!Get Any REAL Title from a REAL King!                                                   (AND SEE MOVIES AND LISTEN TO MUSIC)
Honorary knighthoods/doctorates/commissions will be granted to people with skills they are willing to put to use to assist King Roman in his quest to restore the Kingdom of Lithuania and the Empire of Europa to full recognition. If you are interested, please click here and complete the application form. Also please donate $50.00 (adults) and $20.00 (youth) in support, thank you.
Dear Billionaire Brother or Sister!  
 Greetings from Darwin Australia.   
I would be most grateful if you would spare me a little of the wealth with which you have been blessed, in order to support full recognition of my Royal Realms.   
I can grant to you from my Fount of Honour, as token of grateful appreciation, a REAL Noble title of Duke/Duchess or Royal title of Prince/Princess or King/Queen.  
I look forward to hearing from you soonest.   
Kindest regards, 
Roman R
Schloss Linderhof, Bavaria
Click here to hear one of King Roman's favourite songs, "SOMEWHERE OUT THERE", from Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram, on YouTube, plus other nice songs