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The Europa Space Agency is created to focus on safe travel to the Moon, exploration thereof particularly of the volcanic caves which are being discovered there, safe return to Earth, and establishment of Moon Bases, which were intended by NASA back in the early 1970s but were never begun.

To this end, King Roman concepted a space vehicle, like a flying saucer, which he calls Moonship Phoenix. This Moonship is almost completely self-contained and eco-friendly, and may also be used as a 'flying car/bus' at pre-arranged levels, or as a satellite. There is room to walk around, passengers are able to eat normal food, and none suffer multiple G-forces as are experienced in current space craft and with the old, unstable rocket technology.

King Roman has had a keen interest in Space, since he went on a Trinity Academy night school trip to Calton Hill Observatory, Edinburgh, when he was 16. He has a special interest in our Moon, on which he has purchased land, and other local moons that have water/ice. Our Moon also has lava caves which may contain oxygen-supplying algae and water to make them habitable by humans.

His Majesty formerly held patents from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and from the Australian Government, for minor inventions which were not picked up and whose patents are long expired.

Moonship Phoenix is the 'Big One', for which King Roman is seeking supporters/benefactors/sponsors who have substantial means, in order to have a downscaled prototype made and then the real Moonship Phoenix.

If you have qualifications to work on the project, or funds to make it viable, please contact His Majesty

Moonflight minimum donation                                                  What you get

$30 M   A comfortable bedseat on a flight to the Moon (estimated mid 2016), a Moon tour, and safe return to Earth.                                                                           Deposit of $1M to guarantee your place on the flight, balance payable after successful trial of the Prototype moonship. 

     Donations can be made by mail to Moonship Phoenix, PO Box 42331, Casuarina NT 0811, Australia.     

All donations will be acknowledged and are gratefully appreciated. Major donations will be rewarded.

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