Moonship Phoenix: the Future

Two rocket disasters recently in one week. Now another corporation has designed another, supposedly "safe" rocket.It appears that space agencies and engineering firms worldwide are stuck in a rut. Uncomfortable and dangerous rockets are not the safe way to travel to or in space.They should be antiquated relics of a past age. New, safe, stable, and economical technologies like Moonship Phoenix are the solution for future space travel. Until the world begins to realize that there are better ways than the old ones - which has been a curse of great inventors for many decades - we will continue in the rut championed by the NASA monopoly in the US.

Bradley Murdoch unjustly convicted

How can a person be convicted of murder, unless there is a corpse to prove death and show how? And yet this is what happened in the cases of Lindy Chamberlain and John Bradley Murdoch in the Northern Territory of Australia. Both were convicted without corpses in evidence. Without a corpse, we may suspect or speculate that someone is guilty. Yet the defendant is still entitled to presumption of innocence and benefit of doubt. Without a corpse, both of these entitlements should apply. However, in the Chamberlain and Murdoch cases, the Territory judge considered his personal opinion above the law. In 1895, in Coffin v US, Justice White quoted a Roman official who wrote that "it was better to let the crime of a guilty person go unpunished than to condemn the innocent." This Roman doctrine was later enhanced by Justice Blackstone for effect. Perhaps, if those responsible for convicting an innocent person were to be subject to legal penalties, they would not be so ready to dismiss their victim's basic legal rights to presumption of innocence and benefit of doubt. Perhaps, if they were in the dock for murder, they would be glad to argue that there was no corpse to prove anything.

Sadly Law trumps Justice: Innocent jailed

Do you every wonder what it's like to be in prison for something you didn't do? Like Lindy Chamberlain, for example. She was convicted by the evidence of a forensic examiner who incorrectly determined that a paint stain was blood. The SAME forensic examiner provided the DNA evidence for the conviction of John Bradley Murdoch. If you think Murdoch is guilty, then you should read journalist Richard Shears "BLOODSTAIN the vanishing of Peter Falconio". You may not be quite so certain then. This case is full of mysteries. Shears ends his investigation with a reference to the pool of Falconio's blood that was found on the road at Barrow Creek. "The Aboriginal trackers, however, whose ancient skills were not called into evidence, still ask how a body was removed without drag marks or any kind of blood trail." Murdoch has not been as "lucky" as Chamberlain, however. Lindy did three years with hard labour before her baby's matinee jacket was found and she was released. John has already done 10 years in prison, convicted for a crime he most likely did not commit. He received no justice, no benefit of law. There is not even a corpse to prove Falconio is actually dead, or how he died if so. This is a case where assumption and presumption is rife, but there is no actual real PROOF.

King Roman seeks a wealthy companion who truly wants to help him achieve his goals, like building Moonship Phoenix to make space travel safe for everyone.

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Brief Bio of King Roman

Supposed son of Charles Avery Mann (1905-1991), King Roman is the biological son of Grand Prince Roman Dambski (1901 Boryslaw - 1967 Gliwice, 1988 Warsaw), and was born March 1942, Edinburgh, Scotland, during World War II
  • He survived Pink Disease while a baby and often suffered bronchial asthma while growing up
  • Trinity Academy - Guildhall School of Music
  • Air Training Corps - National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena
  • He was awarded the Duke of Edinburgh Award 1958
  • Graduated Science & Languages from Trinity Academy 1960
  • Patents from the Queen and later Australia for inventions
  • SAC Royal Air Force (incl. RAF Steamer Point, Aden) 1961-65 - started writing books
  • Emigrated to Melbourne, Australia 1967 Public Works Department (Accounts) 
  • Flight Training at Moorabbin Airport / Singer guitarist on Radio 3DB & GTV9 Melbourne
  • Patrol Officer PNG 1970-1973 - Bodyguard to Prince Philip at Port Moresby Royal Agricultural Show 1972
  • Customs Officer (Preventive) Dover 1974-1975 - Royal Naval Reserve Medic 1974-1975
  • Secular Franciscan Order minister 1975-1986
  • Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department / Department of Law 1976-1986 
  • Resigned to pursue ministry to the poor
  • Commissioner of Oaths (NT) 1979-89
  • Radio Presenter 8Top-FM 1981-86
  • 1st Group Leader Port Darwin Sea Scouts - qualified as Yachting Instructor, and Coxswain
  • British Guild Drugless Therapy(Life) - Australian Traditional Medicine Society 
  • Australian Society of Authors - Australian Institute of Professional Photography
  • Producers & Directors Guild of Australia - Actors Equity Australia - International Brotherhood of Magicians 
  • Church of the Reconciliation Bishop / Order of St Basil Prior 1986-96
  • Doctor of Naturopathy ND 1988 / Doctor of Divinity DD 1990
  • Founder 1st President Filipino Club Darwin Inc. charity 1990-2014
  • Grand Duke of Lithuania, Count of Lubraniec Dambski, LP 1993
  • Appeared in The Phantom 1996, and Flipper (TV series) 1996
  • Founder Archbishop/President Universal Family Ministry 1996-2006
  • Nominated for Nobel Prize in Physics 1998
  • Founder 1st President NT Filmmakers Association Inc. 2001
  • Founder Royal Lithuanian Order 2004 - Monarch of East Europe/Europa 2005
  • Invented Moonship Phoenix 2008
  • Nominated for Australian of the Year 2009
  • The Amazing Adventures of Professor John Hudson (2010) Red Lead Press
  • The Thinking Person's Royal Encyclopedia (2011) Red Lead Press
  • The Casebook of Sir Sherlock Holmes (2012) Barnes & Noble/ Amazon
  • Founded Royal Order of the Amethyst 2013 
  • Founded Royal Defence Force, Royal Intelligence Service and Royal Order of the Jaguar 2014
  • Own Lunar Kingdoms of Alba & Kath - Lunar Empires of Luna (Darkside of Moon),  & Space Empires of Ganymede, & of Callisto, & of Europa
  • Lord Windermere - Laird of Dunans - The H. M. King Roman Star registered
  • Awarded Police Overseas Service Medal by Australian Federal Police for service as kiap/patrol officer in PNG 1970-1973
  • Claimed Kaliningrad for the Kingdom of Europa through the United Nations General Assembly
  • Diploma in Legal Studies - Diploma in Psychology

