Applicants for Imperial Ambassador should be of good repute and live in a National capital
Preference will be given to persons with experience in Diplomacy and Coding
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Royal Europan Flag
Successful applicants will receive a Knighthood - Sir or Lady
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The Empire of Europa
 Australia has been technically at war with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (part of the Empire of Europa) since 25 May 2000, when armed Australian Federal Police falsely invaded the premises of the Grand Duke Prince Roman 2 of Lithuania, now King Roman 1 of Lithuania and of the Empire of Europa (East Europe)

The Empire of Europa includes the Kingdom of Lithuania (comprising Grand Princedoms of Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine) and the Grand Princedoms of Latvia and Moldova. It stretches from the Baltic region of Europe to the Black Sea  and from Estonia to Romania.
His Imperial Majesty King Roman 1 reigning from exile in Darwin Australia
Capital: Vilnius
Land: 974,800 sq km
Population: 62 million (2019)
Currency: Euro
Languages: English, French, Lithuanian, Russian, Romanian, Latvian

By Imperial Decree

Whereas the United Nations Charter obliges all member nations to promote “universal respect for, and observance of, human rights” and to take “joint and separate action” to that end - ;       
And whereas the UN has taken no action following Russian incursions in recent years into the Ukraine, which is part of the Kingdom of Lithuania and therefore part of the Empire of Europa; and in particular with regard to Article 6 of the UN Charter, which says: "A Member of the United Nations which has persistently violated the Principles contained in the present Charter may be expelled from the Organization by the General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Security Council" 
His Imperial Majesty King Roman 1 hereby decrees the annexation to the Empire of Europa of the territory of  Kaliningrad, the region between Lithuania and Poland formerly known as Lesser Lithuania, and its designation henceforth as the Grand Princedom of Lithua. 

'What is diplomacy?  I think the word or the expression I like the most is actually from the Vienna Conventions which is creating friendly relations between countries ... I would say that the purpose of diplomacy is about developing some form of appreciation, understanding, and friendly relations with countries' - Dr Simon Rofe, School of Oriental and African Studies, London University
   Global applications are invited from Professionals and Qualified Persons for Imperial Diplomatic Positions as Imperial Ambassadors of the Imperial Diplomatic Corps of the Empire of Europa

Successful applicants receive automatic dual Citizenship, and recognition as Imperial Knight

*     The Imperial Diplomatic Corps differs from others in that the Imperial Ambassador generally may serve the Imperial Crown inside his/ her own nation instead of to other countries. 

*     You begin your Imperial Ambassadorship with Knighthood as Sir/ Lady. 

*     Your primary function is to promote the Empire of Europa. to encourage purchase of Royal and Noble titles, to bring in necessary funding, and to find coders for the Imperial Cyberforce. 

*     King Roman seeks good relations with every nation on Earth. 

*     Honors and pensions will be as determined by His Imperial Majesty King Roman. 

*     It is required that Imperial Ambassadors send a copy of their Imperial Diplomatic Appointment to the host nation
                               Note: In the absence of a reply, the legal maxim applies: Silence signifies consent - this is His Imperial Majesty's firm position.
*     The appellation of successful applicants will be
                                      His Excellency, Sir  .....   ....., Imperial Ambassador of the Empire of Europa
                                                            Her Excellency, Lady  .....   ....., Imperial Ambassador of the Empire of Europa

His Imperial Majesty King Roman may promote anyone as Imperial Global Ambassador as he deems appropriate, and provide rewards, including titles and commissions, to anyone who may merit these.
His Imperial Majesty King Roman requires skilled persons for his Imperal Diplomatic and Consular Corps 
Because the Empire of Europa (and Kingdom of Lithuania) is not a member state of the United Nations, we are unable to acquire viable passports other than that of our own countries.
As an independent Empire, Europa has no obligation to follow any obligations or procedures of the United Nations. Like the Vatican, the Empire of Europa follows its own rules. 
However, you may arrange your own calling card or DIPLOMATIC ID to carry and produce should necessity arise at any time. 

         Imperial Ambassadors may own or carry a small handgun for protection as able, which may not be flaunted, or they may have one or more armed bodyguards.

                                   DIPLOMATIC BAG ONLY TO BE OPENED BY AUTHORISED PERSONS must be clearly marked, and sealed or locked. 

The Diplomats Handbook may be used as a guide

It is not binding upon the independent Empire of Europa nor its Imperial Ambassadors

1. Right to display the flag and coat of arms of the Empire of Europa
2. Absolute inviolability of diplomatic premises
3. Immunity from search, requisition, attachment or execution 
4. Absolute inviolability of archives and documents
5. Right to communication, including couriers, codes and ciphers - may be used for confidential communications
6. Protection of official correspondence and diplomatic bags - form of notification on diplomatic bag below
7. Tax exemption

diplomatic bag

It is interesting to browse the lengthy 
(Curiously, The Holy See has a different passport to that of Vatican City!)

          1.   The Sovereign has Immunity and other Sovereign/ Diplomatic rights and entitlements specified by the Treaty of Westphalia 1648 which are in                              International Law, including the  Imperial/ Royal Prerogative, Equality, Precedence, Privilege
          2.    Anyone who acts under Imperial Orders/ Instruction shares this immunity.

          3.    Anyone who interferes in any way with any person acting under Imperial Orders/ Instruction is in breach of both Diplomatic and                                            Sovereign protocols.
          4.    Any person or nation that fails to respond to an Imperial Judgment/ Missive implies consent/ agreement under the legal principle that 
Silence signifies consent  - this is called Tacit Consent 

Imperial Diplomatic Corps of the Empire of Europa

His Excellency Sir Jason Smith, Imperial Ambassador in the USA at Georgia 

        His Excellency Sir Ritchie Yong Jian Niang, Imperial Ambassador in Malaysia at Selangor

His Excellency Sir Clint Cosgrove, Imperial Ambassador in Australia at Perth

        His Excellency Sir Prithvi Singh Ravish, Imperial Ambassador to India
        (Ambassador-at-Large for the International Human Rights Commission, Asia Region)
His Excellency Sir Leonard Ladevig, Imperial Ambassador in Denmark at Copenhagen
        His Excellency Sir Andrew Yong, Imperial Ambassador in Malaysia at Penang

His Excellency Sir Michael Simpson, Imperial Ambassador in the USA at Texas

        His Excellency Sir Gladwin Tan, Imperial Ambassador in Thailand at Chiangmai

His Excellency Sir Val Ng, Imperial Ambassador in Singapore

Her Excellency Lady Teh Siew Yew, Imperial Ambassador in China at Beijing

        His Excellency Sir Kelley Simich, Imperial Global Ambassador in the USA at Texas

His Excellency Sir Kyle Thomas, Imperial Ambassador at Death Valley, California

        Her Excellency Lady Nive Yong, Imperial Ambassador at Wanning City, China

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