In 1967 Prince Ronald succeeded his father as Grand Duke of Lithuania. By International Law (IL) he has legal rights and sovereign entitlements. These have been unlawfully ignored by the United Nations, many of its member states, and Vatican City. Some of them have also committed other IL crimes against him. 
          As he is now almost 80, he has neither time nor money to waste going through normal and prejudiced red-tape channels to obtain reparations, compensation and recognition. Examples of other IL illegal acts against him, so far with impunity, are Russia invading his Ukrainian territory and Australia breaching his sovereignty by invading his residence in 2000. 
          The ONLY way he can fight such powerful enemies for reparations, compensation and recognition - and teach a lesson no one else has sp farbeen able to - is by using Cyber means to enforce payments under IL, and Imperial Law, of Imperial Judgments upon which they have defaulted. 
          His Imperial Majesty in exile remains the lawful Monarch, with the right to act as if the Monarchy still exists, the legal right to reparations, and sovereign entitlements under IL to equality (with other sovereigns), precedence (ahead of all other ranks), privilege (treated as an Emperor), and immunity (from lawsuit and prosecution).
          Anyone who assists His Imperial Majesty King Roman 1 in these tasks will be protected by immunity, will be exceptionally well paid, and will be awarded a Knighthood by the Emperor in appreciation. 

The New Empire of Europa since May 2004
empire of europa

The 21st Century CE may be called the Century of Cyber. 
International Cyber missions/ battles began many years ago, 
with super nations like the US, China and Russia playing major roles.

 International Law acknowledges and recognizes 
rights of a Monarch in exile, in particular the 
right to act as if the Monarchy continues to exist.

Whether you work for the Emperor in Military Intelligence
or as a private contractor, you are protected by Immunity.

Do you have the courage it takes?

Computer Scientists are wanted, and needed, by King Roman
to act for the Empire of Europa in the cause of justice 
against those who have made themselves enemy states,
in order to to recover for him defaulted judgment debts,
to discourage aggression particularly against the Empire
- example Russian aggression towards Ukraine -
and for other Empire-sponsored actions
to benefit the Empire
and help the poor of the world.

Whether you act as an individual or group,
or decide to join the Imperial Cyber Force,
you act under immunity from the Emperor.

The Imperial Intelligence Service/ Imperial Cyberforce 
can be used to enforce judgments on reparation defaulters 
who are liable under International Law, and to 
gather intelligence and to penalize/ control aggressors. 

Commissioning in the Imperial Intelligence 
Service of Europa/ Imperial Cyberforce, 
begins as Acting Lieutenant,
with challenging missions,
and well above the usual top pay.

You can get rich by using your computer science
talents to support the Emperor of Europa.
Use Contact above to apply.

Computer Scientists are wanted by King Roman
to act for the Empire of Europa against enemy states.

flag of the empire of europa

Computer Scientists are wanted by King Roman
to act for the Empire of Europa against enemy states


Applicants should have top programming, 
crypto and problem-solving skills. 
and may work casual or fulltime.

Modern technology means officers can work from 
the safety of your home and from anywhere in the world. 

ANYONE who is a computer programming expert 
may apply for consideration as an agent of the Emperor.
The Emperor will use his Imperial Cyberforce peacefully 
against his enemies  in order to enforce long-denied justice 
by obtaining restitution, restoration and reparations; 
by discourageing conflict; 
and by bringing parity to the poor and homeless


These are examples of what ISS officers may be required to act on.

In 1967 King Roman inherited the Kingdom and Grand Duchy of Lithuania, 
and when the Baltic and Russian states became independent in 1991, 
his Realm was stolen from him (usurped), including his territories, 
peoples, resources and taxes, armed forces and police. 
Was it legal, fair, just, ethical, moral or proper that, 
for reasons of what was politically expedient, 
the United Nations allowed territories to be stolen from a de jure monarch, 
and then did not require restoration and reparation from the perpetrators 
to be made to the de jure Monarch without delay under International Law? 

In 2000, armed Australian Federal Police breached international protocol 
and unlawfully invaded the Grand Duke's home in Darwin around midnight 
using a false warrant, when he was overseas on a charity mission 
and stole his computer and documents?
Thus WAR was declared against the Grand Duke & Grand Duchy of Lithuania 
by Australia, a war which (like the US War against North Korea in 1950) 
has not yet been repaired.   
The Bush invasion of Iraq in 2003 was recently revealed to be a conspiracy 
with the UK PM Blair - see the true life movie "Official Secrets", 
with Keira Knightley as Katherine Gun who tried to expose the conspiracy 
and prevent the 'shock and awe' invasion. 
According to the UN, this invasion was illegal,
but it was carried out nevertheless supported by Australia and Poland, 
and was a major war crime.
Many thousands of innocent men, women and children were murdered. 
The war criminals involved, including co-conspirators Bush and Blair 
and their colleagues, and the Australian PM John Howard 
and the Polish president Aleksander Kwasniewski
have so far escaped penalty for their crimes. 

As members of his Imperial Cyberforce, officers and others will be 
state-empowered to carry out such missions 
under his Imperial direction and 
with the protection of Sovereign immunity.
                                                                                                                                       King Roman seeks to take back what is rightfully his, 
                                                                                                               and to restore/ acquire recognition for GD, GDL, and Empire
                                                                                                               in the ONLY way that is available and possible for him today 
                                                                                                                                      - by the use of modern technologies. 

"The issue of being a subject of international law (IL) 
raises a question about responsibility and correspondingly reparation. 
States as primary subjects of IL are acknowledged as responsible 
for a violation of an international obligation. Thereupon, 
they may sue or be sued as a consequence 
of a violation in question, and claim reparation."

