The Emperor of Europa is the Supreme Font of Honor on Earth

- he is the ONLY Emperor of the 21st century -

imperial flag

Be Aware
The only persons who have a font of honor from which to grant titles are royal monarchs and the one Imperial Monarch, with sovereign entitlements under International Law dating from the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648.
          The Emperor of Europa holds the HIGHEST Earthly rank and is subject to no one.  
The only person in the UK who can legally grant titles and peerages is the Queen: sale of titles by the Queen ended in 1937. 
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His Imperial Majesty King Roman the First,
Emperor of the Empire of Europa,
Sovereign Monarch from 2004, first of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (now Kingdom) since 1967
  By Inheritance and by International Law, Lawful Sovereign King & Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1967

In July 2014, the United Nations General Assembly failed to reply to a document from His Imperial Majesty affirming his hereditary claims to territories in East Europe. 
This silence, whether or not intended, implied tacit consent to and acceptance of his hereditary claims according to legal principle
 Silence signifies consent 

This tacit consent also indicated the United Nation's lack of interest to overtly acknowledge and provide justice for a Monarch in exile owed such under International Law

The Baronet (Little Baron) title used to be the highest knighthood in England and was created and sold by King James for today's equivalent of $150,000.
Imperial titles are now selling for a fraction of this cost!

No matter how attractive other title sites may appear, do not let yourself be fooled as many do. A common example is the British Lord titles sold by lawyers and others who use intelligent, alluring sites - the ONLY 
person who can create a British Lord is the British Monarch - ONLY MONARCHS (Royal Sovereigns) have the legitimate power to authorize, create, grant and sell Royal and Noble titles. 
The SOVEREIGN PASSPORT bears your Royal or Imperial Title inside
empire of europa sovereign passport
Persons of Noble or Knight Rank are entitled to acquire a DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT (see Imperial Ambassadors) with their Noble or Knight Rank inside

Sovereign Royals by grant from His Imperial Majesty King Roman 1 are entitled to carry a SOVEREIGN PASSPORT. 
This is a diplomatic passport of an Ambassador-at Large and shows the Sovereign rank of the bearer inside, e.g. KING/ QUEEN.

The DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT is similar, but it has DIPLOMATIC instead of SOVEREIGN on the cover, the bearer being a representative of the Empire of Europa, 
which is the ONLY Empire existing in the 21st century!
Apart from Imperial Ambassadors, those entitled to an Empire of Europa DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT, as Ambassadors-at-Large, are Knights, Nobles and non-sovereign Royals whose titles are granted by King Roman and printed inside the passport, and Knights of the Imperial Cyberforce. 

By Imperial Decree the Empire of Europa shall from 1st February 2021 comprise: 
1. the Kingdom of Lithuania, including the Grand Princedom of Vilnius; 
2. the Kingdom of Latvia including the Grand Princedom of Riga;
3. the Kingdom of Belarus including the Grand Princedom of Minsk;
4. the Kingdom of Ukraine including the  Grand Princedom of Kiev
5. the Kingdom of Moldova including the Grand Princedom of Chisinau;
 6. the Kingdom of Lithua (Lesser Lithuania) including the Grand Princedom of Kaliningrad.

Buy Real Titles at Low Prices Below

Revitalization of the Empire of Europa and the Kingdom and Grand Duchy of Lithuania after 17 years includes low prices for real Royal and Noble titles and Knighthoods. 

These real titles of Royalty and Nobility from His Imperial Majesty King Roman carry automatic dual Europan citizenship & membership of the Royal Court.

You will have incentive to use your own particular talents for the Empire and ultimately be rewarded. And this may earn you another genuine title or a cash bonus as gratitude for your services to the Imperial Crown. 

The Europan Peerage - the new entry to grant of  real inheritable titles of Knighthood, Nobility and Royalty - is as follows. 

* Payment may be made below in USD/ EURO/ GBP *

Knight Titles
A title of Knighthood may be preceded by The Honourable/ Honorable

Royal Order of the Amethyst             Sir/ Lady Officer     1000                       Sir/ Lady Commander        1,500
(You can select Royal order of the Amethyst/ Lavender/ Rose/ Emerald/ Amber/ Pearl/ Opal) 
Royal Order of Lithuania           Sir/ Lady Officer      2000                      Sir/ Lady Commander       2,500
Imperial Order of Europa                   Sir/ Lady Officer      3000                      Sir/ Lady Commander     3,500

Noble Titles + A Few Applicable Territories
A title of Nobility may be preceded by His/ Her Excellency

Baron or Baroness                 4000                               with Barony                  4,500
       Deltuva, Dotnuva, Dovilai, Dubingiai, Duokiskis, Erzvilkas, Gardamas, .....

Viscount or Viscountess     5000                               and Viscounty                  5,500
          Alanta, Alizava, Babtai, Baisogala, Darbenai, Daujenai, Dovilai, .....

