F.A.Q  F.A.Q.

1. WHAT IS YOUR IMPERIAL MAJESTY'S AUTHORITY TO CONFER GRANTS OF ROYAL AND NOBLE TITLES AND KNIGHTHOODS? - In 1967 I, now His Imperial Majesty King Roman then His Royal Highness Prince Ronald, inherited Lithuania as Grand Duke, properly Grand Prince. My Sovereignty is recognized as an entitlement under International Law, and I remain rightful Monarch of Lithuania today by International Law, and also of the Empire of Europa by declaration and International Law.

2. DO YOU HAVE LETTERS PATENT TO SUPPORT YOUR CLAIM? - The document was produced in 1993 by Alan, Earl of Dalvey, and signed by him and by Darwin lawyer Anthony Dean Buckland. 

3. DOES YOUR FAMILY ANCESTRY HAVE RECURRING LETTERS PATENT? - Princes Gedroyc letters patent Vilnius 1811 and St Petersburg 1873 are two examples.

4. WHOM DID YOU SUCCEED IN 1967? - Grand Prince Roman 1 of Lithuania, and Count of Lubraniec Dambski, who civilly married (Grand) Princess Paulina Gedroyc in 1927 at Lwow Poland. Princess Paulina disappeared during World War 2 and was officially advised dead in 1940: she was found alive in 1947. During this period, Prince Roman 1 sired two children through Lady Katherine (Mann) - Prince Ronald in 1942 and Princess Christine in 1945.

5. DOES YOUR FATHER'S TOMB SHOW HIS TITLES? - The Royal Tomb at Brama 4 Warsaw is inscribed Count of Lubraniec and Grand Prince of Lithuania.

6. WHAT IS YOUR AUTHORITY TO SELL TITLES? - Entitlement under International Law, and the Royal Precedent of many Monarchs through centuries, whenever Royal Sovereigns needed to replenish their coffers to achieve goals, even to survive. 

7. HOW DID YOUR FATHER BECOME GRAND PRINCE OF LITHUANIA? - Through marriage, just as Grand Duke Jogaila of Lithuania became also King of Poland when he married Queen Jadwiga in 1386.

8. IS YOUR MAJESTY A CROWNED KING?  - I crowned myself in 2005, just as Emperor Napoleon 1 did in 1804 when he thereby rejected the crowning authority of the Pope (then Pius 7). 

9. IS IT NECESSARY FOR A KING TO BE CROWNED IN ORDER TO BE A KING? - Recent example is Edward 8 of England who is recognized as King from the time of his accession, although he was never crowned. Elizabeth 2 became Queen of England in 1952 and was crowned in 1953. Grand Dukes of Lithuania Gediminas and Vytautas are similarly also properly acknowledged as Kings, despite dying before coronation.

10. WHEN WILL YOUR MAJESTY BE PROPERLY RECOGNIZED BY OTHER COUNTRIES? - When other countries fulfill their obligation to accord me the respect and Sovereign Entitlements which are my due under International Law. NB "The absent sovereign remains the de jure government of the country (even though they are never officially or even unofficially recognized)" -  Oppenheimer,         "Governments and Authorities in Exile" - American Journal of International Law (p. 571) - Hersch Lauterpacht, C. J. Greenwood, International Law Reports, p. 559).

11. WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS? - To restore recognition of my entitlement to Territories, Peoples, Sovereign Equality, Precedence, Privileges, and Immunity, and to acquire appropriate restitution from usurpers.  

12. OVER WHICH COUNTRIES DO YOU CLAIM MONARCHY? - The Empire of Europa and its content Kingdom of Lithuania.

13. WHAT ARE YOUR CURRENT TITLES? - His Imperial Majesty King Roman the First, Emperor of Europa, King of Lithuania; Grand Duke of Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Novgorod, Vladimir; Prince/Duke of Aukstota, Bryansk, Chernigov, Chernobyl, Courland, Galicz, Gedroyc, Grodno, Kiev, Kosovo, Krvac, Livonia, Lvov, Minsk, Moldova, Novaharodak, Ossetia, Oswiecim, Palanga, Perjaslavl, Pinsk, Polotsk, Pskov, Ratno, Riazan, Rostov, Samogitia, Santok, Smolensk, Starodub, Trakai, Turau, Tver, and Vitebsk; King Elector; Prince Elector; Count of Lubraniec Dambski; Sovereign of the Royal Lithuanian Order, Sovereign of the Order of the Amethyst; De Jure Sovereign (by International Law); De Facto Sovereign by Right.  

14. WHERE DOES YOUR IMPERIAL MAJESTY RESIDE? - I have resided in Australia since 1967 and in Darwin since 1975, where I founded and was first president of the Filipino Club Darwin, which I supported for 23 years of charitable works, and was recognized in the NT Government's Hansard. 

15. WHAT DOES YOUR IMPERIAL MAJESTY DO IN DARWIN? - I look for ways to receive proper recognition as His Imperial Majesty King Roman of Europa and Lithuania and to this end I have studied International Law and European Law, but I need generous contributors in order to progress further
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