!Get Any REAL Title from a REAL King!                                                   (AND SEE MOVIES AND LISTEN TO MUSIC)
Dear Billionaire Brother and Sister,  
 Greetings from Darwin Australia.   
I would be most grateful if you would spare me a little of the wealth with which you have been blessed, in order to support full recognition of my Royal Realms.   
I can grant to you from my Fount of Honour, as token of grateful appreciation, a REAL Noble title of Duke/Duchess or Royal title of Prince/Princess or King/Queen.  
I look forward to hearing from you soonest.   
Kindest regards, 
Roman R
Schloss Linderhof, Bavaria
Click here to hear one of King Roman's favourite songs, "SOMEWHERE OUT THERE", from Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram, on YouTube, plus other nice songs