Restoring Monarchy is dedicated to full recognition and restoration of The Kingdom of Lithuania and The Empire of Europa.


If you feel you are sufficiently legally qualified, interested and willing to assist the Empire of Europa towards the full recognition to which it aspires, please follow the following directions in order to be added to the Restoring Monarchy team and to provide your initial input.

Complete form on contact page, and send a good faith offering by cheque or bank cheque (as appropriate) to King Roman, PO Box 42331, Casuarina NT 0811, Australia, or securely through PayPal below. 

No restoration of monarchy can be achieved without sufficient financial backing. Previous monarchs obtained this through seizing other people's properties and from the spoils of war, and King James 1 and 6 by selling Baronetcies. 

Successful assistance of any relevant kind may be rewarded.

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                                                     Sovereign of the Order: H. I. M. King Roman, SRLO                                                                    

HRH Crown Princess Shirley, LGCRLO, Duchess of Vilnius                                                                                                      

HRH Princess Edith, LGCRLO, Duchess of Kaunas      

HH Princess Jessica Alba

HG Sir Gary Yeung, KCRLO, Duke of Merkine, Baronet of Alytus                   

Sir Russell Giampietro II, KRLO, King of Arms                                           

Prof. Sir Kazimieras Zoromskis, RLO     

Sir Galileo Galilei             

Doctor Sir Edwin Hubble         

Lady Katherine Mann            

Sir Elvis Presley       

Lady Natalie Wood 

Lady Janette Scott        

Lady Marilyn Monroe         

Sir Walt Disney          

Sir Jackie Chan        

Lady Kylie Minogue ...                                                                                                                   and others


        HONOUR ROLL OF THE ROYAL ORDER OF THE AMETHYST                                                       Sovereign of the Order: His Imperial Majesty King Roman, SOA                                                      

Lady Alison Bevege LA - added 2 May 2013 - Darwin NT - Reporter                           

Lady Rebecca Wilcomes, LCA - 14 May 2013 - Canberra ACT - Chef                        

Sir Mohammad Bahareth, KCA - 25 May 2013 - Jeddah SA - Consultant            

 Lady Carina Meyer, LCA - 11 November 2013 - Darwin NT - Emergency Services                             

Lady Robyn Harrison, LA - 13 June 2013 - Darwin NT - Justice of the Peace                         

Sir Christopher Stuart MacLean, KOA - 29 September 2013 - Palmerston NT - Car Dealer                      

Sir Anthony Burridge, KGCA - 11 November 2013 - Darwin NT - Lawyer                          

Lady Gloria Power, LOA - 27 May 2014 - Woodford QLD                       

Sir Dywayne Thomas, KOA - 28 May 2014 - London, England - Security                                   

Sir Patrick Lepinath, KOA - 7 June 2014 - Tara, Queensland ...                                          and others

First Treaty 2012 of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania 

Last Gala Programs  from 23 years of the Filipino Club Darwin founded by King Roman in 1990 to help orphanages and poor 

 HM Customs and Excise Executive Officer King Roman with Lady Fele at Dover in 1975