Brief History

Grand Duke Jogaila of Lithuania married King (sic.) Jadwiga of Poland in 1386, and became King Wladislaw II of Poland. In 1569, the last of the Jagiellonian Dynasty, King Zygmunt II, federated Poland and Lithuania at Lublin, and elevated Prince Gedroyc to Grand Prince for Lithuania, which was bigger than Poland at that time and encompassed today's regions of Belarus and Ukraine as well as Lithuania. Gedroyc were princes from the 13th century, and letters patent of acknowledgment include 1811 Vilnius and St Petersburg, and 1873 St Petersburg. King Roman's father married Paulina, first child of (Grand) Prince Wladislaw Ignacy Marek Gedroyc (1862-1943) at Lwow in 1927, and became Prince Roman I. When Wladislaw died in 1943, Prince Roman I (1901-1967) became Grand Prince Roman I. When GP Roman I died in 1967, his first Scottish child, Prince Ronald (now King Roman), inherited title while Lithuania was still under the USSR. King Roman's Genealogy is on the "Royal Contact" page.

His Imperial Majesty King Roman, Royal Sovereign of Europa and Grand Duke of Lithuania, reigns over his Realm from Darwin, Australia, and for the moment leaves running  of constituent nations to their duly elected civil governments and civil  sovereigns.

King Roman is First Admiral for Lithuania & Ukraine, and First General for landlocked Belarus. Contrary to views stated elsewhere, Lithuania (and Belarus and Ukraine) is, currently and unusually, a constitutional state with a real monarch awaiting full and proper official acknowledgment

King Roman formerly served in the Royal Air Force (United Kingdom), Royal Navy Reserve medic, Citizens Military Forces (Australia) briefly, and was a Patrol Officer/Kiap (as was Aussie movie  star Errol Flynn) in Papua New Guinea. The Governor-General will award him the Police Overseas Services Medal TPNG in September 2014. (The medal was only approved in 2012 for those who served in PNG prior to independence in 1975. 

As well as being His Imperial Majesty King Roman the First, Royal Sovereign of Europa, Grand Duke of Lithuania, and Count of Lubraniec Dambski, His Imperial Majesty is also Grand Prince of BelarusUkraine, Livonia, Novgorod, and Vladimir; Prince of Aukstota, Bryansk, Chernikov,  Chernobyl, Courland, Galicz, Giedroyc, Grodno, KievKosovoKrvac, MinskMoldova, Lvov, MinskMoldova, Novaharodak, Ossetia, Oswiecim/Auschwitz, Palanga, Perjaslavl, Polotsk, Pskov, Ratno, Riazan, Rostov, Samogitia, Santok, Smolensk, Starodub, Trakai, Turau, Tver, and Vitebsk; Emperor and King Elector. 
HiImperial Majesty King Roman, Royal Sovereign of Europa, Grand Duke of Lithuania, wishes to federate Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, and others, in a constitutional royal alliance, to give his peoples back the pride which is their true royal tradition. This is in line with the original desire and intention for Lithuania of the 23 April 1994 LBKS Congress in Vilnius, when King Roman, attending as Count Roman Dambski II, was made a founding senator. 
The new nobility society was called LBKS or Lietuvos Bajoru Karaliskoji Sajunga (Royal Society of Lithuanian Nobility). The LBKS, now called LRUN, had new elections in 1996 since when it apparently lost focus. King Roman seeks full (constitutional) restoration of the Lithuanian Monarchy in order to stir up pride in the people's hearts, increase prosperity, and reduce a suicide rate which is one of the highest in the world. King Roman wishes the same for Belarus, Ukraine, and other territories in his Realm.

When Lithuania was inherited in 1569 from the last Jagiellon king, Lithuania included the regions which are now Belarus and Ukraine. In 1992, the year following their independance from Russia, King Roman visited his step-mother Princess Paulina Dambska (see photo below left) in Bielsko-Biala Poland at her invitation, at which time she requested he restore the family titles. He also visited his father's Royal Tomb at Brama IV in Warsaw (see photo right). It was inscribed Count of Lubraniec Dambski and Grand Prince (/ Grand Duke) of Lithuania. 

Since introduction of republican systems in 1991, the new Lithuanian nobility society or LBKS (Lietuvos Bajoru Karaliskoji Sajunga) of around 400 members, of which King Roman was elected a Founding Senator on 23 April 1994 in Vilnius, applauded the reformation of a Grand Duchy in Lithuania, but it left Lithuania's Royal Tradition in limbo after subsequent elections in 1996. 

HIM King Roman not only has the lineage but also the right of adverse possession and, as "pretender"/claimant to rule of the Grand Duchy, is the de facto and de jure monarch of Lithuania, and all lands accruing to or associated with the Grand Duchy.

Any country within the Realm of Europa/Lithuania may propose to lead the change to full constitutional monarchy through direct approach to King Roman. This includes other countries formerly connected with this Realm. If you are able and would like to support and assist King Roman, you will be rewarded according to your generousity.

 Residence: 124 7 Progress Drive, Coconut Grove NT 0810, Australia                    Mail: PO Box 42331, Casuarina NT 0811, Australia                    Phone: 61 8 8948 1123