In early 2019 certain national entities were sent Imperial summonses 
in reference to criminal acts and omissions they perpetrated against 
the Grand Duke and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania over many years
Standing on their sovereignty, improperly, illegally and disrespectfully, 
none of these saw fit to make an appearance to an Imperial summons 
(thus, nevertheless, implying tacit consent) and they were subsequently 
notified of resulting imperial judgments which they again ignored
thus incurring further penalties and resulting in an Imperial decision 
not to notify any further judgments but simply to carry out 
cyber enforcement upon each of these Imperial judgment debtors. 

"Justice delayed is Justice denied"  
William Gladstone (1809-1898) - famous British statesman and PM

ruby crown


1.    The Sovereign has rights and entitlements 
specified by the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia  in 
International Law and the United Nations Charter 1945, 
including the  Imperial/ Royal Prerogative, 
Sovereign Equality, Precedence, Privilege, and Immunity
2.     Anyone who acts under Imperial Orders/ Instruction 
shares this immunity.

3.    Anyone or any nation that interferes in any way 
with any person who is acting under Imperial Orders/ Instruction 
is in breach of Diplomatic and Sovereign Protocol/ Conventions 
and is liable to penalty as determined by the Emperor.
4.    Any person or nation that fails to respond to an 
Imperial Judgment/ Missive implies agreement under 
the principle that "Silence signifies consent". 

Imperial Prerogative
Sovereign Equality, Precedence, Privilege, Immunity
Law-making by proclamation 
Making Imperial judgments
 Raising taxation
Exercising supreme command of Imperial forces
Awarding honors and distinctions 
Conferring military/ secret service appointments 
Granting pardons 
High patronage of academics

His Imperial Majesty King Roman's Prerogative 
includes all Executive, Legislative, & Judicial powers.
King Roman is an Absolute Sovereign 
who recognizes the Declaration of Human Rights.

Law is that which does not contradict fairness” 
Hugo Grotius (1583 - 1645) - prominent Dutch jurist

Under International Law 
since the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648
an exiled or De Jure  Sovereign has the same entitlements 
as any de facto sovereign who is permanently/ temporarily 
in power. A sovereign in power momentarily is a de facto 
civil sovereign. The De Jure Sovereign is the lawful sovereign.
United Nations members and their politics 
stand in the way of provision of fairness and justice 
to the exiled and lawful Monarch because it is politically 
expedient for them to do so. 

When the lawful Monarch has no army 
to enforce restoration of the Crown
he has little option but to use force, just as 
William Duke of Normandy used when he invaded 
England in 1066 in order to take the English Throne, 
OR alternatively to use the new but peaceful weapon 
of digital coding/ programming in order to take what 
is rightfully his by Imperial Judgment and determination. 

His Imperial Majesty King Roman is able 
to make Imperial judgments over which no national and 
international courts/ authorities have any right or sway. 
His recourse is to have an Imperial Cyberforce 
(of expert programmers) to undertake cyber missions.

Such is the type of action currently being dubiously 
undertaken by UN actors like US, China and Russia, 
and it will probably be used by all nations if there is a World War 3. 
There were 10 cyber attacks on the USA recently as this was written.
 and Russia and China (with the US) are the major powers in the 
UN Security Council. Russia has annexed Ukraine which is part of 
the Empire of Europa, and China has moved to annex islands in the 
South China Sea.

Intending Applicants for Imperial Cyberforce positions 
should understand these things and be ready and willing 
to commit to His Imperial Majesty.
The Imperial Cyberforce is the military arm 
of the Imperial Intelligence Service.

emerald crown
A few Examples of Breaches of International Law 
where Judgment has gone unsatisfied as at 2021

US, UK, Australia, and Poland participated in the 
illegal shock and awe invasion of Iraq in 2003 
which murdered 100,000 Iraqi men, women and children 
and destroyed many irreplaceable ancient Persian artifacts 
- 18 years ago.

The Commonwealth of Australia participated in the 
armed midnight invasion of, and theft from the residence 
of the Grand Duke of Lithuania during his absence 
overseas on a charitable mission on 26 May 2000 
- 21 years ago.

The Republic of Lithuania stole the Grand Duchy of Lithuania 
lands and peoples etc. from the Grand Duke of Lithuania in 1991 
- 30 years ago.

The United Nations has, 
contrary to its own professed International Law,
 failed to acknowledge the Grand Duke and 
Grand Duchy of Lithuania for 54 years.

Another generally acknowledged legal principle is that 
Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse!

In addition to default damages, there are 
substantial punitive damages yet to be recovered.

Pay in recovered reparations monies below:

 King Roman served in the Royal Air Force as SAC 
in a Top Secret capacity at Joint HQ Middle East Command 
at RAF Steamer Point, 
is a veteran of the 1960s Aden Insurgency in South Yemen, 
HM Customs & Excise Executive Officer 
at Dover Freight Lane England, 
and Royal Navy Reserve Medic,
Department of District Administration  
PNG Patrol Officer (Kiap) before and through self-government 
and in 2018 was the last of 50 surviving Kiaps to be awarded 
Australia's Police Overseas Service Medal (TPNG).

OIC Law Department Admin Rabaul   1972 - 1973
Section OIC Department of Law Darwin 1978 - 1986

He inherited the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 1967 
and other territories that were accrued to the Grand Duchy
and he has been rightful Sovereign for more than 50 years, 
King Roman established the Empire of Europa
renamed the Grand Duchy, as culturally appropriate, 
the Kingdom of Lithuania in 2004, and was crowned in 2005 at Darwin.

 His Sovereign Entitlements were ignored since 1967 
by the United Nations and members, contrary to 
International Law, Justice, Protocol, Ethics and Morality.

Imperial Embassy, 124 7 Progress Drive, Nightcliff NT 0810, Australia 
Darwin 89481123 - -

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