Count or Countess                     6000                               with County          6,500
          Vilnius, Kaunas, Alytus, Atena, Siauliai, Taurage, Telsiai, .....

Marquis or Marquise             7000                                 and Marquisate             7,500
          Joniskis, Grigiskis, Kelme, Varena, Prienai, Pasvalis, Kupiskis, .....

Duke or Duchess                8000                                  with Dukedom         8,500
          Visaginas, Plunge, Kretinga, Silute, Palanga, Birzai, Rokiskis, .....

Royal Titles + A Few Applicable Territories

Prince or Princess                               9000         with Princedom               9,500                                                                and Sovereignty      10,000
           His/ Her Royal Highness Prince of Aukstota, Bryansk, Chernigov, Chernobyl, Chisinau, Courland, Galicz, .....

Grand Duke/ Grand Duchess                     11,000         with Grand Duchy           11,500                                                                and Sovereignty      12,000
          His/ Her Royal Highness Grand Duke/ Grand Duchess of Novgorod, Vladimir, .....

Grand Prince/ Grand Princess   13,000         with Grand Principality/ Grand Princedom        13,500              and Sovereignty      14,000
          His/ Her Royal Highness Grand Prince/ Grand Princess of Vilnius, Riga, Minsk, Kiev, Chisinau, Kaliningrad,  .....

King or Queen                                     15,000         with King/ Queendom                                              15,500              and Sovereignty      16,000
          His/ Her Majesty King/ Queen of Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithua (Lesser Lithuania), .....

Imperial Titles

Emperor or Empress                 18,000                                                             and co-ruler, in line to the Imperial Crown of Europa      20,000 

* You may select from these titles, or request another title from King Roman if you wish.

Details of Grants will be on your Letters Patent. These will normally be delivered within one week of your payment clearing.

Genuine titles, like those granted by King Roman, are valuable legacies for you and your family.
Some Courtiers of the Empire of Europa
The Honorable Sir Jacque Smith, Knight Officer of the Royal Order of the Amethyst
"Thank you so much for this honor"
His Excellency Sir George, Count Mentz of Aukstojas
"I am very thankful"
Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth 1 of Lithuania
"Thank you Your Majesty, this is very exciting!"

His Imperial Majesty King Roman 1 of Europa 

reaches out to very special persons to become co-ruler of the new 
Kingdoms of Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, *Lithua, & Moldova.
and of the Empire of Europa
  Kingdoms may be renamed by the buyer subject to confirmation by King Roman.

His Imperial Majesty King Roman invites you to buy his real Royal titles as your family Legacy.

Title Brokers will receive a Commission, a title of similar value, or a combination of both.

Join the Imperial Court of King Roman NOW!

By Imperial Decree

His Imperial Majesty King Roman 1 of the Empire of Europa hereby revives and claims 
former titles King/ Queen of Romania, Poland, Hungary, and Bohemia;
and the titles Grand Prince/ Grand Princess of Estonia, Moldavia (in Romania), and Wallachia for grant to suitable persons. 

Availability of Real Royal and Noble Titles

Real Royal and Noble Titles are available from His Imperial Majesty King Roman 1 of Europa within the Realms of the Empire of Europa (comprising territories of Kingdoms of Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova), and the newly annexed Kingdom of Lithua (Lesser Lithuania aka Kaliningrad)

NEW revived titles include King/ Queen of Romania, Poland, Hungary, and Bohemia, and 
Grand Prince/ Grand Princess of Moldavia, Transylvania, and Wallachia, as well as their Counties and Duchies etc.

His Imperial Majesty King Roman invites you to buy King Roman Real Royal Titles as your family Legacy

His Imperial Majesty King Roman the First, Emperor of Europa; 
    His Majesty King Roman, King of the Kingdom and Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Kingdoms of Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova and Lithua;

His Royal Highness Grand Prince of Vilnius, Riga, Kaliningrad, Minsk, Kiev, Chisinau, Novgorod, Vladimir; 

His Royal Highness Prince of Aukstota, Bryansk, Chernigov, Chernobyl, Courland, Galicz, Gedroyc, Grodno,  Kosovo, Krvac, Livonia, Lvov, Novaharodak, Ossetia, Oswiecim, Palanga, Perjaslavl, Pinsk, Polotsk, Pskov, Ratno, Riazan, Rostov, Samogitia, Santok, Smolensk, Starodub, Trakai, Turau, Tver, Vitebsk

 King Roman is Sovereign of the Imperial Order of Europa, the Royal Order of Lithuania, and the Royal Order of the Amethyst;
Lawful Sovereign of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and accrued territories and peoples by International Law since 1967.

golden emerald crown

Real Royal and Noble Titles

All titles from King Roman are inheritable - pass from generation to generations
These  Royal and Noble titles come to you with diplomatic recognition under international conventions

You may also acquire an appropriate Coat of Arms and Crown or Coronet through advice from King Roman or privately

