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 Become an Agent with the Royal Intelligence Service

Royal Intelligence Service (RIS) exists to collect and analyse important intelligence required for the Kingdom of Europa's progress in developing relations and cooperation among member States of the Realm, including the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and globally. 

* Until further notice agents report directly to His Imperial Majesty King Roman 

Minimum donation requested $2000 - includes Diplomatic Passport with Citizenship of the Kingdom of Europa

Donation may be securely made through PayPal above in USD or equivalent in AUD 

Special Agents collect vital information and should have relevant skills/qualifications/influence/analytical abilities/computer expertise.

Applicants with residence affiliations to Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, and Latvia.

                                  Applicants should fulfill the requirements for a Passport - see Diplomatic Corps

Those agents who give meritorious service may be awarded a Knighthood in the Royal Order of the Jaguar

Did you know that the USA is potentially the most dangerous country in the world? Why? Because Creech Air Force Base in Nevada operates Drones that can drop smart bombs anywhere in the world without being seen! TV series "24" shows the danger. USA is also the only country in the world to have used atomic bombs, during World War II. 

Did you know that the World Wide Web is only the tip of an iceberg which is the hidden Deep Web where lurk assassins for hire, arms dealers, and other secrets?! 

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