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Get REAL NOBLE TITLES from His Imperial Majesty King ROMAN of EUROPA for yourself and your family, with the enduring legacy these REAL NOBLE TITLES provide, plus unique Coat of Arms, to be requested though the Royal College of Arms (formerly the Royal Lithuanian College of Heraldry).


These Real Noble and Royal Titles are available with nominal assignment:


                                 * BARONET Bt  & BARONETTE Bte (US $1,500.00) 

                                    * BARON & BARONESS ($2,000.00) 
                                       * VISCOUNT & VISCOUNTESS ($2,500.00)                                                                             
                                          COUNT & COUNTESS ($3,000.00)   

                                   * MARQUIS & MARQUESS ($3,500.00) 

                                      * H.G. DUKE & DUCHESS ($4,500.00)  
     * H.S.H. PRINCE & PRINCESS  ($6,000.00)

                                                                                                                                            *                           Get REAL NOBLE TITLES, Get REAL NOBLE TITLES, Get REAL NOBLE TITLES, King Roman Titles, King Roman Titles, King Roman Titles, King Roman Noble Titles, King Roman Noble Titles, King Roman Noble Titles, Titles of Nobility, Titles of Nobility, Titles of Nobility, King Roman Titles, King Roman Titles,                                                                                  
OR get a special DIPLOMATIC APPOINTMENT as an AMBASSADOR with a Knighthood ($5,000.00) 

The Royal Lithuanian College of Heraldry was patented in 1993 to provide the Grand Duke (now King) of Lithuania an instrument to acquire financial support for accession and full recognition of the hereditary de jure Royal Sovereign, and so that supporters could obtain REAL NOBLE TITLES granted and patented by the Monarch.  



       Real Noble Titles & Royal Titles

"It is extremely rare that people interested in nobility and royalty fully understand or comprehend the legal right of the sovereign head of a deposed royal house to be a fons honorum with the lawful right to award honors and give special recognitions" (from The Entitlement to Rule, Prof.Stephen B Kerr)

(Note that Fons Honorum is Latin for Fount of Honour)


"International Code specifically provides . . that sovereignty may be bought and sold. . .." (For literally hundreds of examples of the lawful transfer of kingdoms and principalities in the nineteenth century, see Edward Hertslet's book, The Map of Europe by Treaty showing the Various Political and Territorial Changes which have Taken Place since the General Peace of 1814, three volumes, 1875: a. Volume I; b. Volume II; c. Volume III.


"In truth, the greatest nations and the haughtiest rulers have engaged in such transactions; selling as the circumstances suited them outlying provinces of their vast estates. England, France, Germany, Russia furnish instances of this kind of traffic.  A King of England sold Dunkerque to France.  Napoleon sold the Mississippi valley to America. Most of the mediatized princes of Germany sold their sovereign rights for money.  During the Caliph's own reign Russia has sold her great province of Alaska to the United States. Denmark has sold her duchy of Lauenburg to the King of Prussia.  France has recently bought up the sovereignty in Monaco.  Not many years ago the Prince of Mingrelia sold his sovereign rights to Russia for a pension, and more recently the Elector of Hesse-Cassel sold such remnants of his -- rights as had survived defeat to Germany.  No one denies that such transfers of authority are legitimate, if they are carried out with due regard to all existing rights.  In India we have bought up sovereignty after sovereignty.  Not long since the King of Holland was on the point of vending Luxemburg to France" John Nichols, The Gentleman's Magazine, vol. 240, January-June 1876, p. 176;  "In the Middle Ages Europe was long acquainted with Patrimonial States. Marquisates, duchies, king-doms, and even empires were sold from hand to hand, mortgaged, bequeathed or transferred by deed of gift"(Thomas Alfred Walker, A History of the Law of Nations, vol. 1, 1899, p. 158). 


* First, you must be worthy. 

Second, you must make a generous contribution for titles such as those below or other, and territories 

                                                          Your offer will be considered and a reply sent.                                                           

Special requests also considered.