Expressing a Grant of  Royal Title     

His Royal Highness Prince ---------- of ----------     Her Royal Highness Princess ---------- of --------
                                                                                                       A  Prince or Princess reigns sovereign over a Principality/ Princedom 

His Royal Highness Prince the Grand Duke ---------- of ----------     Her Royal Highness Princess the Grand Duchess ---------- of -------
                                                                                    A  Grand Duke or Grand Duchess reigns sovereign over a Grand Duchy/ Grand Dukedom                                                       

His Royal Highness Grand Prince -------- of -------        Her Royal Highness Grand Princess ------- of --------
A Grand Prince or Princess reigns sovereign over a Grand Principality/ Grand Princedom

His Majesty King ---------- of ---------                           Her Majesty Queen ---------- of ----------
A King or Queen reigns sovereign over a Kingdom

You may become co-King or co-Queen with King Roman and succeed him
or receive another King/ Queen title

His Imperial Majesty King ---------- Emperor of -----------     
       Her Imperial Majesty Queen ---------- Empress of ----------
An Emperor or Empress reigns sovereign over an Empire, such as the Empire of Europa

You may become co-Emperor or co-Empress with King Roman and succeed him to the Empire of Europa
or receive another Emperor/ Empress title

These  royal titles come to you with right to Sovereign entitlements and Diplomatic recognition under International Law

"When I want a peerage, I shall buy it like an honest man" - Lord Northcliffe

Buy a real Royal or Noble title from His Imperial Majesty King Roman, Emperor of Europa and King of Lithuania
"Nobility is a graceful ornament to the civil order" - Edmund Burke

                                                 Expressing a Grant of Noble Title

All titles from King Roman are inheritable - pass from generation to generations - this will be on the letters patent of Grant
All members of nobility may be addressed as Your Excellency - just as diplomatic ambassadors are - followed by your appropriate title

Sir ----------, Baron of ---------                                                    Lady ---------, Baroness of ----------
                                                              A Baron or Baroness owns a Barony and supports the Sovereign
Title goes back to 1264 and the Baron or Baroness may be referred to as a Lord or Lady. The Baron originally maintained an army for the king. 

Sir ----------, Viscount of ---------                                               Lady ---------, Viscountess of ----------
                                                                      A Viscount or Viscountess owns a Viscounty and supports the Sovereign Title was created in 1440 during
the Hundred Years’ War, when King Henry 6 of England and France, wanted to consolidate titles of both countries.
                              The Viscount's  original role was to administer justice and to collect taxes and revenues. 

Sir ----------, Count of ---------                                                     Lady ---------, Countess of ----------
            A Count or Countess owns a County and is a Companion to the Sovereign
 Title was originated in England by Richard 2 and is the equivalent of the English title Earl. Countess remains the same in the Imperial Peerage of Europa.
Originally the Count was a household companion of the emperor, while under the Franks he was a local commander and judge.

Sir ----------, Marquis of ---------                                                Lady ---------, Marquise of ----------
A Marquis or Marquise owns a Marquisate and is a Companion to the Sovereign
     Title created by King Richard in 1385. Responsible for frontier territory called a march, and for defending and fortifying this land against hostile neighbours.

His Grace Sir ----------, Duke of ---------                                 Her Grace Lady ---------, Duchess of ----------
A Duke or Duchess owns a Dukedom or Duchy and is a Companion to the Sovereign
Title originally referred to a King, but was reassigned by Richard. Originated by Edward 3 in 1337. Traditionally a title given to sons of kings.

                                      To make a payment you may use either the Paypal Donate facility or a Credit Card below                                        
golden diamond crown

Nobility LBKS Senate at Vilnius Town Hall 1994
                Founding Senate of original Royal Lithuanian Society of Nobility in Vilnius Town Hall fronts then Prince Roman/ Count Dambski, 23 April 1994
                                 Imperial Embassy, 124 - 7 Progress Drive, Coconut Grove, Darwin NT 0810 Australia - Phone 61 8 89481123 - 

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Kingdom of Ukraine includes Grand Princedom of Belarus
By Imperial Decree
His Imperial Majesty King Roman claims the following titles King of Romania, Poland, Hungary, and Bohemia and Grand Prince of Transylvaniaand hereby renames and claims titles Grand Prince of Lithua (Lesser Lithuania), Moldavia and Wallachia;

Kingdom of Lithuania is part of the Empire of Europa
lithuania and kaliningrad or lesser lithuania
Kingdom of  Moldova is part of the Empire of Europa
Kingdom of Hungary
Kingdom of Belarus is part of the Kingdom of Lithuania
Kingdom of Poland
Kingdom of Bohemia 
bohemia moravia

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Kingdom of Latvia is part of the Empire of Europa
         Flag of the Grand Principality of Transylvania
flag of grand principality of transylvania
Grand Princedom of Transylvania, Grand Princedom of Wallachia, Grand Princedom of Moldavia
Kingdom of Romania below comprises the three Grand Princedoms above