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His Imperial Majesty King Roman 1 is King of Lithuania and Emperor of Europa.
King Roman is offering YOU the following unique and excellent opportunities. 

You may Buy Real Royal and Noble Titles with, or without, Land and Immunity.

Or you may get FREE Imperial Positions of Coder/ Engineer, with Knighthoods and Commissions.

Come and join King Roman's Imperial Court NOW!

    His Imperial Majesty King Roman invites you to buy real royal and noble titles, or become Imperial ambassadors, coders, celebrity donors

Global online applications are invited from experts who would like to become Imperial Coders/ Engineers for His Majesty -

*     The Imperial Cyberforce is the Empire of Europa secret service (ESS). The purpose of this Imperial Cyberforce is Promotion, Intelligence, Enforcement (PIE) on behalf of His Imperial Majesty King Roman 1.
*     To be an Imperial Coder in the Imperial Cyberforce is exciting, challenging and rewarding.   You begin as an Imperial Knight - Sir or Lady, with automatic dual citizenship. 

*     When you successfully complete your first Imperial Mission, promoted to Imperial Commander  with a Barony plus payment of $100,000. Upon your 2nd successfully completed Imperial Mission - Imperial Captain with County plus pay x 2. 3rd - Imperial General with Dukedom and pay x 3. 4th -  Prince title plus pay x 5.

*     Imperial Coders may later be allocated to the Imperial Droneforce or Imperial Spaceforce, relative to military experience or other reasons

*     Alternatively, Imperial Coders may choose to be appointed as Imperial Ambassador instead, for diplomatic representation of the Empire of Europa within your own country.

*     Advancement in the Imperial Cyberforce, which acts as a peaceful substitute/ alternative to military and police forces, is based upon carrying out successful, sometimes sensitive and classified assignments/ 

                                       Complete Application above, or enquire at

 King Roman served in the Royal Air Force in Top Secret capacity at Joint HQ Middle East Command and is a veteran of the 1960s Arab Insurgency in South Yemen. 
HM Customs & Excise Executive Officer at Dover Freight Lane England, and Royal Navy Reserve Medic.
Patrol Officer PNG (Kiap) before and through self-government and in 2018 was the last of only 50 Kiaps to be awarded Australia's Police Overseas Service Medal.
He inherited the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 1967, and other territories accrued to the Grand Duchy, 
King Roman established the Empire of Europa and Kingdom of Lithuania in 2004, crowned 2005 in Darwin. 

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          1.    The Sovereign has Immunity and other Sovereign/ Diplomatic rights and entitlements specified by the Treaty of Westphalia 1648 which is in                                  International Law, including the  Imperial/ Royal Prerogative, Equality, Precedence, Privilege
          2.     Anyone who acts under Imperial Orders/ Instruction shares this immunity.

          3.    Anyone who interferes in any way with any person who is acting under Imperial Orders/ Instruction is in breach of Diplomatic and                                        Sovereign Conventions.
          4.    Any person or nation that fails to respond to an Imperial Judgment/ Missive implies consent under the legal principle that Silence signifies                            consent". 

His Imperial Majesty King Roman's Royal Prerogative includes all Executive, Legislative, Judicial powers. 
King Roman is a Sovereign who upholds the Declaration of Human Rights.
Law is that which does not contradict fairness” - Hugo Grotius
Under International Law since the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648, an exiled or De Jure  Sovereign has the same entitlements as any de facto sovereign who is temporarily in power. A sovereign in power for the moment is not the lawful sovereign. The De Jure exiled Sovereign is the lawful sovereign.
United Nations members and their politics stand in the way of provision of fairness and justice to the exiled and lawful Monarch because it is politically expedient for them to do so. They do not want to lessen their grip on their momentary/ temporary power. 

When the lawful Monarch has no army to enforce restoration of the Crown, he has the option to use force just as William the Bastard invaded England in 1066 in order to take the English Throne by force of arms, or alternatively to use the new but peaceful weapon of coding to take what is rightfully his by Imperial Judgment. This is the situation King Roman finds himself in because his Realm and Peoples were unlawfully usurped in 1991. 

King Roman is able to make Imperial judgments over which no civil or foreign courts authorities have any rights.

His recourse is to have an Imperial Cyberforce of Coders (expert  cyber programmers/ engineers) to undertake cyber action missions, instead of using military force, in order to achieve just results. 

Such is the type of action currently being dubiously undertaken by state based actors like China and Russia, and it will probably be used by all nations in a World War 3. There were 10 cyber attacks on the USA in recent weeks

Intending Applicants for Imperial Coder positions should fully understand and accept these things before applying, and applications should be made on this site. 

Imperial Coders have immunity from prosecution, and are given a military or diplomatic rank in the Imperial  Cyberforce of the Empire of Europa. 

If you are an expert Coder, you may request a confidential Imperial mission to help progress the Empire of Europa, following the success of which you will be well rewarded, either financially or with a Royal or Noble title, or both. Imperial judgments will be assigned individually to whoever requests a mission. These judgments were made after Imperial summonses and judgments were notified to the defendants early last year, and they failed to respond.

King Roman would be pleased if you would like to make an advert for the Empire and put it on Youtube or other media. Our former Ambassador Sir Jon Langer made this one, which I include for your consideration:   It has apparently raised no interest so far. 

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