golden crowns award

King Roman 2020 Imperial Movie Awards, or Golden Crowns 

King Roman raises a glass to, applauds and salutes all those who created the apparatus to make and to view movies and, in particular, the producers and actors who have created and brought to life wonderful movies, and given so much joy to him and to our brothers and sisters throughout the world.

Now joining the Oscars, Golden Globes and BAFTAs come the Golden Crowns of the Imperial Movie Awards.

Nominations will close on 25 September, and winning films and actors will be announced on 25 October. 

Winners will have until 25 November to complete the claim section of the Nomination Form for delivery of their prize.

Imperial Movie Awards for 2020 will be judged by regular filmgoers who, for a donation of $10 will be able to decide the actors and films that they chose.

This choice may be made by selecting your own favourites from 2020 Golden Globe and Oscar Nominations in different categories, or by making your own selections. 

You may nominate films and actors online in any or all of the categories on the Nomination/Claim form.

Winning film producers and actors will be informed of their win by on site listing on 25 October 2020, and they may use the the claim section of the Nomination form to advise delivery details for their prize.

Your donation will allow you to be a judge in any or all categories, to suggest an improved format for next year's Imperial Move Awards, and go into a draw for their own personal Golden Crown.

The Golden Crown categories for this year are for:

Best Movie

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Drama

Best Comedy Movie

Best Detective Movie

Best Law Movie

Best Action Movie 

Best Musical Movie

Best Childrens Movie

Best TV Series

Your Own Best Category and Preferred Nomination

You can nominate your special favourite films and actors above, and make your donation on the Nomination Form now. 

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