In 1918 and 1990 The Lithuanian Realm was usurped                                    
                        The Sovereign Equality, Rights, Privileges & Immunity of heir Prince Roman,                         now His Imperial Majesty King Roman, were thereafter ignored.

Lithuania had stolen the rightful heir's Territories and Peoples. Application to the United Nations, Lithuania's rulers, and a revision of the constitution by King Roman for the Lithuanian Parliament, brought no relief.   
  This was contrary to International LawAND the United Nations was complicit.

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De Jure Sovereign, under International Law, of the Kingdom of Lithuania and the Empire of Europa. His Imperial Majesty is properly entitled to be addressed as Your Imperial Majesty and to be accorded Sovereign Equality, Rights, Privileges and Immunity by the World Community and all Sovereigns. 

"If a person is a Sovereign, even without recognition from the country to which he is heir, he is entitled to recognition and to Sovereign Privileges and Sovereign Immunity" (Professor Stephen P Kerr, The Entitlement to Rule, Vol 1) This is upheld by International Law, and yet no court on Earth has the power to enforce it, so reigning sovereigns, like Queen Elizabeth 2, and every other nation of the world, break the highest law, International Law, with impunity, EVERY DAY!            

Greetings from Darwin Australia, interim capital with Vilnius of the Kingdom/ Empire of Europa, which includes the Kingdom of Lithuania (Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine), of which His Imperial Majesty KING ROMAN initially inherited De Jure Sovereignty as Grand Duke in 1967. 


Dr King Roman has completed around 40 university courses including The EU and Human Rights (Leuven U), International Law (Louvain U)Introduction to Forensic Science (Nanyang Technological U, Singapore), Reading Archaeology (Yale U), Oceans (Southampton U), Introduction to Cyber Security (Open U), Moons (Open U), Global Diplomacy (London U). 


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His Imperial Majesty KING ROMAN was born (Prince) Ronald Victor Charles Mann during World War 2 in Edinburgh Scotland, graduated from Trinity Academy Edinburgh in Science and Languages in 1960, joined the Royal Air Force in 1961 and was posted (SAC, classified to Top Secret) to Aden

He emigrated to Melbourne Australia in 1967, served as a patrol officer/kiap (captain) in Papua New Guinea in the early 1970s (for which he received the Police Overseas Service Medal TPNG), and then in HM Customs & Excise (as executive officer) and the Royal Navy Reserve (as medic) in England. 

He returned to Australia in 1975, became an Australian citizen in 1976, and served in the Department of Law (officer in charge debt recoveries 198) Darwin until resigning in 1986 to minister to the poor and homeless, for which purpose he founded two charities, including Filipino Club Darwin (23 years, 1990-2013, founding president) and Universal Family Ministry (1996-2006, archbishop). 

He was a Secular Franciscan Order minister for 20 years, a Reconciliation bishop for 10, and Universal Family Ministry archbishop president for 10, before resiling from religions for reasons of personal belief and observation. 

He is a Doctor of Philosophy, Divinity, and Naturopathy, and has a variety of other diplomas and certificates, including Coxswain (captain/skipper), and has graduated many and varied university-based courses, from International Law through Moons. (He owns acres of Lunar land, like three presidents and many celebrities before him.)

Now in his 70s, King Roman is retired. and enjoys annual SEA CRUISES and a variety of university studies through MOOC.


          OFFICIAL WEBSITE of His Imperial Majesty KING ROMAN 1 of the Empire of EUROPA & the Kingdom of LITHUANIA

"The absent sovereign remains the de jure government of the country" (American Journal of International Law, p. 571 & International Law Reports, p. 559)                                                                                                                                                                              

"The deposed monarch is entitled to full recognition by other sovereigns, and all nations and all people, adhering to the moral and ethical principles implicit in International Law" ("King and Constitution in International Law" - The Augustan, vol. 18, no. 4, 1977, p. 126) 

Grotius On the Law of War and Peace states that: "A ruler who is deprived of the actual control of his country by either an invader or by revolutionaries nevertheless remains the legitimate de jure sovereign of his country while the de facto government set up by the revolutionaries or the invader is considered as a “usurper”, both constitutionally and internationally".

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                                                  Royal Tomb of HRH Prince Roman 1, Grand Duke of Lithuania, Count of Lubraniec Dambski                                                                                                                                                                 

Royal Tomb of HRH Prince Roman 1
                                                                                                                          King Roman's Letters Patent 1993                                                                                                                                                                                                      
King Roman's Letters Patent 1993
Vytis of Lithuania