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For Diplomatic Appointment visit KingdomEuropa


Appointments you may apply for: Ambassador, Ambassador at Large, Consul General, Consul, Honorary Consul General, Honorary Consul.

Diplomatic Appointments for the Kingdom Europa (including the Grand Duchy Lithuania) carry with them Citizenship plus a Diplomatic Passport and Badge of Office

Diplomatic Appointments may be obtained by filling the Diplomatic Passport Application on the Kingdom of Europa website, and sending the designated donation to His Imperial Majesty King Roman.

Diplomats are representatives of His Imperial Majesty King Roman I, Royal Sovereign of the Kingdom of Europa (including Grand Duchy Lithuania) and are therefore expected and required to conduct themselves accordingly with decorum in all matters pertaining, and to comply with international and national laws/authorities in the exercise of their duties. 

Difficulties may be referred to HIM King Roman at

                     Applicants for either of the above passports must complete ALL requirements of the Diplomatic Passport Application.

                                                   * Be aware that people with money may buy diplomatic positions and passports elsewhere                                                            for MANY times the size of the donations requested at the Kingdom Europa site    

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First Honorary Consul (Malaysia) appointed 25 September 2014