Royal Europan Flag
His Imperial Majesty King Roman 1 is King of Lithuania and Emperor of Europa. 
King Roman is offering YOU the following unique and excellent opportunities. 
You may Buy Real Royal and Noble Titles with, or without, Land and Immunity.
Or you may get FREE Imperial Positions of Ambassador or Coder, with Knighthoods and Commissions.
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His Imperial Majesty King Roman invites everyone to buy real royal and noble titles, or become Imperial ambassadors, coders, celebrity donors, and supporters
The Empire of Europa
includes the Kingdom of Lithuania (comprising Grand Princedoms of Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine) and the Grand Princedoms of Latvia and MoldovaIt stretches from the Baltic region of Europe to the Black Sea  and from Estonia to Romania. 
His Imperial Majesty King Roman 1 reigning from exile in Darwin Australia
Capital: Vilnius
Land: 974,800 sq km
Population: 62 million (2019)
Currency: Euro
Languages: English, French, Lithuanian, Russian, Romanian, Latvian
 Australia has been technically at war with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (part of the Empire) since 25 May 2000, when Australian Federal Police falsely invaded the premises of Grand Duke Roman 2, now King Roman 1
   Global applications are invited from Professionals and Qualified Persons for Diplomatic Positions as Imperial Ambassadors of the Diplomatic Corps of the Empire of Europa
Successful applicants receive automatic dual Citizenship, and also recognition as Imperial Knights

*     The principal mission Imperial Ambassadors will be to forge a treaty of peace and cooperation between the host                   nation or state and the Empire of Europa, and carry out such other missions as may be given by His Imperial Majesty. 

*     It is necessary for Imperial Ambassadors to send a copy of their document of appointment to the host nation or state           head, and to notify any reply to His Imperial Majesty
                                                (Note: In the absence of a reply, the legal maxim applies: Silence signifies assent - this is His Imperial Majesty's firm position)
*     Ambassadors may request suitable persons who wish to become a Consul General or Consul to submit an online                   application.  

*     The appellation of successful applicants will be
                                      His Excellency, Sir  .....   ....., Imperial Ambassador of the Empire of Europa
                                                            Her Excellency, Lady  .....   ....., Imperial Ambassador of the Empire of Europa

                                          Please refer any proper inquiries to
His Imperial Majesty King Roman requires skilled persons for his Imperal Diplomatic and Consular Corps 

         Imperial Ambassadors may own or carry a small handgun for protection where able, which may not be flaunted, or have one or more armed bodyguards.

                                   A DIPLOMATIC BAG ONLY TO BE OPENED BY AUTHORISED PERSONS must be clearly marked, and sealed or locked. 

The Diplomats Handbook may be used as a guide

1. Right to display the flag and coat of arms of the Empire of Europa
2. Absolute inviolability of diplomatic premises
3. Immunity from search, requisition, attachment or execution
4. Absolute inviolability of archives and documents
5. Right to communication, including couriers, codes and ciphers
6. Protection of official correspondence and diplomatic bags
7. Tax exemption

diplomatic bag

          1.   The Sovereign has Immunity and other Sovereign/ Diplomatic rights and entitlements specified by the Treaty of Westphalia 1648 which are in                              International Law, including the  Imperial/ Royal Prerogative, Equality, Precedence, Privilege
          2.    Anyone who acts under Imperial Orders/ Instruction shares in this immunity.

          3.    Anyone who interferes in any way with any person who is acting under Imperial Orders/ Instruction is in breach of both Diplomatic and                                Sovereign conventions.
          4.    Any person or nation that fails to respond to an Imperial Judgment/ Missive implies consent/ agreememt under the legal principle that "silence                        signifies assent".   

His Excellency Sir Jason Smith, Imperial Ambassador in the United States of America at Georgia
                                                                       His Excellency Sir Jagannath Patnaik, Imperial Ambassador in India at New Delhi                                                                    
                                                                His Excellency Sir Ritchie Yong Jian Niang, Imperial Ambassador in Malaysia at Selangor
His Excellency Sir Clint Cosgrove, Imperial Ambassador in Australia at Perth
His Excellency Sir T. George Stephenraj, Imperial Ambassador in India at Tamil Nadu
His Excellency Sir Prithvi Singh Ravish, Imperial Ambassador in India at Haryana
His Excellency Sir Leonard Ladevig, Imperial Ambassador in Denmark at Copenhagen
His Excellency Sir Andrew Yong, Imperial Ambassador in Malaysia at Penang
His Excellency Sir Michael Simpson, Imperial Ambassador in the United States of America at Texas
Information for all Imperial Ambassadors July 2020

At the start of the new fiscal year, I would like to wish you all a Coronavirus free, or Echinacea tablets and Garlic controlled, rest of the year. 

It is important for you all to be aware that at present the Empire of Europa, unlike United Nations General Assembly  nations, is unable to obtain the benefit of diplomatic passports and IDs. Instead, you progress the Empire's recognition primarily within your own countries. 

Lack of UN acceptance also suggests that we may not use the same procedures and processes as those countries that the UN accepts, that we therefore generally email our credentials to the governing authority and, regardless of their response, continue to be ambassadors. 

You are authorised by Imperial authority, and you have ipso facto immunity in carrying out Imperial functions. Note also that a negative response may provide further opportunity through being officially acknowledged, and that a nil response elicits the legal maxim that "silence signifies assent"! Tricky but true. 

Our diplomatic and cyber forces are used as a peaceful and hopefully effective substitute or alternative to the normal armed police and military forces, because my territories and peoples, including police and military, were taken over by the leaders of those countries which were freed from Soviet Socialist Russian hegemony in 1991, and some of which are now under the umbrella term Commonwealth of Independent States, commonly called Russia. 

These de facto temporary leaders of the territories which comprise the Empire of Europa, although accepted by the United Nations, are not the de jure lawful permanent Sovereign authority and do not have the permanence that a monarch has. 

I authorise you to progress the Empire by your own inspirations, with a copy to me. And I would appreciate if you who can would produce and publish on Youtube, or via other media, propaganda on my Imperial behalf. 

Although you have Diplomatic immunity as my Imperial Ambassadors, I need courageous coders to step outside the normal boundaries to undertake sensitive Imperial missions sanctioned by me. These may not be easy, but you will be well rewarded. 

You may be aware, or not, that the Vatican obtained sovereign independence from Rome by the Lateran Treaty of 1929 as an independent state, but that, being a theocracy (alleged to be acting under a God no one can see or summon) does not qualify for United Nations acceptance either but has what is called observer status. 

You also may or may not know that the Queen of England is more a national figurehead than a veritable Monarch. Although she has been a dutiful queen and has done good work during her long reign, she has little say in the business of ruling the UK, and the British Monarchy could be dismissed with a flourish of the parliamentary pen. 

You may have seen that Taiwan is making diplomatic approaches to Somaliland? Both of these, like Hong Kong and we also, are unrecognized states. I have currently made tentative diplomatic approaches to all three. Perhaps, together, we can show sufficient influence to obtain United Nations recognition in order to obtain rights which are fair and just. Through this the Empire may acquire viable diplomatic passports or IDs, etc. 

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