These Titles are available with territorial assignment by negotiated arrangement:


       (1) The Honorable Sir ....., Baronet of ..... , of the Royal Court of the Kingdom of Europa                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The Honorable      Lady ..... Baronette of ..... ,

In the Europan Peerage, unlike the British knighthood, Baronet is the initial rank of nobility and the female rank of Baronette is also accounted. Originally, the British rank of Baronet was a knighthood (the highest knighthood, yet not a rank of Nobility), and the Monarch, King James 1 of England and 6 of Scotland, sold it only to men, for today's equivalent of  around $150,000 each.
  • (2) The Most Honorable     Count ..... of ......, of the Royal Court of the Kingdom of Europa                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The Most Honorable  Countess ..... of ..... , 
  In the Europan Peerage, a Count and Countess are accounted as companions to the Monarch, in this case           His Imperial Majesty King Roman.
  • (3) His Grace,                         Duke ..... of ....., of the Royal Court of the Kingdom of Europa                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Her Grace,  Duchess ..... of ..... ,
In the Europan Peerage, a Duke and Duchess are precursors to Royalty, are the highest rank of the Nobility, and may grant letters patent of lesser ranks of Nobility to any persons they may deem worthy of Honour.
  • (4) His Serene Highness   Prince ..... of ....., of the Royal Court of the Kingdom of  Europa                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Her Serene Highness  Princess  ..... of ....., 

In the Europan Peerage, Prince and Princess are the initial rank of Royalty, succeeded by Grand Duke/ Duchess, King/ Queen, and Imperial King/ Queen. As a person of royal rank, a Prince/ Princess may grant letters patent of any Noble rank to any persons they may deem worthy of Honour. 


Act NOW to secure a true and lasting legacy of Nobility or Royalty for yourself and/ or family, and receive your  unique  LETTERS PATENT from                                                                                            His Imperial Majesty                                                           


You may also apply for other Royal or Noble Titles: if you can afford your own Kingdom, you will receive a Grand Duchy + a Principality from King Roman's own Realm, + Knight Grand Commander of the Royal Order of Lithuania.

Go to the Title Application page now to request your Title.


King Roman will also give you a chance to be the first applicant to purchase at discount what he believes to be an early Monet painting, oil on board - unless it has already sold, in which case he will give you another offer. Everything is negotiable to support His Majesty in pursuit of full recognition of his monarchy.


Your contribution to His Imperial Majesty King Roman's CAUSE, in order to claim your LEGACY of a Royal or Noble Title and become a valued member of the Kingdom of Europa Imperial Court, and to assist with restoration of the Monarchy of Europa, please select one or more of the Royal and Noble Titles above, complete the Title Application, and Donate securely below with PayPal.

Same letters patent of title
Sample letters patent of title

Diplomatic Appointment 

You might like instead to acquire a Diplomatic Appointment with Knighthood, for the purpose of official representing and carrying out diplomatic duties for the Realm of His Imperial Majesty, and to enjoy various benefits pertaining to the elite appointment as His/ Her Excellency, Sir/ Lady ..... ....., Ambassador ....., for the Kingdom of Europa

Positions available: HONORARY CONSUL (USD 1500); HONORARY CONSUL GENERAL (2000); CONSUL (3000); CONSUL GENERAL (4000); AMBASSADOR (5000).

Please send your contribution for Diplomatic Appointment with Knighthood by cheque/ bank cheque, as appropriate, to H.I.M. King Roman, Palace Europa, 124 7 Progress Drive, Coconut Grove NT 0810, Australia

Diplomatic accreditation is the process whereby an ambassador is certified as one country's official representative to another. Accreditation occurs when a new ambassador presents diplomatic credentials to the host country's head of state. These credentials confirm that the ambassador is authorized to represent his or her country, and asks that the host country respect this fact. The new ambassador may often be presented at an elaborate ceremony as an official welcome. In accord with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relationsambassadors are then regarded as having officially taken up their duties. If an ambassador has more than one accreditation, he or she may live in one country and travel to the others as required. This allows one country to have full diplomatic relations with another when a resident ambassador is deemed unnecessary or an inefficient use of resources. Diplomatic seniority is determined by date of accreditation.

Sample Letter of Diplomatic Appointment

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