King Roman of Europa was born Ronald Victor Charles Mann in Edinburgh Scotland 7th March 1942, during World War 2.

His, and his sister Princess Christine Elizabeth Catherine's (B Edinburgh 1945), biological stepfather was Prince Roman 1, Count of Lubraniec Dambski (B Boryslaw 1. 7.1901, + 22.11.1967 Gliwice, in procession 1988 to Warsaw), who was a Lieutenant with Polish Forces in Edinburgh from 1940 - 1947; and their mother Princess Katherine (B Waersegers 21.11.1913/changed to Morgan/married name Mann, + 2012 Torquay England). 

Owing to his mother's care, King Roman survived 'incurable' Pink Disease and other serious diseases. He had regular bouts of Bronchial Asthma throughout his childhood at 22 Trinity Crescent, Edinburgh, near the River Forth. 

He graduated from Trinity Academy in 1960 with Science and Languages, applied too late for university, and joined the Royal Air Force, during which he was posted to Joint HQ Middle East Command, Aden, as Senior Aircraftman typist cleared to Top Secret, fell in love with Lavender D'Souza (now Fernandes) whom he later met at Lourdes and dated in London, and became a Catholic against his mother's advice.     

At this time, King Roman's mother and sister moved to England, settling at 67 Great Pulteney Street, Bath

In 1967, King Roman emigrated by assisted passage to Melbourne Australia, where he joined the Victorian Public Works Department in accounts, learned to fly at Pipeair Flying School Moorabbin Airport, appeared four times singing with guitar on GTV 9 New Faces, was a regular on Dick Cranbourne's Radio 3DB Country and Western Show, and declined a singing contract because in 1970 he was selected as one of 33 out of 2000 applicants to become a patrol officer/kiap in Papua New Guinea

He proceeded to the Australian School of Pacific Administration Mosman Sydney for three months training, was flown 1st Class via Darwin to Port Moresby, and underwent further training at Kwikila Camp on the Brown River. He was later awarded the Police Overseas Service Medal TPNG for his service. 

In 1973 King Roman returned to Melbourne and cruised on SS Australis to Southampton, to go home to Bath. He served in HM Customs and Excise and the Royal Navy Reserve during this hiatus. 

In 1975 he married, and proceeded to Darwin Australia, where he served in the Attorney-General's Department and, from Northern Territory self-government in 1978, the Department of Law until 1986. During this time he was also first group leader of the Port Darwin Sea Scouts, and for six years presenter of the Filipino program on Radio 8 Top-FM. He also escorted contestants to Young Talent Time in Melbourne, and met the Team and Dannii Minogue. 

As well as these, King Roman was a minister of the Secular Franciscan Order in Bristol and Darwin, a bishop of Modern Apostles and Reconciliation, and founder archbishop of the Universal Family Ministry to the poor until 2006. 

Amongst others, he obtained a Ph.D in Theology, Doctor of Divinity degree, Doctor of Naturopathy, and later a Coxswain certificate from Charles Darwin University and Alison diplomas in Legal Studies, Forensic Science, etc. 

He went to Brisbane in 1995, where he studied at the Queensland Screen Performance Academy, was an extra for Flipper 1996, and appeared briefly in The Phantom 1996. 

He founded Filipino Club Darwin in 1990 to help orphanages and poor, and assisted asylum seekers through to the High Court of Australia. He currently has matters pending before the International Criminal Court

He was nominated for a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1998, a Pride of Australia Medal 2006, and Australian of the Year 2009. For his charity and humanitarian activities, he was awarded Knight Grand Commander (and later Knight Grand Cross) of the Most Noble Order of Rizal in 2004, and Knight Grand Commander of the Order of St Daniel in 2006. 

In 1967 King Roman had inherited the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, a realization he uncovered in 1992. In 1993 his inheritance was patented, and he created the Royal Lithuanian Order in 2004. In 2005 he crowned himself for the Kingdom of Europa, which includes Lithuania and whose capital is Vilnius/Darwin

King Roman has written various books, including The Amazing Adventures of Professor John Hudson, and he has invented Moonship Phoenix to make Space Travel easier and more economical. 

His favourite books are Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, and The Genesis Code by James Barney. 

He specially likes TV shows JAG, Castle, The Good Wife, and The Practice

Movies he favours include The Thirty-Nine Steps, King Solomon's Mines, The Firm, No Way Out, Blame it on Rio, The Dish, The Student Prince, and many others. 

He would like to film his novelette Moon Shock.


1251 Grand Duke Mindaugas becomes King of Lithuania and reigns until 1263                                                                                          

1341 GD Gediminas becomes King of Lithuania in 1341 and reigns until 1342 (Note that, contrary to  wikipedia and other opinion, it is not necessary to be crowned in order to be king or queen, as many instances attest, e.g. Queen Elizabeth was uncrowned from 1952-1953, but was still queen throughout)

1429 GD Vytautas becomes King of Lithuania and reigns until 1430 

1569 Greater Lithuania is federated with Poland in care of Prince Gedroyc

1975 Greater Lithuania is subsumed by Russia - patents continue for Princes Gedroyc,  LP 1811 Vilnius, LP 1873 St Petersburg, etc.

1942 King Roman is born in Edinburgh Scotland as Prince Ronald son of Prince Roman 1, Count of Lubraniec Dambski (B 1901 Boryslaw, +1967 Gliwice, in procession to Warsaw 1988) and Katherine Mann (B1913 Edinburgh, +2012 Torquay)

1943 Prince Roman 1 inherits Grand Duchy of Lithuania from Prince Wladislaw Gedroyc (B1862 Zubracze, +1943 Zubracze)

1945 King Roman's sister Christine is born from Prince Roman 1 and Katherine Mann

1967 King Roman inherits Greater Lithuania and becomes His Royal Highness Prince Roman 2, Grand Duke of Lithuania

1991 Baltic countries gain independence from the Soviet Union and go republican regardless of hereditary claims

1993 King Roman's patent is prepared by Alan, Earl of Dalvey

1994 King Roman is elected to the Senate of the new Royal Society of Lithuanian Nobility (LBKS) in Vilnius

2001 King Roman receives professional genealogical, historical and legal confirmation of his inheritance

2004 King Roman creates the Royal Lithuanian Order

2005 King Roman forms the Kingdom of Europa in exile from inherited and accrued titles and crowns himself in Darwin Australia  

22 Trinity Crescent Edinburgh where King Roman lived for the first 19 years of his life 

22 Trinity Crescent Edinburgh where King Roman first lived

Trinity Academy Secondary School, Edinburgh, from which King Roman graduated in 1960 

King Roman graduated in 1960