royal flag of the sovereign empire of europa


          His Imperial Majesty invites anyone, regardless to age and gender, to buy real royal and noble titles from him, or to apply for a post of imperial ambassador, coder - or a mix - where you are. 

          An Imperial Ambassador/ Coder acts directly for His Imperial Majesty King Roman. You either become member of the Imperial Diplomatic Corps or the Imperial Cyberforce (Secret Service). There are big benefits from both.

  You may contact His Imperial Majesty confidentially by using, and copying and pasting the confidential communication to your email.

King Roman is currently in the process of writing his autobiography, tentatively and cryptically entitled Need to Know.


                      On 4 September 2020, King Roman sent an email to the UN Secretariat advocating fairness and justice for monarchs whose rights are usurped
lightning over nightcliff in darwin

Lightning over the Nightcliff Jetty in Darwin