, contrary to its own professed International Law, failed to acknowledge the Grand Duke and Grand Duchy of Lithuania for 54 years


          1.    The Sovereign has Immunity and other Sovereign/ Diplomatic rights and entitlements specified by the Treaty of Westphalia 1648 in                                                   International Law and the United Nations Charter 1945, including the  Imperial/ Royal Prerogative, Sovereign Equality, Precedence, Privilege
          2.     Anyone who acts under Imperial Orders/ Instruction shares this immunity.

          3.    Anyone or any nation that interferes in any way with any person who is acting under Imperial Orders/ Instruction is in breach of Diplomatic                    and Sovereign Protocol/ Conventions and is liable to penalty as determined by the Emperor.
          4.    Any person or nation that fails to respond to an Imperial Judgment/ Missive implies assent under the principle that "Silence signifies consent". 

His Imperial Majesty King Roman's Royal Prerogative includes all Executive, Legislative, Judicial powers.
King Roman is an Absolute Sovereign who upholds the Declaration of Human Rights.
Law is that which does not contradict fairness” - Hugo Grotius
Under International Law since the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648, an exiled or De Jure  Sovereign has the same entitlements as any de facto sovereign who is permanently/ temporarily in power. A sovereign in power momentarily is not the lawful sovereign. The De Jure exiled Sovereign is the lawful sovereign.
United Nations members and their politics stand in the way of provision of fairness and justice to the exiled and lawful Monarch because it is politically expedient for them to do so. They do not want to lessen their grip on their momentary/ temporary power. The British Monarch is reliant upon the support of Parliament which has the power to abolish it anytime.

When the lawful Monarch has no army to enforce restoration of the Crown, he has little option but to use force just as William Duke of Normandy used force when he invaded England in 1066 in order to take the English Throne, OR alternatively to use the new but peaceful weapon of digital coding/ programming in order to take what is rightfully his by Imperial Judgment. This is the situation King Roman finds himself in because his Realm and Peoples were unlawfully usurped in 1991 and the UN will will only support its member states, although it has given tacit recognition to the Empire of Europa. 

King Roman is able to make Imperial judgments over which no national and international courts/ authorities have any right or sway.

His recourse is to have an Imperial Cyberforce of Coders (expert  cyber programmers) to undertake cyber action missions, instead of using military force, in order to achieve just outcomes. 

Such is the type of action currently being dubiously undertaken by state-based actors like China and Russia, and it will probably be used by all nations if there is a World War 3. There were 10 cyber attacks on the USA recently as this was written. and Russia and China (with the US) are the major powers in the UN Security Council. Russia has annexed Ukraine which is part of the Empire of Europa, and China has moved to annex islands in the South China Sea.

Intending Applicants for Imperial Coder positions should fully understand these things and be ready and willing to commit to the Emperor.

Imperial judgments will be assigned individually to whoever requests a mission. These initial judgments were made after Imperial summonses and judgments were notified to the defendants in early 2019 and they failed to respond. This implied tacit consent to the judgments, which remain unpaid.

Former Election Poster
 King Roman served in the Royal Air Force SAC in Top Secret capacity at Joint HQ Middle East Command, 
is a veteran of the 1960s Aden Insurgency in South Yemen, 
HM Customs & Excise Executive Officer at Dover Freight Lane England, 
and Royal Navy Reserve Medic,
Department of District Administration  PNG Patrol Officer (Kiap) before and through self-government 
and in 2018 was the last of 50 surviving Kiaps to be awarded the Australia's Police Overseas Service Medal.
OIC Law Department Admin Rabaul
Section OIC Department of Law Darwin 1978 - 1986
He inherited the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 1967 and other territories that were accrued to the Grand Duchy
and he has been rightful Sovereign for more than 50 years, 
his Sovereign Entitlements were ignored since 1967 by the United Nations, contrary to International Law, Justice, Protocol, Ethics and Morality.
King Roman established the Empire of Europa, changed the Grand Duchy back to the Kingdom of Lithuania in 2004, and was crowned in 2005 at Darwin. 

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